Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Chuckling evilly the Kyuubi prepared for one of his most favorite past-times since his sealing, causing his container to wake up quickly and fall face first into the ground.

"Hey dumb ass, wake your lazy ass up!" He screamed in his containers head causing him to roll over in shock and fall face first into the ground, yep normal morning alright.

"Teme… do you have to do that every bloody morning?" Naruto thought groggily.

"Are you ever going to get up on time without me doing this?" Kyuubi replied archly




Kyuubi simply groaned. "Would you just start getting ready, or have you forgotten what today is?"

It took a moment for Naruto's still half asleep brain to finally figure out what today was. "OH SHIT! This I can't be late for." He thought while running towards the spring for a quick dip to clean him self off. Three minutes later he hopped out of the spring and dried off. He continued to run about his apartment getting a pair of boxers on and started up a package of instant ramen in his microwave. That is, until he noticed something that made him almost want to make a skylight in his house. He looked over at the clock he had again and noticed without the sleep induced coma he was in a few minutes ago what the time was…six in the morning, two hours before he had to be at the academy.

"GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!" he yelled as the giant kitsune in his head continued to laugh at him.

"Wow... just wow... I can't believe you actually didn't notice the time, I mean you looked right at it." Kyuubi laughed while using one of his tails to wipe the tears from his eyes as Naruto began to develop a twitching eyebrow.

"Damn you to hell Kyuubi-teme, FUCK, now why the hell did you wake me up this early!?" Naruto said while his eyebrow simply continued to twitch

"Because I felt like it." Kyuubi deadpanned while Naruto snapped.

"That's it! Time for a genocide!" Naruto yelled out angrily as he entered his mindscape with a giant mallet in hand.

For the next several minutes a giant sorrowful "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" Rang out through the mindscape as Kyuubi was forced to watch as every single last one of his rabbits were squashed as flat as a pancake by an evilly laughing Naruto.

"Please! No more! I promise I'll be good." Kyuubi pleaded while Naruto just cracked up an evil grin that would have even made a certain twisted snake-nin jealous.

"Ok, I'll have mercy on you this once. I will create two rabbits and leave them here, now you have two options, option one is that you eat the rabbits right away. Option two though is probably the one you should take; you have to leave the two alone as they slowly repopulate the area until they are at a self-sufficient level." Naruto said to the shaken kitsune as he snapped his fingers causing two little bunnies to appear right in front of Kyuubi. "Now here is your time to choose, oh and one last thing." He mentioned as a giant cage that was big enough to fit the Kyuubi but has enough bars to make sure the rabbits couldn't get out.

"The final thing is that you must stay in a cage with them for ONE hour, after one hour is up the cage will open and you all will be free. Have fun now." He finished cheerfully while putting on an innocent smile, as soon as he left curses in just about every tongue known to man and demon kind rang out from the mouth of the caged fox.

"Well, that was satisfying. Now just what the hell am I going to do?" He said while scratching the back of his head. "God damn fox waking me up this early. I might as well finish getting ready then train a bit." He thought with a sigh.

And so Naruto began eating and getting ready at remarkably slower pace while continuing to listen tot the Kyuubi's screams of agony. "So today's the day I become a Konoha shinobi eh, I wonder what the team placements are going to be like?" meh as long as I'm not stuck with either of the banshees or the Teme…or Hinata-chan isn't stuck with dog boy I'm happy. He, he, he, knowing my luck I'm probably going to have to go wake up Shikamaru to make sure he actually goes, so troublesome." He thought with a chuckle.

"Well fox the hour is up, so you're free to go." He inwardly called while heading to his window. When he received no answer he became slightly worried. Normally, when the fox is quiet, it means the evil bastard is plotting against him. With a sigh Naruto realized that there was no point trying to figure out just what the fox was going to do for revenge and hopped out the window and made it up to the top of the mountain.

"Now let's see if I remember the exercise correctly." He said while flipping out a kunai and catching it with a single finger inside the ring, sending it into a spin.

"First I need to balance the kunai by the point on my index finger with as little chakra as possible, easy enough." He said while once again flipping the kunai into the air and having it land edge down on his fingertip without drawing blood, the kunai remained completely vertical.

"Ok, next was I had to raise the kunai off my finger tip exactly two centimeters with my chakra." As he said it the kunai began to slowly rise off his finger he realized he went too high with it and had to limit the flow a tiny amount until it was perfect, several sparks seemed to jump between the two from time to time.

"Alright, that was a bit harder; I'm so going to die with the next bit if I'm right. Lastly, move the kunai so that the ring is touching the ground without it moving in any direction from your fingertip, then balance yourself on top of the kunai tip once again without the kunai moving. I am so fucked right now." And with that cheerful thought he bent down and placed the kunai ring onto the ground and began trying to right himself on top of it, needless to say he fell, several times. Eventually Naruto managed to make it on top of the kunai tip and began the processes of staying up.

"The object at this point for the user is simply to stay on top of the kunai for as long as possible though when the user becomes used to this method with the one finger they are implored to change fingers until all fingers are used on each hand. Other variables are to be added at the user's choice, recommendation of using a senbon needle once first level is complete. Note this is a jounin level chakra control exercise created by Tsunade of the Denetsu no Sannin.

"Well, I've got an hour to go until I have to be at the academy so I might as well try for forty-five minutes." And with that he closed his eyes as sweat poured down his face due to the intense concentration.


Forty-five minutes later the fox made his move on the intensely concentrating Naruto, and when he did, a scream of inhuman horror rocked the village.

Naruto slowly began regaining his bearings after his head smashed against the hard ground of the Fourth's head while slowly twitching in the fetal position.

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!!" He inwardly yelled at the still laughing fox.

"Payback… bitch." The fox replied smugly while still laughing his ass off.

"For crying out loud! No one deserves that! Hell, I wouldn't even wish that on the teme!" Naruto retorted with a cringe.

"And that's why I did that, so try any of that shit on me again and I'll take it to the next level." The evil kitsune replied with a grin.

"You fucking bastard!"

"And that's exactly what you will be doing with her if you do try that on me EVER again."

"You are one twisted and evil son of a bitch, god I really didn't need the image of Sakura in a pink nighty groping me." Naruto replied cringing again.

"Oh ya, I figured I should tell you that you lasted the forty-five minutes on that finger." Said twisted and evil son of a bitch decided to point out nonchalantly.

"Well then, I guess that's my queue to get going. I might as well bring the Rasenkaze scroll along as well, its not like Iruka-sensei is going to get right too the teams." Naruto said out loud while picking up and returning his kunai to its holster. In a matter of seconds he ran back inside his home and back out with a scroll in hand. "Heh, screw Shunshin no jutsu, I'll take pure physical any day."


At training ground nine




Suddenly the two hugged as an image of a beach with a sunset appeared behind them, scaring the other two relatively innocent minds present.

"When I find whoever dared to set them off like that, I will make sure fate has a hand in their end." Said the white eyed Hyuuga as his female companion simply sighed before hurling multiple weapons at the green clad 'humans'.


At the academy

Hey kit, I have a deal for you." Kyuubi stated.

"What you got?" Naruto replied while inwardly raising an eyebrow.

"You restore one hundred rabbits to the mindscape, and I'll help you out with your research on esoteric seals as well as your elemental manipulations for the week."

"DEAL!" And so the pair mentally shook on it as Naruto crossed the doors into his classroom.

As soon as he crossed the doorway he got the feeling something was wrong, a disturbance in the air. Simply to calm his nerves at whatever ungodly act was coming he discretely scanned the room taking in all the sights that he could see.

"Kiba's trying to flirt with Hinata-chan again, easily solvable. Sasuke is brooding in a corner again, that hasn't changed in the least since my first day. Shino is talking with his bugs again, normal enough. Chouji's polishing his war hammer, odd but still relatively normal, he must be nervous about team selections. Shikamaru is currently……HOLY SHIT HE'S AWAKE!" As soon as he picked up on that last one his eyes widened in shock, that is until he noticed the slight drool coming from his mouth while his eyes were open. "Sly bastard almost gave me a heart attack there. I always knew he would find some way to sleep with his eyes open to fool Iruka-sensei. Hmm, well maybe I'm just being paranoid. Oh well. Time to make Hinata-chan happy with more screams of mayhem, chaos and destruction." Naruto thought gleefully while sporting a malicious grin more commonly seen on the fox he contains.

With a deadly cool headed precision that would have made even Itachi jealous Naruto calmly walked up behind Kiba's seat without him noticing as he was still too fixated on Hinata. You know that feeling when you just need to hit someone or something, hard, to vent pent up aggression well Naruto has his punching bag ready almost every morning and sometimes its even the cause of his aggressions…such as today.

Seconds before he moved to literally belt Kiba into a wall, he saw that Hinata had noticed him. The only give away to this was he noticed her pupil dart towards him in a pleading way (when the Hyuuga's activate their Byakugan's, their pupils become more visible and Naruto simply has good enough eyesight that he can notice that slightly darker shade that is her pupil). Deciding that since Kiba had actually managed to annoy her to this point he decided to make this last. With a deliberate slowness Naruto brought his hands together and began slowly cracking each of the knuckles, causing a tense silence as only a few people had noticed him before hand.

Suddenly the collective thought throughout the class was. "Well, Kiba's dead…I wonder what's for lunch." The last part was a thought by Chouji.

As soon as Kiba turned his head towards Naruto only four words came out of his mouth before a chakra enhanced, half-demon strength punch sent him flying across the room into the far wall. "What do you want…" Safe to say, the proper thing to say there would have been something more along the lines of. "Please don't kill me."

After everyone present (not counting Shika because he's still a lazy, sleepy bastard, and Shino who already knew what was going to happen) let loose the breath they had been keeping in while Naruto calmly took his place at Hinata's side. "Morning Hime." He said cheerfully to her while quickly kissing her on the cheek, causing her to blush slightly.

After quickly getting over her embarrassment at what seemed to be turning into a very often occurrence, "Not that I'm complaining," she replied, "Morning Naruto-kun, sleep well?" She asked politely.

He sighed. "Not quite as well as I would have hoped, a certain baka-teme decided it would be fun to wake me up at six AM then make me think I was late." Sighing once again in mourning over his lost sleep he continued. "Of course I got some revenge on him but still it was such a waste of time that I could have been sleeping. How about you Hime?" Naruto asked while completely ignoring both the slight killing intent coming off of Kiba as well as the tears of sadness falling from a now awake Shikamaru's face after hearing of his friend's plight.

Suddenly blushing a bright red again Hinata squeaked. "It was… pleasant." She said in a low voice that caused the Kyuubi and Naruto to chuckle.

"Oh, dreaming about me again?" he said jokingly while raising an eyebrow. Safe to say he didn't expect her to try and hide her face from him in embarrassment. Kyuubi's light chuckle suddenly turned into full blown laughter at the situation while Naruto began to blush as well.

The scary bit about it was that only a few seats away Shino was laughing as well, Chouji choked on his food, and Shikamaru simply smirked at Naruto's stunned expression.

"Do I even want to know what happened in her dream with me?" Naruto asked himself.

"Hmm… you might not, but I definitely do."

"So my guess was right when you didn't drop by yesterday, eh Naruto?" Shikamaru asked with a slightly triumphant grin at the chaos he was about to unleash.

"That depends upon what you guessed Shika besides it was raining yesterday." Naruto replied without missing a beat.

"Well who else around here would have any idea how to change the temperature of a certain area to below freezing point causing the rain water to freeze into snow, thus creating something that YOU know Hinata has wanted to see for years?" Shikamaru's grin only got larger as he watched Naruto squirm.

"I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about Shikamaru." Naruto replied trying to sound completely casual.

Only for Shino, who had silently moved right behind Naruto during the exchange. "He's lying; my bugs tell me there was a sudden increase in his heartbeat as well as slight amounts of perspiration coming to surface." Shino stated almost mechanically while a slight grin made itself known underneath his collar.

"Point for us Naruto." They both said at the same time while Chouji and Hinata were simply watching this conversation going back and forwards like a ping pong match.

"Damn you both to hell." Naruto said with a groan as his head hit the desk.

"So what exactly happened last night, Hinata?" Chouji finally asked while everyone turned to look at her.

Thankfully for her, the screeching of two banshees from the pits of hell itself came crashing from the entrance.

"I'm first!" Sakura/Ino yelled at the same time.

"I won again, Sakura." Ino managed to say between gasps for breath.

"Give it up, I had to look back to see you and my toe was at least a tenth of an inch ahead." The pink haired banshee retorted.

"Have you always been this delusional?" Ino asked sarcastically.

Sakura didn't even respond, she walked right over to the bench that Sasuke was at and timidly asked if she could sit with him. Of course this brought an uproar from Ino and most of the females in the classroom at the time.

The group of five still relatively sane genin, as well as one snarling Inuzuka, collectively sighed as a migraine began to form in each of their heads.

"Please kill them all. Please kill them all. Please kill them all. Please kill them all. Please kill them all. Please kill them all." The Kyuubi kept on mumbling to his container while rubbing his own head.

"I would gladly, if it wasn't for the shit I would have to go through afterwards."

"Please kill them all Naruto, troublesome."

"Please kill them all except Ino-chan, Naruto."

"Must restrain ... urge to kill them all, must ... hold back colony's desire for blood."

"I swear to god, if they don't shut up I'm going to go Itachi all across the classroom!"

"Must restrain Akamaru's urges to rip their throats out."

"Iruka-sensei, please arrive soon before the classroom becomes a bloodbath…I would probably help Naruto-kun at it as well."

"Chaa! Sasuke-kun will be mine! I'm not going to lose to you Ino-pig!"

"Must get Sasuke-kun away from all the harlots! I'm not going to lose to you forehead!"

Can you guess who was thinking what?

Taking a deep breath, Naruto tried to calm down. "Calm down Naruto, calm down. Count to ten, then if they are still screaming by then, kill them all and make sure their bodies are unable to be recognized, burn them all if time allows it." Taking another deep breath he slowly began counting to ten. When he was finished he noticed they were still yelling while everyone else was giving him an almost pleading look. "Fine, but when I go to jail, you all better bust me out." He said with a sigh before standing up.

Ever so slowly, he let loose his killing intent on the group while beginning to draw his blade. As soon as he began unleashing his killing intent, all the screeching banshees turned to look at him with mute horror as they couldn't move. Just as the scraping of metal against metal stopped and the blade cleared the scabbard Iruka barged into the classroom, limping slightly.

"Are you all okay? I thought you were under attack or… Damn it Naruto, put your sword away!" Iruka yelled in exasperation while glaring at Naruto.

With a sheepish look he cut off his killing intent and sheathed his sword, then pointed at the group of Hinata, Shikamaru, Chouji and Shikamaru. "Umm… they made me do it." Iruka continued to glare at him. "What? I counted to ten before hand just like you told me to." Iruka then pointed at the indent that he made when he punched Kiba into the wall. "Umm… he deserved it?" Continuing to glare as a menacing black aura began to surround Iruka as he points towards the broken door. "Oh come on, that one wasn't even my fault!"

Iruka simply sighed as the black aura of death dissipated. "Just sit down Naruto. Oh, and nice touch yesterday." Iruka said with an evil grin causing that feeling of wrongness to return to Naruto.

"Oh shit!"

"Just what are you talking about Iruka-sensei? And why do you smell of snakes?" When Naruto mentioned the last bit, he couldn't help but notice Iruka wince. "Rough night Sensei?" He said with a grin.

"You have no idea; angry sex definitely hurts when only one person is angry." Iruka thought with a shudder.

"Oh boy Naruto, you don't want to even think of annoying me right now. I have so much on you from this weekend that will last for years to come, so don't tempt me."

Naruto and Hinata both blanched at that threat.

"You know, after hearing the first story on Friday sensei, I'm awfully curious as to what you are talking about." Shikamaru said while throwing a triumphant grin at Naruto who was currently snarling at him.

"Traitor!" both Naruto and Hinata yelled while Chouji and Shino were simply staying out of this.

Iruka grinned evilly. "Well let's see, I have pictures from Friday night before their date." Naruto bashed his head against his desk and Hinata tried to hide yet again. "An audio recording courtesy of a masked friend of mine from later on that night." Hinata looked slightly curious about that one yet still slumped deeper into her seat; Naruto slammed his head into the desk again while silently cursing. "Oh and lastly, I have quite a few photos from last night, quite the couple you two make in the snow, although Hinata you really shouldn't tease him so much." Shikamaru laughed, Chouji laughed, Naruto cursed louder while cracking the desk with his head, Hinata managed to disappear from view, Kiba snarled at Naruto, Shino was inwardly laughing his ass off, and every last one of the Sasuke fan club was thinking something along the lines of. "TAKE THAT! REVENGE! DIE UZUMAKI!"

"Actually Hinata, if you didn't have any idea what Naruto was talking about with the little orange book, you might want to make sure it stays that way." When she looked at him with a questioning look Iruka sighed. "If your older sister actually found out you did read that stuff, then she would probably go along killing me, Naruto, Shikamaru, Shikamaru's father as well as Ino's father, Kakashi-san, Asuma-san, Genma-san, the Hokage as well as just about every other person in the village who reads the book…Naruto she would probably just kill you because, well, you're you. That and she would probably castrate Jiraiya of the denetsu no sannin and then kill him." Iruka listed almost without any emotion…beyond fear.


Kurenai snorted while looking in the Hokage's crystal ball with all the other Jounin senseis. "He's right, you know." She said indifferently.

Every male in the room took a step away from the crazy anti-pervert.


With a sigh, Naruto began to try and negotiate with the devil… I mean Iruka. "Make you a deal sensei, you give me all the blackmail you have on me and I'll give you a picture of your "masked" friend without his mask." He said while using finger quotations when saying masked.

Iruka began to sit back into his chair while stroking his chin. "Do you have the pictures on you right now?"

"Yes I do, so do we have a deal?"

"I'd say we do, meet halfway so no one tries anything funny?"

"Deal." Naruto and Iruka both said at the same time while beginning to walk forwards and stop right in the path of a window. With the objects of the trade in their hands they began to reach for each others…only for a shuriken to come flying through the window cutting Naruto's picture of a mask less Kakashi in half. Only to be followed by two large bursts of water which hit the individual halves of the picture slamming them into the far wall, followed by several small lightning bolts that burned holes in the picture, then a small fire ball erased what was left and burned it into ash before a small gust of wind managed to blow the ashes out the open window.

Quickly the two began running towards the window looking for the culprit only to find a small swirl of leaves outside the window in the perfect place to fire off those shots. With a sigh the two began inwardly cursing the men-hentai (masked pervert) while silently sitting down with an agreement of revenge against each other and Kakashi.

Iruka sighed deeply while rubbing his temples. "Well, as it seems you are all…calm, now we can precede with the team selections." He said while taking a look around the room with his hands held behind his back.

"Beginning today you are all real ninja's." Iruka said beginning his speech.

Naruto had to resist the urge to snort at that statement. "Ninja's, psh most of the idiots in this classroom playing at being ninja are going to die on their first trip outside the city walls. Maybe if they actually trained us here to be ninja instead of just genin the mortality rate wouldn't be so high for the rookies." He then slowly began pulling the Rasenkaze scroll from one of his many pockets.

His actions did not go unnoticed by Hinata though as she quickly shot him a questioning look. "Don't tell me you did another scroll raid, who did you rob this time?" She asked in a slightly annoyed voice.

"Hinata-chan has never been fond of my little raids." Naruto thought with a sigh before whispering back. "Now, now Hinata-chan you should have a little more faith in me, I mean what reason do I have to steal from anyone?...On second thought don't answer that. But now I didn't steal it, it was actually in my father's library and it looked interesting so I figured I would pick it up along with a couple of others. Anyway it's only a jutsu called the Rasenkaze in it, low level wind manipulation, nothing I can't handle." He whispered with a slight grin.

Hinata simply sighed while shaking her head. "Why do I even bother?"

"Because I'm just too damn adorable?" he replied, smiling at her.

"Well your definitely too damn stubborn, but with your little fuzzy ears…there may be hope for you yet." She replied with a slight smile of her own.

"Team 7 will be Uzumaki Naruto." Naruto actually started listening at hearing his name being called. "Haruno Sakura." Two groans could then be heard while one of them also came with the sound of someone bashing their head against a desk. "And Uchiha Sasuke." One giddy shriek is heard, one groan is heard from another, and a string of curses from the third.

Naruto simply stood up and began walking right out of the classroom. "Naruto, where are you going?" Iruka asked.

"Too go jump off the Hokage Mountain, it will be far quicker that way then being on a team with those two." Naruto said with a sigh.

Shino sighed. "Naruto, just to tell you before you go and kill yourself …Iruka-sensei just pulled one over on you."

In response to hearing this Naruto simply glared daggers at his sensei while Iruka just laughed. "Now maybe next time when I'm giving a speech you'll listen, eh Naruto?"

"I hate you so much right now."

"I know." Iruka replied with a smile while Naruto sat back down, still trying to burn holes in Iruka's skull. "Now for the real team 7, Inuzuka Kiba, Haruno Sakura, and once again Uchiha Sasuke. Your jounin Instructor is Hatake Kakashi."

At hearing that name Naruto couldn't help but break into an evil grin. "Oh I so wanted to pay him back but this goes even beyond what I had planned."

"Continuing on is Team 8, Aburame Shino, Akamichi Chouji, and Yamanaka Ino under Hayate Gekko." Shino had given an almost imperceivable nod to Chouji while Ino simply whined at the how unfair it is that forehead gets to be on Sasuke's team.

"Because team 9 is still in service from last year I will continue on to team 10. Nara Shikamaru, Hyuuga Hinata, and Uzumaki Naruto, you're under Sarutobi Asuma."

At hearing this Naruto couldn't help but grin, an action that was mirrored to some extent by Shikamaru and Hinata.

"Ok we will be introducing the jounin-sensei's this afternoon, until then you can take a break." Iruka said with finality to stop anyone from raising objections.


A few minutes later, we find Naruto and friends on the school roof just as they were four years ago. Shikamaru could be seen sprawled out on the edge of the roof, watching the clouds pass by. Chouji was sitting down near Shikamaru talking to Shino about the teams. While Naruto and Hinata were sitting side by side reading over the scroll Naruto had brought along.

"So it seems my assumption was right that at least one team would be made completely out of us." Shino said while pushing up his glasses.

"You know we could have just taken the sheet yesterday to find out about it?" Chouji added in.

"Too troublesome." Shikamaru said with a yawn.

"Shika you really are one lazy bastard." Naruto said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Hmm… yea." He said while cracking an eye open at Naruto.

"Come on Naruto-kun, leave the lazy bum to his clouds… or his little memories of ... what was it again Naruto?" Hinata asked in a teasing voice.

"Oh yes, now what was it again... hmm, I know! It was something black… undeniably raunchy….Damn now what was it?" Naruto said in an almost innocent tone while his face was looking at Hinata with fake confusion.

In return Shikamaru simply flipped them both the middle finger while glaring at them. Everyone began to laugh as they saw Shikamaru perform his Kagemane no jutsu to punch themselves in the head. Afterwards Shika looked smug, and everyone looked pissed.

"So let's see we get a chronic smoker from what I can tell for a sensei, and you guys get the disease ridden swordsmen, and not to mention I find out I have an open pervert for a godfather ….. Do you guys ever get the feeling someone is giving us the short end of the stick on purpose?" Naruto asked sarcastically.

Everyone simply nodded in agreement.

"So what do you guys think the sensei's will try and teach us? I mean, its not like there isn't much we haven't tried simply because of Naruto's scroll runs?" Chouji asked while Hinata turned to Naruto and gave another small glare…only to be dealt a quick peck on the nose.

Hinata only raised an eyebrow at that amazingly, only goes to show just how much Naruto doing that gets to her. "Don't think you're getting off that easily, Naruto-kun."

"I'm not actually sure how to respond to that…. That can be taken in so many different ways if you actually have been reading the book or it could mean I'm in deep shit..." Naruto though while putting on a rather morbidly curious look. Hinata laughed at how cute he looked like that.

"Oi, Naruto, I think we have some company." Shikamaru pointed out without even opening his eyes.

"Hinata-chan, Shino care to do the honors." Naruto asked the two, Hinata nodded and quickly activated her Byakugan while Shino fanned his bugs out.

"One of your fox summons Naruto, and he's fast." Shino called out.

"Shino-kun's right, it's a grey, four-tailed one." Hinata said while deactivating her Byakugan.

"Hmm, seems that Sentai is back. Come on out Sentai you can show yourself around everyone here, they already know about you guys!" Naruto yelled out.

Less then a second later a grey, four-tailed fox appeared in the center of the group. "Greetings Naruto-sa... Naruto." The fox said apprehensively.

Naruto sighed. "Still having problems with the no formalities Sentai? Anyway, first let me introduce you to my friends and comrades Hyuuga Hinata." He said while pointing to Hinata who waved and said a quick hello. "Aburame Shino." Shino nodded in response. "Akamichi Chouji." Chouji gave himself a quick introduction and actually shook Sentai's hand…um paw. "And the lazy bastard over there is Nara Shikamaru." Shikamaru continued to snore causing every one to sweat drop at his laziness. "Now I'm assuming you're here to deliver your report, correct?"

"Yes, it seems your information was correct as me and my men were able to locate the Ichibi and the Nibi jinchuuriki. The Ichibi is a pale red-head who carries a gourd of sand almost all the time, also it turns out he is the Kazekage's youngest son. From what we could gather his seal has some unknown elements on it that are causing both Shukaku-sama and the boy to be rather…insane." Sentai said pausing.

"Shukaku may be a drunken bastard, but insane he sure as hell isn't, something must be seriously wrong with his seal to do this… Actually there was this one time when he tried asking Nibi out, she glassed his groin and then shattered them," Kyuubi mentioned with a chuckle. "He's lucky that we can regenerate when combined with our element, if we couldn't we would still be calling him a eunich."

"Hmm that's something that could possibly be a problem in the long run; I'm going to have to get a look at his seal to do anything for it thought." Naruto said while resting his chin on his hands.

"Just what are you planning Naruto?" Chouji asked voicing everyone's opinions.

"Simply gathering the nine my friend. Now you said you found the Nibi as well Sentai?"

"Yes we did and thankfully she is a bit more stable. Though there seems to be some complications with her seal as well." Sentai said with a sigh.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at this. "How bad?"

"Bad enough that Kumogakure actually has to gather everyone in it's village yearly to pump chakra into her seal to keep Nibi-sama caged." Sentai said gravely.

At hearing this, Naruto couldn't restrain himself from punching the wall. "Damn those idiots! They gave her a partial seal, FUCK! Just what the hell were they thinking?!" Noticing everyone was looking at him strangely he explained.

"They're keeping her on a leash in other words. A partial seal is like having an electronic without a battery, useless. Instead, they are doing it this way to make it even easier to do away with her when her usefulness for them wears out. If she doesn't get the charge each year, not only will the seal shut down, she will die. But I'm sure they just have another seal master there waiting to seal the Nibi back up at a moment's notice. FUCKERS!"

None present could actually hide their disgust at the treatment being placed upon the girl. "Anything else Sentai?"

"She's apparently a Kumo Jounin, in her twenties from what we could tell; also it seems she has access to a few of Nibi-sama's abilities… and her cat like traits." Sentai finished with a sweat drop at the end causing Kyuubi to chuckle.

"So she's easily distracted by shiny things and string eh….. Yep, just like Nibi then."

"So in other words Sentai, you're saying we have a lady out there who loves shiny things and string, and your also saying she can speak to the dead…creepy. I'm guessing that neither of them have done the bond, correct?"

"Shukaku-sama's seal was weak enough that it actually happened naturally." Sentai deadpanned.

By now Naruto's eyebrow was twitching. "Please don't also tell me he's also unstable enough that he wants to kill anyone and everyone who annoys him."

Sentai simply nods.

"Oh boy, am I going to have a lot of work to do in the future." Naruto said with a sigh. "You can head on back to my house and I'll send a clone after you in about two minutes, tell him the locations of Sunagakure and Kumogakure are on the map as well as the areas now ready for rapid transport between your squad, oh and Sentai, thanks."

"Any time Naruto, any time… actually I have to anyway but still it's the thought that counts." And with that he began to take a step with one of his front paws, as soon as it touched the ground he disappeared in the blink of an eye.

"Well that was an interesting distraction." Shikamaru pointed out as well as shocking everyone by sitting up without any prodding. "Oh for Christ's sake, my back was starting to hurt sitting on the ledge so I moved." When he saw them still staring at him he sighed. "Troublesome."

"Okay then… I think we should head down now." Chouji said while still staring at Shikamaru in shock.

The unthinkable happened next. "STOP STARING AT ME, DAMN IT!" Shikamaru yelled, Shikamaru actually yelled.

An almost imperceivable nod past between the others…in a moment they struck, lunging at a distraught Shikamaru.

Forty seconds later.

Shikamaru was tied up on the ground with everyone glaring at him as well as having Naruto's sword by his neck, Hinata's hand over his heart, Chouji's hammer held just over his back, and Shino's Kikai bugs swarming over him.

"Alright you imposter where is Shikamaru?" Naruto asked angrily.

"I'm Shikamaru damn it!"

"No you aren't, never in my life have I ever seen Shikamaru do something that in the least bit involves physical activity without prodding to do it, AND he has never once yelled." Chouji said accusingly.

"For the last time I'm Shikamaru!"

A sudden coughing noise brought them back to their senses as they turned around to look at Sentai. "You know if this is how you treat your friends I would hate to see how you treat your enemies."

By now Naruto's eyebrow was slightly twitching. "Didn't I tell you that I would send a clone in a minute Sentai?"

"You did, when I got to HQ I waited for sixty seconds then came to get you when your clone did not show up." Sentai said in a completely calm-matter of fact tone.

Sighing in defeat Naruto stood up away from the still pinned Shikamaru while everyone else watched him curiously. Quickly making the cross sign he called out "Kage Bunshin no jutsu" in a calm voice. As soon as he did a smoke cloud rose next to him, when it cleared it revealed a perfect replica of the original. "Happy now Sentai?" He asked sarcastically.

"Ya, I'd say so." Sentai replied not even acknowledging the sarcasm.

"Good… what are you still standing around for? Get your lazy ass moving you stupid clone!" Naruto then yelled at the clone, in response the clone flipped him the bird before taking off. "Now after all that Sentai, aren't you going to follow him?"

"Ya but I figured I would just give him a minute's head start before I blow by him." Sentai said as he turned to leave. "Oh, and you do know your friend escaped?" and with that he took off again.

Everyone quickly looked down in shock, only to notice that the formerly bound Shikamaru was no longer there. For a few seconds the group simply stood there blinking in surprise before Naruto and Chouji started cursing.

"God damn it, how could we let the imposter escape?" Chouji yelled.

"We have to find him, quickly." Naruto then said angrily.

"What I don't understand is how that imposter actually managed to fool my Byakugan." Hinata pointed out curiously.

"I don't know Hinata-chan."

"It seems he did not think to remove my Kikai bugs, I can track him." Shino stated seriously.

"Well then let's go…WERE COMING SHIKA!" Chouji bellowed out before charging down the staircase with everyone else behind him.


"Iruka-sensei you have to hide me!" Shikamaru said after running top speed down the stairs.

"Oh, from what?" Iruka questioned curiously.

"From Naruto, Hinata, Chouji, and Shino. They think I'm some sort of imposter because I yelled when they wouldn't stop staring at me after I got up voluntarily." Shikamaru gasped out. "Please hurry!"

Only to be pinned to a wall by Iruka. "IMPOSTER! Where is my student?!"

"Not you too sensei."

Suddenly, the sound of a thousand demons came echoing down the staircase. "THERE HE IS, GET HIM!" Chouji yelled while brandishing his war hammer.

"Kill the imposter!" Naruto yelled out while unsheathing his sword again.

Hinata stopped as soon as she exited the staircase while pulling out several senbon needles, faster then someone could blink they were embedded into Shikamaru's clothes, pinning him to the wall.

Struggling slightly Shikamaru couldn't help but prey to whatever higher powers out there were listening right now to help him.


Hokage office

"OH SHIT! I got to go old man, you know saving my student and all from an untimely death at the hands of his friends." Asuma said while standing with all the other jounin who were watching the wizened Hokage's crystal viewing ball.

Sarutobi quickly whipped his head towards his still standing still son and asked. "What are you waiting for a green light or something?" When Asuma still didn't move a vein started to bulge on the old Hokage's head. "GREEN LIGHT DAMN IT!"

Several seconds later Asuma appeared on the viewing ball, grabbed his team and took off through the pair of double doors faster then most people in the class could track.

Everyone still present stared in shock at the old man. "What? I found a way to take a vacation of sorts and, well I feel as if I'm forty again." He said while taking a whip out from one of his many drawers and began cracking it to his left by five furiously working clones of said old man. "MOVE THOSE HANDS FASTER, SIGN THOSE DOCUMENTS QUICKER, HEY WHAT ARE YOU STANDING AROUND FOR YOU, WHAT YOUR HAND HURTS WELL BOO HOO SUCK IT UP I DEALT WITH THIS FOR GOD KNOWS HOW MANY YEARS SO YOU CAN TOO!" He yelled at the clones while cackling madly causing several jounin to take a step back while Anko found a new respect for the old man.


Letting out a breath he didn't even know he was holding Asuma tossed a still twitching Shikamaru, an irate Naruto, and a slightly calmed down Hinata down on one of the many coaches before sitting himself down as well.

They were all sitting down at one of the many team meeting areas that the jounin were told to bring there genins. Each of the three friends were sitting beside each other with Hinata in the middle, while Asuma was lounging across from them.

"My first impression of you guys is… you're strange." Asuma deadpanned causing the three to face vault. "However…I like strange, it makes things…interesting." He finished letting out another puff of smoke from his cigarette. As the smoke started making its way towards them they all started coughing.

"Ah my bad my bad!" Asuma apologized while tilting his cigarette away from them. "Anyways I'm Sarutobi Asuma; in charge of team ten starting today. I'll be strict on you guys so be prepared!"

"See? I told you guys earlier, short end of the stick, let me add enthusiastically to my earlier comment though." Naruto said sarcastically causing Asuma's eyebrow to twitch slightly.

"Let me revise my earlier statement then, you are all strange, and I like these two." He said while pointing to Hinata and Shikamaru. "You on the other hand…. I don't like." Asuma finished gravely while looking at Naruto.

"Join the club, I think the Haruno's are trying to make some t-shirts now." Naruto replied with a shrug.

"Like pain in the ass father, like pain in the ass son." Asuma sighed. "Alright let's do some introductions because well… I don't know shit about any of you except who your parents or families are."

"Umm sensei, why don't you go first because you're the only unknown here." Hinata mentioned while Shikamaru had finally fallen asleep again.

"Hmm Okay why not, my name is Sarutobi Asuma, the son of the third Hokage, I have a lot of things I like and dislike, as for dreams for the future…none of your business, and well, I have a lot of hobbies." He said while putting his hands on his chin in thinking pose while inwardly laughing. "I always wanted to do this to my team; Kakashi sometimes has the right idea."

"So all we got was his name…which he ALREADY TOLD US!" Were the collective thoughts of the still awake.

"Alright who wants to beat on the Nara until he wakes up?" Asuma asked casing Naruto to give him a foxy grin while turning to look at the……suddenly awake Nara. "Well that solves that problem, now why don't you go now before you fall asleep again."

"Troublesome. Nara Shikamaru, likes are my friends and sleeping, dislikes are loud people who disrupt my sleeping, hobbies watching the clouds, dreams for the future I want to become and overall average shinobi retire, marry an average mild tempered wife and have two kids one a boy and one a girl who both will support me as I retire." Shikamaru said calmly… before falling asleep again.

"Okay now you, Hyuuga."

"Umm I'm Hyuuga Hinata, my likes are Naruto-kun and the rest of our friends as well as Onee-chan, my dislikes are the separation between the main house and the branch house of my former clan as well as the caged bird seal, hobbies are training, making medical salves and flower pressing, dreams for the future are to one day join the two houses together as well as repay Onee-san for taking me in." Hinata said firmly.

"Good, now the blond gaki." Asuma asked while looking at Naruto, when nothing happened he got a tad bit annoyed. "Naruto wake up!"

"I'm awake but you just said the blond gaki." Naruto said in a matter of fact tone.

"Yes, and do you see any other blondes around here?" Asuma asked in annoyance.

"No but I am not a blond, I can't be a blond because I have red hair." Naruto argued back.

"So what am I going to do call you, a red gaki?"

"I don't know, how about Naruto? Naruto sounds just great to me Teme-sensei."

Asuma sighed. "Just shut up and say your damn introduction so I can go home."

"Well aren't you enthusiastic about being our sensei. Alright Uzumaki Naruto, or since you all already know about that little cover-up my real name is Namikaze Naruto, my likes are Hinata-chan, the lazy bum over there and the rest of the guys and I guess my knives and sword are right under there along with a certain fur ball."

"HEY!" The fox cried out indignantly.

"Hobbies, pranks, training, and with falling asleep with Shikamaru in the middle of a lecture to piss off Iruka-sensei. Dreams for the future, to be Hokage and to unite my kind. Happy now sensei?" Naruto finished sarcastically.

"How the hell pops puts up with you I will never know Naruto." He said while sighing. "Alright team ten, tomorrow we start active duty and as such you all have to go through one last test. Naruto as it looks like you have wanted to do this for the past few minutes, would you mind waking Shikamaru up?" Asuma said

Naruto grinned. "With pleasure……" When he looked over again he found Shikamaru wide awake. "Oh come on!"

"Troublesome." Shikamaru yawned.

"What kind of test sensei?" Hinata asked.

"Well it's not so much a test as it is an evaluation. You see after your display during Friday's battle it was decided pretty much off the bat that you guys would pass my test, however that would mean I wouldn't be able to see you guys' skills so I changed things up a bit. We are going to meet tomorrow morning at six in the middle of training ground forty-three, that is your first test as I'm sure you don't know where it is. The rest of your evaluation will be decided upon there. Know this, the evaluation tomorrow morning will cover all aspects of being a shinobi so be prepared for nin-jutsu, gen-jutsu, tai-jutsu, stealth, information gathering, and lastly and most importantly teamwork. Are we all clear."

"Hai!" Shikamaru, Naruto, and Hinata all said together.

"Good, now before I forget, Hinata, Kurenai-chan told me to tell you she wanted to see you about something… I believe it was a certain little orange book." After Asuma said that a look of complete terror flashed across Hinata's face.

"I-HAVE-TO-GO-BYE-EVERYONE!" Hinata shouted while running at top speeds… it was several seconds later when everyone realized what she actually said.

"Wonder what has her in such a hurry?" Shikamaru asked while raising an eyebrow.

Naruto and Asuma simply sighed before Naruto looked at Shikamaru. "Shikamaru, the less you know about it the less chance of Kurenai coming at you for helping the males of Konoha corrupt Hinata-chan."

"She threatened you at one point with that anti-pervert gen-jutsu of hers didn't she Naruto?" Asuma asked causing both Shikamaru and Naruto to cringe.

"I don't want to talk about it." They both said causing Asuma to laugh.

"It could be worse, you could have been her test subject for it… took six months of therapy with Ibiki before Kakashi and Genma were able to even look at Anko without running away screaming about devil women and clutching their crotch."

"Point made." Shikamaru said before yawning.

"They gave Ibiki, the head of torture and interrogation, a job as a therapist?" Naruto asked sounding skeptical.

"Ya actually… wait a moment, how do you know Ibiki?" Asuma returned.

"We've crossed paths a few times. What, did you think I wouldn't be interested in what happened to the people he was given by the old man from time to time? 'Sides, he always threatened people with him so I was curious." Naruto said with a shrug.

"Still, Kurenai-san is a troublesome lady from time to time." Shikamaru broke in as a silence settled over the group.

After several more tense moments it was Naruto who broke the silence. "We never talk about that again, agreed?"


"Oh and if you guys have nothing to do later drop back here in about an hour and a half, Kakashi should be just grabbing his team and he ALAWYS likes to screw with their heads a bit during the introductions." Asuma said while disappearing in a swirl of leaves and wind.

"See ya sensei." Naruto called.


"The usual spot I guess, eh Shika?"

"Too troublesome to go anywhere else, besides it has a bench."


The next day

It had taken them all a little while to arrive at the training ground Asuma specified with Shikamaru arriving first, followed by Hinata and lastly a still half asleep Naruto. Everyone had quickly said their own hello's and sat down against a large tree as they waited for their sensei.

Training ground forty-three was a rather odd one that definitely stands out from the others. For one, the entire area is divided up into three sections that actually were large enough to make everyone feel like an idiot for not noticing this place sooner. The sections were equally divided into three pieces in the form of a circle the pieces were of a dense forest, a miniature town, and lastly open grassland. In the very center of the area was a moderately large tower that oversaw the entire area. The entire area though was littered with the after effects of everything from jutsu of all types as well explosives and weapons of all shapes and sizes.

Naruto blanched at the site of another Norimitsu rammed into the ground. "Oh god no! Not another one of those damn things! Didn't they stop making them years ago?"

"Someone must be a collector, then." Kyuubi remarked with a yawn.

"Wait a moment, you woke me up this morning and then YOU went back to sleep………"


"You are a bastard."


"Are you just going to keep saying yep to annoy me?" Naruto asked while his eyebrow started to twitch.

"Yep." Kyuubi replied cheerfully

"Can I murder a few rabbits?" Naruto asked innocently

"Yep…… oh shit." Kyuubi said before he realized it.

Naruto inwardly grinned as he took out a large hammer once again. "Ohhhh, one flat little bunny, two flat little bunnies, three flat little bunnies, and another forty-seven to gooooo!" He sang merrily while continuing his punishment on the fox.

Forty-seven rabbits later Asuma arrived with a scroll in his hand.

"Morning." Asuma called trying to rouse his students.

Shikamaru yawned while slowly standing up. "Morning Asuma-sensei."

"Good morning sensei." Hinata said.

"Five more minutes." Naruto groaned out while falling over to the left…into Hinata's lap.

Asuma sighed. "Anyone know how to wake him up?"

"We have one way though I think Hinata has something else in mind." Shikamaru said with a slight grin at the still blushing Hinata.

"Oh, so you want play that way Shikamaru." Hinata thought evilly while leaning down and whispering in Naruto's ear. "Naruto-kun, Shikamaru is stealing your ramen."

The reaction was instantaneous. Naruto was up faster then anyone could blink and tackled Shikamaru. "Where's my ramen you thieving bastard!" He yelled only to realize what just happened as he looked at a laughing Hinata.

The only response the pair got was Hinata grinning and giving them the victory sign causing them both to groan.

"She got me with that ramen wake up again, didn't she?" Naruto sighed.

"Ya she did……and would you mind GETTING OFF ME!" Shikamaru yelled as Naruto jumped off of him.

Asuma decided the fun was over and got everyone's attention again with a rather loud cough. "Ok now that we are all awake I can begin. Welcome to training ground forty-three, created during the last shinobi war as a means for battlefield tactical simulations, now a days it is used by ANBU to test new recruits as well as an infiltration training center."

"You have several objectives you must accomplish during this test which will provide me with the information I need about your distinct skills. Now you have several objectives to do in each of the areas, also note that each of the areas will have clones of just about any kind that I could get from some friends that will have multiple varying skill levels from a mere bandit to trained shinobi so keep on your toes."

"Now you have several objectives in each area, starting in the city there are five critical points that will have a red flag on the tops of I want destroyed, basically I want an explosive tag placed on these areas, next up is the forest, you will find just at the border between the city and forest a blue flag, at the base of the flag will be a scroll, it will be your job to make sure that the scroll reached from one end of the forest to the other as you continue in the circle, in the open fields you will be simply fighting your way to the tower using what ever you feel necessary, lastly at the top of the tower will be a clone under guard posing to be a business official, I want him dead with no witnesses. You have until ten to complete the objectives. Do you understand our mission?" Asuma said lacking the humor from the day before as he gave them their mission.

"Hai!" The group replied with determination evident in their voice.

"Good… oh and before I forget, Naruto, no summons at all. Also we are shinobi and we look underneath the underneath. Keep that in mind." And with that last bit of advice the Asuma before them disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Kage Bunshin?" Naruto said sounding surprised.

"That was the same thing you used earlier today wasn't it?" Shikamaru asked.

"Yea Kage Bunshins are a chakra construct that can physically interact with the world around them, they can use nin-jutsu if given enough chakra, and lastly upon being dispersed all the clone learned in its life time gets sent back to the original." Naruto recited.

"So it's a recon technique correct?" Shikamaru continued.

"Ya it was, unfortunately they are dispersed really easily although I'm pretty sure I can fix that if I used enough chakra."

"You have a plan Shikamaru?" Hinata asked while reading some senbon.

Shikamaru nodded. "Ya, we will enter into the nearest area of the city sector clear a few buildings first to give us some cover as well as a foot hold. Be careful and be silent, I don't want any unnecessary attention on us to quickly so no flashy ninjutsu Naruto, stick to your knives." He said getting a nod from Naruto then looking towards Hinata.

"Hinata I want you to put an invisibility gen-jutsu over yourself at that point and head up top to get a look out for the five areas, give us the directions and then cover us from the roof tops while under the gen-jutsu as well as pointing out any enemies you notice with your Byakugan."

"Naruto can your clones do a henge?"

"Yes, they can."

"Good. As Hinata points out more of the enemies I want you to create several Kage Bunshins and henge them into small animals, birds rabbits, squirrels… a fox, you name it. Those clones of yours are going to sneak up and kill off any Hinata cant hit from her positions. Basically were doing a clean sweep of the area, react to situations as they arrive though still stay silent. Now when we get close to one of the target areas Hinata you give us a signal and ill load the building up with tags using my shadows, Naruto you need to cover me when I'm doing this. After the first target goes we are more then likely going to have to fight or evade enemies to get to the other four targets, at that point Naruto I want you to create a few more shadow clones and send them towards one of the targets while the rest of us split up and head to our individual targets, synchronize the explosives to head off in twenty minutes from the time of separation. After your targets are gone Hinata you are going to start heading directly for the flag, once your there send up a beacon we will recognize and we'll be right there. We'll discuss a plan for the second part at that point. Any questions?"

"None, but just to tell you if we get into any combat that my clones can take the strain of Kawarimi so if you can't avoid it use my clones for a switch." Naruto stated.

"Hinata are you fully charged up?" Shikamaru asked.

"I have about one hundred that are charged at the moment. I'll leave them 'till we encounter shinobi level so that leaves me with just over four hundred to charge up in case of emergency." She said.

"… Do I even want to know where you keep five hundred senbon needles?" Naruto asked.

Hinata simply raised an eyebrow before smirking. "Do you really want to?" Suddenly leaning closer she whispered the last bit. "You could always search me later." She said innocently.

A quick realization of what she was implying along with the fox sending THAT picture from Friday night at him again quickly killed the hamster in the wheel. For the next several minutes Naruto simply stood there, stock still while the fox, Hinata and Shikamaru fell over laughing at the expression on Naruto's face.

After snapping himself out of his daze Naruto turned and looked at Hinata. "Ok Hinata-chan, this isn't funny anymore, have you or have you not been reading from a little orange book?" He asked desperately.

"Not telling, you will just have to find out for yourself one day." She said while giving him that look of pure innocence as she starts running towards the town.

"She really does enjoy doing that to you Naruto." Shikamaru states.

"Unfortunately, I still can't get a straight answer out of her, so I'll probably have to bug Kurenai considering what they were talking about yesterday." Naruto sighed.

"Well there is always one other alternative."

"Oh and what's that?"

"She could be like that by nature." Shikamaru says calmly as he watched the range of emotions from pure terror to something he really didn't want to talk about cross Naruto's face. "Get your head out of the gutter so we can get this over with Naruto." Shikamaru says as he too takes off after Hinata.

"You're enjoying this right now aren't you?"

"Every minute of it kit." Kyuubi replied with a chuckle.

"I figured as much, you sadistic pervert. Now should I, or should I not, take my weights off for this?"

"No point, this is different from the incident a few days ago, and besides, with all your little 'dates' you have been skipping out on wearing them constantly."

"I guess you're right." Naruto sighed before taking off at high speeds to follow his team.


Top of the tower

"I must say I'm a little surprised that you brought them here, Asuma." Kakashi said without tearing his eyes away from his book.

Asuma shrugged. "Why not use this place? It has just about everything I need to give this team some experience in multiple environments… plus how many training grounds are we actively allowed to blow up?" He finished with a snicker.

"You might not want to tell Naruto that. You would never be able to get him out of here then."

"You're probably right."

"Heh, your Nara is a smart one it seems… and good with his family's jutsu." Kakashi said after rubbing the back of his neck.

"Let me guess, he hit one of your Kage Bunshin right?"

"Ya… I just got a kunai rammed into the back of my clones neck… did I forget to mention that my clone had it's back to the wall and that Shikamaru was in the other room at the time?" Kakashi said sheepishly.

"Hmm, note to self, go check up on Genma again to see if I should schedule him with Ibiki again for therapy."

"Now why would you do that Asuma?"

"Well I'm guessing you remember Naruto's Oiroke no jutsu right? Well he walked up to on of Genma's clones with it on, got nice and close… then stabbed him in the groin with one of his knives while laughing like a maniac, then began kicking the clone while it slowly died while screaming about feminine purity and superiority."

"Oh joy, Ibiki is just going to love this." Kakashi replies sarcastically. "Now he's going to have to get Genma over a fear of both blonds and people who go on about feminine purity."

"… You know I just realized something."

"What is it?"

"Well did anyone toss anything but Kage Bunshins in there?"




"Well shit, Ibiki is going to have his work cutout for him if they didn't." Asuma sighed.

Several minutes later a large explosion rocked the area.

"Looks like they let Naruto set the explosives." Kakashi sighed.

Asuma sighed as well. "Oh please god, don't let Naruto turn into a pyromaniac."

"I think you're a bit late to start praying Asuma." Kakashi chuckled.

Several more minutes, two more explosions of the same size as the first as well as two smaller ones rocked the area again.

Asuma raised an eyebrow. "Well now, they got through the first sector rather quickly. I guess using so many non-shinobi level clones in that area was a bad idea. However, I have gotten what I need from this test."

"You didn't think this one would be easy for them? They have a long range Byakugan user who is skilled in gen-jutsu, a close range fighter with heightened senses as well as being a stealth specialist; lastly you have a gifted shadow manipulator as well as a talented strategist. Asuma I can't see how they couldn't have gotten through this area quickly." Kakashi said.

"Oh well, I guess we will just have to see how they will do with the forest section." Asuma said with a shrug then looked directly at Kakashi. "Hey, don't you have to still go deal with your team?"

Kakashi gave a half hearted chuckle. "For once, I actually have a valid excuse for being late, though I'll still use my favorite one on them though. Besides, do you actually think me doing a genin test while I have a whole bunch of clones being systematically killed off in either brutal or simply sadistic ways by these three would be good for my concentration?"

"Point made."

"Besides I still have plenty of time left." He finished cheerfully.

It was seven now, right when Kakashi told team seven to meet him.


At training ground seven

"Kakashi-sensei is late AGAIN!" The pink haired banshee shrieked causing Kiba and Sasuke to cringe in pain.

"Dude, she's your fan girl, can't you get her to shut up?!" Kiba asked while rubbing his ears.

A moment of silence passed between the two as Sasuke looked like he had just internally slapped himself at that. "Sakura… be quiet." He said to her in an even tone.

Kiba and Sasuke both let out the breaths they were holding as Sakura stayed silent… for ten minutes, then started asking Sasuke for a date again.

"Must… resist… urge… to… KILL!" Were the twin thoughts of both Kiba and Sasuke


Back at training ground forty-three

Naruto, Hinata and Shikamaru were all standing around the blue flag with the scroll just at their feet. Unfortunately for Naruto, neither of his teammate's attention was on the scroll

"Naruto, just how many explosive notes did you use on those targets?" Shikamaru asked with a twitching eyebrow.

"Um, I only used thirty." Naruto replied sheepishly.

Hinata continued to glare. "Only thirty? You better tell us the truth Naruto-kun."

"Um each." He replied to the scary Hinata in front of him.

"You used thirty on EACH!" Shikamaru yelled again.

"Did the thought of stealth ever cross your mind?" Hinata asked while shaking her head.

"Umm it did but that idea was overruled by the chance of getting to make a large explosion for the fun of it, the fox made me do it." Naruto added off handedly.

"Don't you dare drag me into this one kit." Kyuubi growled at his container.

Shikamaru and Hinata both sighed. "Troublesome, alright Naoki formation; Hinata you're in the lead, Naruto you have the scroll and I'll take rear guard. Hinata, I want you using your Byakugan in thirty second intervals, full scan to make sure that we don't have any surprises. Naruto you I want to create nine Kage Bunshins at the first sign of combat, I want them divided into teams of three and have them Henge into copies of all of us then take off in all directions. I will deal with any enemies that get behind us as well as leave some traps when I can. Any questions?" Shikamaru stated.

"Tree tops or ground Shika?" Naruto asked.

"Tree tops, high as possible, this means Hinata I want you to survey underneath us as well."

"Easy enough." Naruto says.

"I'll do my best."

"If we encounter any enemies don't get them all just cut right through them." Shikamaru finishes.

"Well let's go." Naruto said quietly as they bounded of into the trees.


Ten minutes later in the trees

Hinata stopped on the branch she just landed on. "Shikamaru, Naruto-kun, we have multiple contacts surrounding us."

"Damn, Hinata how many?" Shikamaru cursed.

"There are six below us following on the ground while four are blocking our route in front of us, two each are on our sides and there are three coming from the rear." Hinata listed, Byakugan blaring.

"Damn, well a plan's a plan." Naruto said while doing the cross sign.

"Kage Bunshin no jutsu." Soon there are nine identical clones in the tree tops as the smoke dissipated.

"You all know what to do?" The original Naruto asked.

"We are you dumb ass, we know everything you know and therefore we must know what we need to do." One clone stated sarcastically causing Naruto to sigh.

"You know you just called yourself, me, and every other one of my clones a dumb ass as well dumb ass."

"Bite me." The clone replied while flipping Naruto the bird.

"Just get to it, will ya." Naruto sighed once again.

"Fine." And with that done six of the clones transformed into Shikamaru and Hinata where they then took off in groups of three with the other clones.

"Damn troublesome clones." Naruto grumbles.

"Hey you stole my line." Shikamaru says sarcastically.

"Are they always this bad Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked causing Naruto to sigh again.

"Unfortunately. Now shouldn't we start moving?"

"Probably." Shikamaru yawned.

"Well either way, some of the contacts are breaking off to deal with the clones." Hinata states.

"Then while they're confused we will cut through them. Let's go." "Shikamaru called to them while placing a small explosive tag on the tree they were on.


As soon as they got clear of the tree the tag detonated blowing several other trees away while also managing to set a fire to the surrounding ones.

"Hinata!" Shikamaru calls back.

"We didn't get any in the explosion; we have several more coming in from behind us as well as several more to the right." Hinata replies while readying several senbon needles.

"I'll slow some of the ones behind us down." Naruto calls while drawing his blade. "Shikamaru, Jump high!" He calls out while sending a high power vertical slash at the trees behind them, cutting through multiple of the trunks causing them to topple.

"Hinata do you have a clear shot at the ones on our right?" Shikamaru called.

"No, but I do have something with a bit more of a bang." Se replies while tying several explosive tags to her needles.

"Ah Hinata-chan, the up and coming pyro, you make me so proud." Naruto calls out.

"I am not a pyro." She replies indignantly while throwing five senbon with exploding tags between the trees to the right. Soon after, multiple explosions could be seen as the concussive shock wave reaches them. "Three targets removed."

"That's my girl." Naruto calls out enthusiastically causing Hinata to blush at the compliment.

"Save it, love birds! We aren't out of this lion's den yet." Shikamaru says.

"Oh crap, there are some above us now." Naruto calls to the group.

"Too late kid." The enemy shinobi level clones call out as they come from above. The clones were dressed in a dark blue full body suit with a breathing mask. On his their foreheads were headbands with the symbol for the village hidden in the mist.

The first clone was coming down on Naruto with a kunai in its hands, intending to ram it into his skull. That is until it was impaled repeatedly by shadows, a few seconds later it exploded in a shower of water. "Kage Nui no jutsu!" Shikamaru says with a slight smirk.

"A Mizu Bunshin, that's new." Shikamaru says sounding surprised.

"Thanks Shika." Naruto called over to him.

"You shouldn't be thanking him." Another one of the clones said smugly while performing multiple hand seals. "Suiton: Ame Mizu Kasui no jutsu!" Suddenly the water from the Mizu Bunshin seems to gather together into multiple spikes and begins raining down on Naruto who just manages to move onto another tree in time as the one he is standing on is turned into a piece of Swiss cheese by the raining water spikes. "Damn, missed. Wait a moment, where's the girl?" the clone says as it looks around for Hinata.

At that very moment Naruto spots Hinata using the branch above her to swing herself back around above the clones with multiple senbon in hand. As soon as she is almost completely vertical with the clones she throws all the senbon in her hands at a slow pace in a circle pattern surrounding the clones. As soon as the senbon are launched she quickly performs three hand seals while launching one last senbon in between the circle at a faster pace.

"Raiton: Denkou Amimono no jutsu!" Hinata calls out just as the last senbon she threw lines up in the center of the circle. Immediately afterwards, continuous discharges of electricity kept jumping between each of the senbon in the circle in an alternating pattern.

Seeing their target had managed to get above them, the clones immediately moved out of the path of the senbon net. Unfortunately for them it wasn't over yet as when the still charged senbon impacted with any of the trees the resulting discharge of electricity into the tree caused several branches to explode on impact as all the moisture in them rapidly evaporates inside.

"The way's clear, everybody move!" Shikamaru yells just as Hinata lands on another branch.

"Hai!" Hinata and Naruto replied as they start moving through the gap in the enemy they created.

As soon as they cleared the gap Naruto whipped a quick horizontal slash across the base of the tree with his wind blades while in mid air. As soon as he landed on the next branch he quickly created two Kage Bunshins with their swords drawn.

Just as Naruto was about to jump to the next branch he called to his clones. "Stall them for as long as you can, if you can get rid of them you're to follow behind us to be our rear guard." He then turned to look at Shikamaru as his clones both jumped right into the fray with a crazed grin on their faces. "Yo Shikamaru, I'm calling back the other groups, they know its us and they're going to all start coming at us now."

"Naruto-kun is right; I can already just barely see some of them on the edges of my Byakugan, I can't get their numbers from here." Hinata called to Shikamaru as well.

"Troublesome, alright Naruto do it. I want your clones back and engaging these guys ASAP." Shikamaru said with a sigh as an explosion rocked the landscape behind them. "Your clones are almost as explosive crazy as you are, it seems Naruto." he finished causing Naruto to shrug while still running.

"Meh, why change what works right away? Anyways, how far are we from the end point Hinata-chan?"

"It's past my range, but I would have to guess two hundred yards and it looks like we have a clear…… They're trying to cut us off again! I don't know how, but I think they actually managed to figure out my range." Hinata said sounding surprised.

Focusing chakra to enhance his hearing, Naruto picks up four voices in unison saying something that he hopes he never has to deal with again.

"Suiton: Suiryudan no jutsu!" For voices shouted out just on the edge of his hearing. Moments later, a large piercing roar swept the area as a crunching could be heard coming from the same direction. As the noise grew closer, Hinata's eyes widened a bit in horror at what was coming towards them at an increasingly quick pace, four rushing tides of water with a dragon head at the front, almost staring them down as it closed in.

"Umm…. We might want to get to the ground…. NOW!" Hinata says harshly as the multiple Suiryudan's break through the majority of the trees in front of them causing both Naruto and Shikamaru to curse in surprise.

At a break neck speed, the trio dropped down from branch to branch towards the forest floor as the dragons continued after them. Nothing seemed to slow the dragons descent; they had tried almost everything from Naruto's sword to dropping trees on them.

"Damn, nothing's working, any ideas Hinata-chan, Shikamaru?" Naruto grunted out as they landed on the forest floor.

"So that's why nothing worked against them." Hinata gasped out as her eyes finally revealed why nothing they did worked. "Its not that our attacks aren't doing anything to them, its that those attacks are being rapidly regenerated, these dragons are completely over saturated for what they need to function."

"Damn and I'm guessing we don't have anything powerful enough to take them all down before they reform right?" Naruto asked.

"No." Hinata sighed out.

"So any plans Shikamaru?"

"Troublesome clones, well as my dad always says… when life gives you shit." Shikamaru begins to get a rather evil grin settled upon his face. "Put it in a bag, light it, and throw it back."

"Please tell me that you're thinking what I think your thinking Shika." Naruto asked eagerly.

"Please tell me you're not thinking what I think you're thinking Shikamaru." Hinata asked in annoyance.

"Sorry Hinata, Naruto you can jump for joy now." Shikamaru replied with a smirk on his face.

"Its times like this I really wished I brought a camera with me all the time. Well friends, shall we return them to the sender?" Naruto asked with a maniacal gleam in his eyes.

Four earsplitting roars behind them gave the group their answer.


Back at the tower

"Oh no, they aren't going to do what I think they're going to do are they?" Asuma asked Kakashi in a worried tone.

"I think they are Asuma." Kakashi said as he stopped reading his book.

Moments later their question was answered as the ground shook with the impact of the four dragons.

"Damn it, now I have a headache! Stupid shadow clones sending all information back to the users, stupid water dragons for giving me this damn headache, and last of all damn Naruto because I just know this was somehow his idea!" Asuma ranted while grabbing his head, Kakashi simply chuckled and returned to his book

"Note to self, never introduce Naruto to Anko." Kakashi stored.


Shikamaru sighed while wringing his shirt and jacket out. "I can't believe we just did that. Hell, aren't I supposed to be the rational one and Naruto the insane one?" Shikamaru asks to no one in particular.

"Oh shut up will you Shika? Even you can't deny that was one hell of a ride." Naruto said while trying to get his hair back into a pony tail.

"Ya you can say that because you were the one who decided to run on top of the freaking dragon. We, on the other hand, just got soaked because you decided to test out how good of a homing ability they had and made two of them crash into each other." Hinata says in annoyance while trying to warm herself up.

"You're right. LET'S DO IT AGAIN!" Naruto says excitedly only to get hit in the back of the head by Shikamaru.



"Deal with it." Shikamaru replied with a slight grin, only to be hit on the head.

"I just did." Naruto grinned.

A small cough behind them caused them to look back at an irate Hinata who was tapping her foot and still shivering. "Are you two done yet?" she asks sarcastically while glaring slightly.

Naruto begins to laugh sheepishly while rubbing the back of his neck. "Ok Naruto, think fast to avoid the chances of an annoyed Hinata-chan… that's it!"

As fast as he could without drawing attention Naruto dropped the gen-jutsu surrounding him and wrapped his tails around a shivering Hinata. "Better?" He asks with a smile on his face.

She let a small laugh escape her lips as the fur brushed up against the exposed skin on her arms. "Yes, very much." She replies with a slight blush on her face.

A small cough brought them back to the task at hand. "You both do realize I'm still here right? Oh and before I forget, we only have an hour left to complete two areas." Shikamaru said with a slight smirk as he watched the two's reaction.

"Ya, ya, laugh it up Shika." Naruto groans.

"So what's the plan?"

"We split up. Hinata I want you to at the first chance you get to head to the top of the tower, go up the walls on the outside. Me and Naruto will head with you up until we reach the base of the tower where we will create a diversion and head up through each of the tower's levels. Other then that get rid of any obstacles in your path."

"Fine with me."

"I should be able to put most of the top floor under a minor gen-jutsu easy enough."

"Good then lets go."

However their departure was cut sort as a voice made its self known. "Doton: Shinkou Jou Meiro no jutsu!" The last of the voice was cut off as an incredibly loud grinding noise surrounded the area. In a matter of seconds plates of rock easily a meter thick began rising upwards at varying angles so as to connect together seamlessly before they could escape.

As soon as the grinding stopped Naruto's hearing quickly picked up two more voices echo through the hollow walls of the labyrinth.

"Suiton: Bakusui Shoha no jutsu!"

"Raiton: Shuurai no jutsu!"

In the next few seconds only one thing could be heard rushing through the caverns…water, and lots of it. And it was all rushing towards the group who were still locked in their cage.


Author's note

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Suiton: Bakusui Shoha no jutsu (Water release: exploding water shockwave) A high ranking Suiton jutsu capable of creating a large amount of water when a source isn't already available. The user concentrates chakra to his throat and converts it to water where he/she would then spit it out in large amounts. Also has gained the nickname calling it the vomit jutsu.

Suiton: Suiryudan no jutsu (Water release: water dragon bullet) A powerful attack that creates a huge current of water in the shape of a dragon, which is sent towards the opponent. Except when used by extremely powerful ninja, this jutsu can only be done when in or near a body of water.

Suiton: Ame Mizu Kasui no jutsu (Water release: Raining water spikes) a variation upon the Sensatsu Suisho technique. Instead of thousands of water needles homing on a single target the jutsu sacrifices its speed and homing for more power.

Raiton: Shuurai no jutsu (Lightning release: Lightning strike) A raiton jutsu where the user concentrates chakra to either his hands or mouth and converts it to lightning. The lightning can then be discharged in a straight line at a target medium to far range target.

Raiton: Denkou Amimono no jutsu (Lightning release: Lightning web) A raiton technique that Hinata created. The jutsu requires multiple metal objects (senbon needles in Hinata's case) to be thrown in a spread out fashion, the pattern then gets a final object that has been heavily charged with lightning chakra thrown into it causing the objct to cause a series of rapid discharges between the other objects.

Doton: Shinkou Jou Meiro no jutsu (Earth release: Rising Imperial Labyrinth) A Doton jutsu that shatters the rock foundation under the ground and brings it upwards to form a long trench like dome. The area inside has only one exit that is directly in front of the caster.

Kagemane no jutsu (art of me and my shadow) The user's shadow is extended to the opponent's shadow, combining them. This puts the attacker in control of the target's movements- the target is forced to make any movement the user makes. It is an extremely versatile technique. Given enough talent, the shadow can contract and change shape, and even get a hold of several targets at once. The shadow can also be connected with the shadows of other objects to extend its range.