sorry for the late update, I was trying to get it out fast but then life started sucking again so I said screw writing. Sorry for the lateness but this is the last bit. uhm because I ain't too certain on the conditions in which patients are released and all that and because all this hospital crap sucks I am skipping to when after Tom is released.

When Tom staggered slightly, Doug let a small curse as he rushed to help steady his friend. "Maybe you shoulda gotten into the wheelchair, huh?"

"No," Tom muttered. "I can walk just fine. I am surprised that they didn't just strap me into one, anyways: the way the nurse was glaring at me, I thought she would!"

"Yeah, so did I," Doug agreed. "How the hell are we supposed to, or how are you supposed to, get home?"

"What do you mean?" Tom questioned, looking towards the other officer, confusion evident. "You're going home, too, right?"

"Me?" Doug laughed. "You weren't hit that hard, were you, Tommy?"

"No... what?" Before Doug could respond, Tom yelled out angrily," Shit! We forgot, the guy, our guy, is still tied up!"

"What?" Now Doug was confused.

"That bastard who attacked me!" Tom yelled excitedly. "Damn it Doug, he coulda escaped!"

Tom looked about ready to run off but Doug grabbed his arm, holding him in place. "Calm down Tommy," he said. "I told the motel clerk guy what had happened. He kinda knew already, but I told him everything and to call the police. He was dialing before I made it to the door."

"Oh, okay. That's good." Tom let out a short, shaky, breath. "Then why aren't you going home? Case is done with."

"I don't have a home," Doug replied sadly. "Remember?"

"Oh, right," Tom whispered. "I'm sorry, for bringing it up."

"Hey, it's okay," Doug responded in a too-happy voice. "Let's just get you home then i'll worry about me."


"Take a cab, I guess. I got about twenty bucks. Fuller and the others already left, so it's that or walk."

"I don't wanna walk," Tom moaned. "I'm tired, and in pain, remember? So unless you wanna carry me, we're taking a cab."

"I'm not carrying you," Doug agreed without actually saying so. "Let's go, then. I think there's a pay phone just down the street."

"Alright then," Tom agreed, falling into step beside Doug. "And you do have a home, if you want it."

"What are you on about?" Doug muttered, slowing his pace as Tom tried hard to keep in step with him. He was breathing heavily, one arm crossed over his chest. "Those drugs finally kicking in or something?"

"No," Tom replied. "No drugs. But you basically saved my life, Doug. Twice, actually."

"Yeah?" Doug answered casually, stopping as Tom nearly slowed to a stop, wiping at his brow. "You are my partner and best friend."

"So..." Tom started again, both walking and talking. "I think you've earned my living room couch."

"I'm sorry, what?" Doug asked, surprised. "I saved your ass, Tom Hanson!"

"I know," Tom stressed. "Which is why-"

"No no," Doug muttered as Tom began walking off ahead of him. "I mean, I saved your ass, which I think earns me more than a couch."

"In your dreams, Penhall!" Tom called out. "I nearly died, so the bed is still mine!"

so shitty end, whatever... got in what I wanted to so it's done, no more. And yeah short but meh, it was just a filler type thing to wrap up the damn thing finally.

and i ain't sure if i'll get anything up for Paper Wings because i don't feel like writing anything too longish(i expect the next chapter to be fairly long) right now, although i may work on some drabbles or something for that prompts thing. and tomorrow i might have to go to some stupid b-day thing for my aunt and i got no idea how long i'll be stuck there. i am home monday, though, so i can try working on it then.