She's Mine

Summary: When Amy's abusive ex-boyfriend comes back to hurt her and to get his revenge, who will help her? Will her ex-boyfriend become successful or will anyone protect her?

Characters: Amy Dumas, Randy Orton, Greg Davis (OC), Paul Levesque, Trish Stratigias/Chris Irvine, Lilian Garcia/Eddie Guerrero, Lisa Marie Varon, Dave Bautista, Candice Michelle, John Cena, Dawn Marie PsaltisJason Reso and some OCs

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Chapter One: Regrets


Randy sat up on his bed before he even realized that he was awake. Sleepy blue eyes snapped open and glared at the object that woke him up. Who in God's name calls at this time?! He thought as he immediately grabbed his ringing phone, pushed the 'talk' button and brought the gadget to his ear.

"Who's this?" He couldn't stop himself from sounding annoyed.

"Try lookin' at the caller ID before answering the phone, ya know." John spoke. Randy noticed just by the tone of his best friend's voice that he was trying to sound calm but he seemed… Worried? Scared?

He scratched the sleep off his eyes. "What's up? I hope you have a really good reason for waking me up at this time of the night."

John looked around. Trish and Dawn were crying their hearts out and their boyfriends, Chris and Jason respectively, were trying their best to comfort the two. Candice was on the brink of tears while Paul kept on pacing back and forth, practically making the people who were watching him dizzy."Before I tell ya what happened, promise me ya won't go hysterical or somethin' cuz there are already seven hysterical and worried people here, includin' myself."

"You don't sound like it." Blue orbs rolled. "Can you please tell me what's going on? You're beginning to worry me here."

"We found Amy bloody and bruised in her house… We're in the hospital right now."

"Son of a bitch…" That was more than enough to make Randy jump out of his bed and pull on a pair of jeans and a shirt. "I-I'll be right there." He got the directions from John first before the older of the two hung up, stating that he needed to phone Lilian, Eddie, Lisa and Dave. Who would do this to Amy?

In about fifteen minutes, he was already in the hospital John told him they were in. He nearly got a speeding ticket on his way there but he managed to convince the officer to do otherwise. Walking into the waiting area, he found Trish and Dawn still crying while Chris and Jason were still trying to calm them down. Candice was doing the helping the two men in their efforts while trying to keep herself from crying at the same time. Paul was still pacing back and forth. John, who seemed like he had given up on telling the blonde man to sit down, just sat on one of the chairs.

"What happened?" He asked them, hoping one of them actually noticed he was there.

John looked at him. "Can you please tell Levesque here to sit down first?"

A sigh escaped his lips before approaching Paul. "Dude, I know you're worried sick and so am I. But can you please sit down? Save us all from the additional headache." Randy knew how close Amy and Paul were. They were as close as siblings. They were there for each other during the ups and downs of life. It was like they knew each other the most.

"Do you even know what happened to her?" The blonde man asked with a very annoyed and worried tone. "Do you, Orton?"

Randy rolled his eyes. "In case you're deaf, I kinda asked what happened to Red already."

Paul stopped in his tracks, to John's relief, and sat down. "Candice called her to ask if she wanted to go shopping but she wouldn't pick up. She tried a few more times but nothing happened. She called Trish and Dawn if they knew what happened but they didn't know…"

"So Trish an' Dawn woke both Chris an' Jason up. They headed to Ames's house an' that's when they saw her…" John ended for him. Paul buried his face in his hands for a moment before he ran a hand through his hair. Randy couldn't believe what just heard and he, himself, was getting more worried and restless.

The tattooed man looked at the clock then at the doors leading to the emergency room. "What's taking them so long?!"

"What's going on, homes?" Eddie's voice echoed throughout the hallway as he, Lilian, Lisa and Dave hurriedly approached the group. "What happened to Ames?

John looked at both Paul and Randy, who didn't look like they were in the right state to explain what happened. "We've got no idea, bro." He said before he began explaining everything once more to them. Eddie, Dave, Lilian and Lisa listened in shocked silence. Time passed by and still they had no news.

"Where's Davis? Did any of you call him?"

Eleven sets of eyes turned towards Lilian. "How can we forget about him…" Chris shook his head. "Does anyone know where he is?" Greg Davis was Amy's boyfriend for about eight months. Everyone just shrugged, not knowing where the redhead's boyfriend was.

Dave snorted. "I never liked that Davis guy…"

"Who does? I don't really care that he ain't here." Jason sighed as Dawn finally stopped crying. "Ever since they began dating, Ames got so distant from us. He changed her…"

"But he still has to know about what happened. He's her boyfriend after all." Lisa got her phone from her purse. "I'll give him a call. I'll be back in a few. If I'm not here by the time the doctor comes out, someone just call me." They watched as the raven haired woman walked briskly out of the hospital.

Another ten minutes passed and they still had no news. They were all worried like hell and they couldn't keep still. A lot of questions flooded in their minds but they had no answers at all. Did anyone try to rob her? Who would hurt her this way? Was it someone they knew? The more their mood worsened when Lisa showed up with an irritated, pissed and worried look on her face.

"What did he say?" Candice gave the woman a questioning look. "Did you even reach him?"

"I couldn't reach him." Lisa slumped on a chair beside Dave. "I think he turned his phone off or something."

Dawn blinked. "What's the use of having a damn phone if he always turns it off? He's such an asshole."

Paul opened his mouth to say something but he decided against it when the emergency room doors finally swung open. They were instantly on their feet as a tall, brunette doctor came out. "Amy Dumas?" The doctor raised an eyebrow.

"How is she?" Trish asked. Hazel orbs fell on the silver name plate. "Doctor Bleu?"

Doctor Bleu frowned a touch. "Your friend's condition is already stable. It seemed to me that she was physically abused. She arrived here with a bleeding wound on her left cheek and her forehead. Her nose was bleeding as well. Her ribs and her back are also sore. She also has other bruises but they're slowly disappearing. Do you know what happened to her?"

All of them exchanged a worried look. "Physically abused?" Candice repeated; her voice breaking slightly. "Like she was beaten up… Repeatedly?"

"It's a possibility. Abuse can also happen just once actually." The brunette doctor nodded. "She refused to tell us anything though. She's very…"

"Stubborn." Chris finished for her with a slight smirk that disappeared instantly. "Can we see her?"

She tucked her pen back in her pocket. "Yes, you may but if the patient does not want all of you to stay long, you must leave at once. She's in room 129." They thanked Doctor Bleu first before they walked briskly in search of the room the redhead was in.

"I found it." Trish said a bit loudly after a good few minutes as she stood outside room 129. She waited for everyone to find her before she gently swung the door open. The sight they saw made the ladies teary again and made the guys curse under their breaths as they entered Amy's room one by one.

They could see bruised all around her body and her forehead and her left cheek were bandaged. She was staring at the wall and she looked like she had a million and one things in her mind. The Amy Dumas lying on the bed in front of them looked so…





"Ames…" Paul grabbed a chair, pulled it closer to the hospital bed. "Are you alright?" He asked as he took one of her frail and cold hands in his. "How do you feel?"

She just stared at the wall for awhile before she slowly turned her hazel eyes that were used to be full of life and happiness towards him. "Shitty…"

He couldn't help but chuckle at her reply. "Red, tell us. Who did this to you?"

Her hazel eyes turned away from him and from all her other friends as well. "Not now."

"We need to know, Ames." Dawn took another chair and settled on the other side of the bed. "Tell us."

"N-Not now…" Amy was on the brink of tears as she said this. "Please…"

Trish let out a shaky sigh. "Let us help you."


Dawn and Trish opened their mouths to protest but Chris, Randy, Jason and Paul shook their heads. They knew that Amy would tell them when she was ready. She would tell them at the right time They knew that she could be so damn stubborn as well. All of them looked at her helplessly as tears fell from eyes. All they could do was to comfort her and to make her feel better until she'd tell them what happened.

As they huddled closer to the redhead, they all had one thing in their minds. Whoever did this to her would pay a very huge price. They silently promised that they would hurt that person more than he hurt Amy.

As Randy looked at the redhead, the same question was repeating itself over and over in his head. Who did this? Could it be…? Blue eyes fluttered shut as he tried to erase the idea from his head. He never liked Greg but he was certain – at least he thought he was – that he didn't do it. He could still remember the things Greg did to make Amy fall for him. He knew that Greg loved her. It couldn't be him…

Whoever didthis, prepare to get your ass kicked.

No one gets away from hurting Amy Dumas


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