It was a cold, snowy night of December. Through all the dark clouds, the moon was still glowing through with it's amazing beauty.

The group had decided to take a trip to Japan for a few weeks for some relaxation. The Black Ghost organization was virtually inactive, so they thought it'd be a good idea to take a break for a while. And did they pick one heck of a time to go on their trip. December in Japan was nothing less than glorious. It was truly a beautiful site to behold; a calm, peaceful place in this country during a snowy, moon-lit night.

009 had decided to take a walk on this dazzling night. Though his comrades had warned him on how cold it would be or this or that, he had gone out anyway. He was still a cyborg, after all. What's the worst that could happen?

As soon he opened the door, the cold breeze ruffled his brown hair. He wore plain jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, brown boots, and a black parka to keep him warm. Shivering lightly, he pulled the fur-cut hood of his parka over his head. A fresh blanket of snow had fallen over the area, wrapping it gently until the entire place looked like it had come out of a dream.

After a few minutes he was walking aside the beauteous ocean; crystallized and pure as the moon's reflection shimmered. 009 sighed contentedly. Everything was so perfect and amazing out here, he felt rather guilty of having to walk on the snow and leave tracks.

As he continued onward, his emotions of contentment drooped to sadness as he saw the remains of the old church.

He stared at the broken miscellaneous objects, the broken walls, and everything else while fighting back tears. Seeing the old site never bothered him like this before. Maybe he had been watching one too many soap operas during his spare time. 009 tried to think positive things about this, like how the Father was in a better place now, or this or that, but for some reason, it seemed to propell him into thinking about the future.

Black Ghost would probably be overthrown soon, then all of his comrades would most likely return to their home countries. Everyone he really cared about and loved who hadn't died already would be gone, and he would be left alone. He sighed. It'd probably be the worse parts of his childhood all over again.

009 painfully knew he didn't have a chance in life without a halfway-decent education. He pictured himself broke, jobless and without a home, sitting by the road with a cheap bottle of booze clenched in his right hand. People would walk by, not even paying attention to him, and a few would acknowledge his presence. But they'd just frown upon his pathetic life, if not insult him first. Though he had never really hit the booze hard in his lifetime, he predicted that it would be the only way out of the misery that was to come.

Then there was 003. If they had ever had a chance in a relationship, it would probably break apart like a beautiful glass ornament dropped carelessly to the ground. 009 knew that 003 cared about him, but all in all, he was absolutely useless. Just some half-wit, cheap, Japanese tragic wreck. God, what was his purpose? All he thought he was was just some fighting machine. And that's all that he'd ever be good for. Who would want to marry someone like him, anyway? He thought he'd just be a big load on 003's shoulders, not ever being able to get a highschool diploma, let alone a college degree.

Lately, 009 had begun to lose his confidence in being able to fight against Black Ghost and his killing machines. Every robot or ship or deadly mechanism he made was more dangerous than the last. For all 009 knew, Black Ghost and his henchmen could come up with a brilliant plan to kill them all. His advanced powers didn't matter, even though he was known as the strongest of the nine rebellion cyborgs. His brushes with death had become far too frequent for comfort. Sure, they always made it out in the end, but those were just wild strokes of luck. Luck doesn't last forever for anybody. Not him, nor his comrades.

009 fell to his knees, tears flowing freely down his cheeks.

Sad memories of yesterday, shame of today, and apprehension of tomorrow was all that he felt.

He slammed his fist to the ground in frustration at himself.

"Dear God, what am I even doing here?" He said, his voice scarcely above a whisper. "Was I just born to be like this? Is this my purpose in life?"

If the Father was still alive, 009 just knew he would have gone on about one of his lectures about God and how if you prayed to him, you would be saved by anything and everything. 009 was starting to lose his belief in catholicity, if not any religion.

"... if there is a God..." 009 said, looking up at the sky and standing up. "What the hell is my fate!? If you're up there, just give me a damned sign!" His frustrated voice echoed through the area, taunting and mimicking him.

He buried his face in his arms, and finally, let out every emotion of sadness, fear, and guilt. For what seemed like ages, he sobbed. He could barely control himself, and prayed that nobody could hear him. The tears were seemingly endless; it was like Niagra Falls had been moved from Canada to his tearduct.

As the sky became darker, the temperature began to drop to a dangerously low level, even for a cyborg. Not good.

009 shivered in the cold, and decided it would be a good time to get back home before he became a block of ice. Standing up, he roughly yanked down his parka hood to hide his tear-stained face.

Snow had increased to a blizzard now, and it was very difficult for 009 to see where he was going. If there wasn't such a thing as streetlights, 009 would have never made it. After about twenty-five minutes of wandering around, he finally found the group's rental home. He opened the door to be greeted by many worried faces.

"009, where have you been? It's been three hours!" 004 said.

"Just because you're a cyborg doesn't mean you're literally invincible to everything!" 008 added.

009 tried to protest, but an awful feeling ripped through his body and dumped panic into his mind. He suddenly felt terribly hot, even though he was caked with frost and had left the door open to the blizzard. His head began to pound, and every limb in his body gave of a horrid sensation that made him feel sick to his stomach. He began to shiver uncontrollably. He wrapped an arm around his waist, praying that he could keep his dinner down.

"Joe, are you all right?" 003 asked worriedly.

"I... I don't feel so..."

009 fell flat on the ground, unconscious.


"Looks like he's fnally coming to."

Blinding lights filled 009's vision as he slowly came to. He looked around; the walls around him were pure white. Another figure appeared in his vision. The wild orange hair and rather large nose was unmistakably 002.

"It's about time you woke up." He said.

"Ugh... did I die?" 009 asked, finding his voice raspy.

"I wish." 002 replied jokingly. "Sadly, you're stuck in the spare room with me. Y'know, you really scared everyone back there."

009 decided to keep quiet.

"Oh, gee... Dr. Gilmore told me to ask you something... oh, what was it... what was it... damnit, my brain won't turn on today." 002 murmured, whacking himself in the head with his palm. 009 smiled a bit at his antics.

"Oh yeah. The Doc wanted me to ask you what you were feeling before you passed out back there. And he's serious about this, too. So if you won't lie, than he won't get mad at me and try to hurt me with whatever the hell he has in his landfill of a desk." The American finished at last, grabbing a pen and piece of paper. "I tried to protest and tell him that this probably wasn't a big deal, but he's all, 'Noooo... if this isn't treated, it could escelate into something even worse,' and I lost him after that in his science language."

"Well... I felt this weird thing..." 009 trailed off, not knowing how to describe it.

"Look, we gotta get all the symptoms down so we can find out what's screwing around with your system. 'Weird thing' isn't what you'd call legit. I gotta write all this stuff down." 002 said, annoyed.

"Well... it was like... if I moved my arms or legs, then it'd give off this really weird sensation that made me feel like I was gonna throw up. The room just got super-hot real fast... my head hurt a lot, and I got all shaky... it was real weird." 009 explained.

"Wow... that sounded like it'd suck to be in your shoes then. Well, I'm gonna go show this to Dr. Gilmore real quick. Anything you need before I go?" 002 asked.

009 shook his head, no.

002 proceeded out of the guestroom. 009 sighed, and let his head fall back onto the soft pillows.

"My God... what have I gotten myself roped into now?"