(009's POV)


I am really lucky to be alive right here and now.

Winter has officially ended, giving way to spring. I walked past the cherry trees, feeling the blossoms brush past me as they fell to the ground. I thought back to the winter months of when I had fallen ill.

Dr. Gilmore had found that it was my internal reciever that had caused my illness, 002's sudden outbursts, and my strange dreams. It all fit together like a puzzle, and that puzzle just happened to save my life. Now, I'm enjoying and appreciating life a whole lot more. My faith has returned to me, just like my hope for a good future. People keep ranting about how I've lost so much weight (especially 006, and how he'll fix that right up with his gourmet recipes) but they also say about how I'm looking better than before. Dr. Gilmore doesn't know exactly what caused the internal reciever to go haywire, but he does know that the disease is gone for good.

I may have been through a lot, but it's changed me for the better. You never know when life's going to end, so enjoy and appreciate it while you can.


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