Chapter One: The Half-Blood Princess

Aura was running, desperately through the woods, with Queen Midna following close behind her. Everything was a blur. Everything was happening too fast. She didn't care that the black, twisted branches were clawing at every inch of her body. She was barely conscious that her beloved mother was screaming out her name in desperation to slow down. Everything that her own people, her own family, had said was rushing through her mind.

"Do not deny it. You are a half-breed, and nothing more. That is why you can not wield the power of darkness! Your mother was a fool to choose a light dweller, and now the heiress to the kingdom is obsolete! You are obsolete! You do not deserve to be the true ruler of the Twilight!"

They had said it…a member of her own race had told it to her face. She was not a true Twili. Was that why she had unnaturally blue eyes? Was that why her powers were all messed up? Was that why she could not do what other Twili could do? Was that why she had that "special power" that her mother always praised her for? It just wasn't possible. What they had said couldn't possibly be true. Why hadn't her mother told her of this? Why had she kept it a secret all of these years? And now…now she was as good as dead, and there was no way to get herself out of this mess.

But let us start from the beginning…


In the realm of the light, a large caravan of Zoras was making its way north towards Zora's Domain. It carried a princess of the Zora tribe of Labrynna, who would be getting married that very evening to the Prince of the Zora Tribe of Hyrule, along with several of her handmaidens and personal guards, along with favored members of her family. This arranged marriage was to strengthen the bond between distanced tribes of Zoras.

Princess Rutaysu was already awake by the crack of dawn, staring into her mirror and practicing her wedding vows. She was anxiously awaiting her arrival into Zora's Domain of Hyrule. Even though this was an arranged marriage, she was more than happy, for it was not just any old Zora Prince, her beloved childhood friend and future husband, Prince Ralis.

She remembered all the times they used to play together as small children, long before they had a care in the world about the affairs of their royal lives. Back then, they had vowed to only marry each other, despite not even fully understanding what the word "marriage" meant. Princess Rutaysu would have never in a million years expected that the boy she held so dearly in her heart would be the one her father would betroth her to. She couldn't be more excited.

Rutaysu was interrupted from her thoughts when a loud thud was heard, and suddenly the wagon tipped itself over, resulting in the wagon landing viciously on its side, spilling out its inhabitants. Rutaysu herself was thrust against the ground, and her soft skull made contact with the solid rock. She soon lost consciousness, and her world went black.


It was a beautiful twilight morning. And better yet, it was Aura's sixteenth birthday, and the day of her coming of age. Today was the day she would inherit the magic of her people, and the power of darkness. Today was when she would officially earn the title of "Twilight Princess."

Sixteen years ago, Aura's mother had vanished suddenly, where no one could find her. When she returned mysteriously over a month later, she was more than eager to take over her throne once more. What was even more of a shock to the other Twili was that she was pregnant. No one really suspected her for unlawful union, and so the young queen was not questioned. People became accustomed to the story that her husband would be known in time, and that he could not be there because he had duties elsewhere. This led the Twili to believe that her husband must have been a Twili prince from another district, or perhaps another noble-born Twili man.

After Aura had been born, Young Queen Midna would journey to the world of the Light Dwellers but once a year with her daughter using the power of a mysterious pendant she wore around her neck. No one ever knew what it was that she did there, but during the times she would be gone, she would place her cousin, Itzal, in her place as a stand-in for her.

What her people did not know was that their queen was off gallivanting with a light-dweller and aiding his kind, "poisoning" her daughters mind with the ideals and behaviors of those who dwelt in the light.

But Midna never once told her daughter why they went to the realm of the light. She simply called it "vacation." Knowing that if her people ever found out about her daughter's father being one of the light dwellers, she understood that this meant she would have to hide that fact even from her own daughter until she was old enough to understand.

For all of these long years, though she had met him and been taken care of by him on numerous occasions, Aura never knew who her father was, or what he was like, except for the small tad-bits she would overhear her mother saying now and then. All she knew was that he was a great hero, and the best warrior to be born in over one hundred years. Aura's mother promised that on the day she came of age, she would tell her of her father. This was what Aura had been so desperate to learn for the past sixteen years, along with her inheritance of her people's magic. Now she would finally learn the truth that she had been promised, and she could hardly wait.

Aura sat up in her bed and yawned, a large smile stuck to her face. She stretched her arms out and inhaled deeply. It wasn't every day that things this special happened. As she looked out the window at the beautiful lavender hue of the morning twilight air, she whispered happily to herself.

"Nothing can ruin this day. Absolutely nothing."

Aura quickly got dressed in her formal robes and made her way to the throne room, where her mother and a thousand members of her people awaited her arrival. When the doors of the throne room swung open, loud cheering began to echo throughout the palace. Music began to play as soon as the cheering and roars of praise died down. Aura felt like she was on top of the world. She couldn't be happier.

She walked gracefully down the aisle that parted the crowds until she reached the throne itself, where her mother stood with open arms. The Twili bowed their heads in respect as Aura passed by them, kneeling and curtseying as they did so.

When she got to the throne, Queen Midna embraced her, and when she let go, she picked up a black tiara made purely of obsidian and sapphires from the throne and placed it on Aura's bowed head. "This," she began, "Marks your new position as the Twilight Princess."

The crowd broke out in another loud roar, shouting out cries of, "Hail Princess Aura!" and "Long live the Twilight Princess!"

Then Midna took two of her fingers and placed them on Aura's forehead, whispering for her to close her eyes. "This will pass down all of my magic to you. Now you will share the power known only to the Royal Family. Take it with respect, and take it with dignity."

Bright, blue-green light, the same color as the designs on Midna's clothing, began to swirl from the place where Midna's fingers touched Aura's forehead. They soon spread so that they engulfed her daughter completely, and Aura was now aglow in the blue-green light.

When the light died down, Midna whispered something into Aura's long, pointed ear. Aura then nodded and stuck her arm out in front of her, closing her eyes. A tiny ball of orange energy began to form in her hand. This was the first step in summoning the dark magic of her people.

But something was bound to go wrong.

The orange ball began to grow and expand, as it was meant to, but instead of bringing forth an enormous amount of dark energy, Aura released a huge beam of light into the throne room. Panic rang through the crowds of Twili, as the light was fatal to them. Aura realized that something had gone wrong, but it was much too late to shut off her power, and she was much too inexperienced to stop herself. It was too late to save her people.

The white light engulfed the entire throne room, and when it died out, there were Twili bodies strewn across the floor. At first, Aura had thought she had killed them. Much to her relief, she discovered that she had only injured them, but this would soon become the least of her troubles.

The Twili, upon realizing what Aura had done, now understood that the Twilight Princess was not a full-blooded Twili. She was unfit to rule them. She was only a half-breed. Angry cries from the people were shouted at her, and many times they called for banishment and exile. Aura heard this, and her heart skipped a beat in fright. This could not be happening. It simply could not be happening.

Her mother's cousin, Itzal, had been watching her the whole time. He saw what she could do, and now knew that she was not the failure he had suspected she would become. He knew all along that she was not a full blooded Twili, but he never would have guessed that such power dwelt within her.

When Aura dashed from the throne room, throwing her robes from her body to the floor, trying as hard as she could to escape the hurtful bellowing of her fellow people, Itzal followed her closely with his eyes. A dastardly smirk spread across his face as he soaked in her pain.

Though the people wanted her exiled, he had another plan in mind; a plan that would seal the fate of the Twilight Realm. Now the sun would set on this beautiful ethereal kingdom. By the unknowing will of the people and of a very member of the Royal family, the twilight would lose its gleam, and darkness would set in forever.

A/N: I really apologize if the title of this chapter seems like a rip-off to that one Harry Potter book. It really wasn't meant to be. I'm not even into Harry Potter, so I didn't even know until recently…and by then, the title of the chapter had already stuck, and I refuse to change it.