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A year passed, and Anna did her best to forget that she ever knew Japanese. Instead, she quietly stepped down from her presidencies and offices, and poured her heart into cheerleading. Something changed in Anna during those days. She no longer smiled, and she hardly spoke to anyone. She became quite cold to everyone in the school, and it was a surprise to everyone who knew her how quickly she could change. The only time she ever smiled was when she was cheering.

And what a cheerer she was. She cheered for her high school's football team, and when she led the charge, the athletes she cheered for not once ruined their game plans, and they went on to win every game they went into. All the way to the Rose Bowl, they climbed. Anna cheered the athletes on, and everyone in the audience cheered as her team won at the end of the last quarter, beating their opponents out by only one point.

Richard was especially proud of his niece, and fixed her favorite meal when she returned home, "You cheered so hot bloodedly, Anna. Congratulations on your victory."

"It wasn't my victory," Anna said, picking at her food with a halfhearted sigh, "I didn't do anything but yell at them."

Richard simply smiled, "So you cheered them on to win the Rose Bowl?"

"Why does it matter? They're the ones who got the trophy," Anna replied, taking a tiny bite and frowning.

"Are you going to go into the cheering tournament? It's coming up, you know" Anna looked up at her uncle, "I think you have what it takes to get to the top." Anna didn't reply, she simply slumped in her chair, ruining her wonderfully straight spine. Richard sighed at his attempts to cheer his niece up. He just didn't have what it took, apparently, "I'm going to go work on something. Anna, can you do the dishes?"

Anna gave a silent "yah…" as Richard stood and left the dining room. Anna took a moment to stew, and thought hard about what her uncle said. He believed she could go to the top…? She hadn't thought of going into any cheering competitions… but thinking about it… perhaps she could get high…

Richard had given Anna yet another spark on inspiration, and by the time she had finished washing the dishes and started the dishwasher, she decided. She was going to enter a cheering competition, and she was going to win.


Her uncle was right. Nothing could stop the young cheerleader as she fought her way to the top. It was obvious she beat out her classmates as the best in the district, and soon went onto the county competition.

"And the county champion is… Anna Lindhurst!" Anna smiled as she walked forward and was awarded her medal. It was like a great weight off of her shoulders. She went on to the state finals, and eventually beat it out as well.

"The state champion is… Anna Lindhurst! Let's give her a big hand!" Anna had to go all the way across the country to star in the nationals. She felt very scared; there was no one in the place she knew, and she felt a sinking feeling in her stomach. She wondered if she could even place herself amongst the cheerleaders from all the various states across the country. She began to lose faith, until something caught her eye. Blazing red hair, tied up in a top knot. Something made her heart soar. Could it be? She pushed through the crowd, but soon found that the familiar hair was gone. Was it just her imagination, or did such a small Japanese person get swallowed in the crowds of tall Americans? Anna finally berated herself internally. Why would Ryuuta be here, anyway? He was probably busy, and had no reason to be in America…

Nevertheless, she couldn't help but jump whenever she heard someone shout, and she'd turn to see if perhaps it was her childhood friend, yelling at someone or cheering another person on. She hugged herself and shook the ghosts from her mind. Why was she thinking of him now? Of all the times! However, the more she thought of him somewhere in the audience, the more her fears dissipated. Even now, thousands of miles away, he was cheering her on to victory. She would always be grateful to her friend for his assistance…

Anna performed harder than she had in her whole life, working hard to beat out as many as she could. She knew she could never beat some of the best, but she would be damned if she didn't try!

She stuck her landing, and raised her arms as the audience clapped. Only one person stood, however. The one who applauded for her smiled down from his seat. Anna smiled brightly and completely forgot about her score being read off. She simply stared at her friend. Ippongi Ryuuta had come to watch her perform, and that was all she needed to do her very best at cheering.

For Anna, everything was a blur for the next three hours. She watched the other competitors through glazed eyes, only looking at Ryuuta out of the corner of her eyes. He was watching the cheerers, as if he was inspecting them, but he didn't seem to be very interested in the other women. He was watching Anna out of the corner of his eyes. She looked at him questioningly. Who was the one next to him, the beast of a man, watching the competition with an eagle eye? He was clearly Japanese as well, but she had never seen him before…

The winners were being announced, and Anna snapped out of her thoughts when she suddenly heard her name…


Anna had stood in second when she first performed, but one person beat her out towards the end. Amazing, amongst all of the cheerers, both professional and not, Anna came out third in all of America. She felt numb from excitement and pride as she looked at everyone who cheered for the winners. She didn't seem to mind it at all; all she wanted was to see if she could find Ryuuta and his friend. She just hoped she could catch them before they left.

Ryuuta was always a sharp one, and a step ahead of Anna. He found her first, standing before her with a smile on his face. Anna hadn't noticed how much time had changed the two of them. For one, she had to look down at him. When the two had left each other, he was an inch taller than her (although she continued to say that it was only because his hair was adding to his height). When he waved at her, she rushed to his side, "Ryuuta!" She called out, reaching out and wrapping her arms around her friend in a traditional greeting of young American teenagers. Ryuuta froze. It was the first time he had been hugged so openly in public!

"Ahh… Sorry…" Anna said, suddenly realizing he wasn't used to an American atmosphere.

"Eeeee… Su… sa… sa… raito…" Ryuuta muttered, obviously not used to English. Anna remembered that it was her friend's worst subject. The young cheerleader noticed his face was tinged with red. She assumed he was very embarrassed, and Anna felt extremely sorry.

"Aaa! Soo soo!" Ryuuta suddenly gestured to the man next to him. Anna looked up and realized how large he was. She wondered how a Japanese man could have gotten to become so huge. Was he half? No, everything about him was clearly Japanese… but still… "Aaa… Z…zisu… izu… D…Doumeki Kai-san…" Ryuuta blabbed, attempting in vain to speak as if he actually knew the language. Anna wished she could have stayed in Japan and helped him with his classes.

"Nice to meet you… Anna Lindhurst…?" Kai said, bowing lightly and extending his hand. Anna nodded and took it. His hand surrounded and practically crushed hers.

"Yes… I am Lindhurst. It's nice to meet you." She said, bowing in return. Kai's eyes sparkled and a smile played on his face.

"It's nice to meet you." Kai said lowly, "How do you do?" And at that moment, that entire year of her "forgetting" Japanese seemed to fly out the window. She slipped back into her humble stance, and suddenly, the three were speaking in Japanese, immediately falling into step.

"Ryuuta-kun. What brings you to America?" Anna asked, "It's… a surprise, to say the least."

"Yes, I wanted to come and speak to you one more time," Ryuuta replied, "After I received your most recent letter, I had to come."

"Letter…?" Anna sputtered, "Which one…?"

"It was really weird… just one day… you stopped writing… it was then that I received a letter by mail," Ryuuta said, blushing lightly, "Your uncle had written it. He said that you were very busy and that you couldn't do the writing anymore, but that he would write what you instructed him." He frowned, "I sent many letters to you, hoping to cheer you up… but nothing was sent by you. I felt so worthless. What good's an Ouendan who couldn't cheer?"


"I thought, 'Anna's a cheerleader too. Perhaps she knows how I feel!' and I cheered for you everyday. I don't know if it reached you, I'm still a rookie." Anna looked confused, "I told you in one of my letters, remember? The last email I sent you? I'm one of the Ouendan now!"

"The…?" Kai suddenly coughed, and Anna looked up, "Oh… Doumeki-san… please… is there something you need to tell me?

"Lindhurst-san…" Kai bent over to look her in the eye, "Do you remember the last letter your uncle sent to Ryuuta-san?"

Anna didn't have the heart to say that she had no hand in writing it. She didn't want to make Ryuuta feel any worse, "I'm sorry…" She said, "I've been… so busy with the competition… it's a little fuzzy…"

Ryuuta dug into the pocket of his breast pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. It was slightly crumpled, and he winced, "Ahh… forgive me… I ruined it…" Anna smiled as he handed it to Anna. She had noticed, however, that he kept it close to his heart, "Do you remember writing this?"

Anna scanned the paper, and the handwritten Japanese leapt out at her. She blinked at what was written in it, "Yes…" she murmured, "I did cheer my team on to winning in the Rose Bowl."

"I was so happy to hear it!" Ryuuta said as Anna passed the paper back to her friend, "Your team didn't lose once! That's some amazing cheering!"

"I didn't do anything, they were just good players." Anna replied matter-of-factly. She suddenly noticed Kai's normally frozen features twitch. Was he smiling? "Ryuuta-kun, what are you getting at?"

"The Ouendan… they're short some Cheer Girls…" Ryuuta said, smiling sheepishly, "I wanted to know… if you'd come back to Japan with us… and become an Ouendan with us…"

Anna stared at Ryuuta; her body had frozen. The Ouendan looked at Anna, wondered what she was going to say, and she trembled lightly, "You… mean… you're inviting me back…? Wh… to become an… ouendan?" She chuckled lightly, "I don't… know how… to be one… Are you sure you'd want me to come with you…?"

"I wouldn't have come all the way here if I didn't expressly want YOU, Anna-san," Ryuuta said, "And despite what Kai-san says, he's desperate for some feminine cheerers." Kai's smile disappeared as Ryuuta winked at Anna. Seriously tactless, Ryuuta was…

"Either way…" Kai said, "We will be return to Japan soon enough. We would like your answer soon."

"I'm so sorry," Anna said almost immediately, "but I can't go." Ryuuta's heart stopped, "I can't go… I need to at least speak to my uncle."

And his heart immediately restarted, "Oh…!" He said, "That's why you can't go now!"

Anna smiled, "Yeah, did you think it was something else?"

Ryuuta looked away, "No, I wasn't worried… not at all."

Kai scratched his beard in thought, "That is acceptable, of course. I suppose we can…"

"Kai-san!" The mature Ouendan turned to Ryuuta, and Anna winced at his interruption of his superior, "Can I return with Anna? We'll come back to Japan together."


Kai glared at Ryuuta, and it finally occurred to the hot blooded Ouendan that perhaps his interruption wasn't the smartest thing. However, he nodded, "Right. If you're so sure Lindhurst-san will return with you, then you may accompany her."

"Forgive me, Ryuuta-kun," Anna said, turning to her friend, "but I really don't have any money to help you get a plane ticket. Are you sure you have the money for a flight to my home and then to Japan?"

Ryuuta smiled brightly, reminding Anna of the six year old who she first befriended all those years ago, "Oh, don't you worry about that, Anna-san. We Ouendan are always where we're needed the most." Anna blinked at him, wondering what he meant, "Don't worry Anna-san. I'll be back."

Anna suddenly saw him step backwards into the ever surging crowds. Anna cried out when she saw him become swallowed by the crowd, "R…Ryuu… Ryuuta-kun! Ryuuta-kun! Where are you going?" She pressed through the people, but soon found that he had disappeared, "Ryuuta-kun!"

She looked around at the people. How had he managed to disappear so fast? "Ryuuta…!!" She called, switching to English without thinking. Ryuuta was gone, and now that she thought about it, Kai had disappeared as well. Despite his huge stature, there was not a trace of either of the "ouendan" anywhere. She couldn't believe it. Had she gone insane? Where were they? "Ryuuta! …M…Mister Doumeki! Where are you?"

She was broken from her search when someone bumped into her. "Excuse me," an older, professional cheerleader said with a smile, continuing on. Anna mumbled something in response, but was too engrossed in her search to really care about being jostled so much.

She didn't see Ryuuta at all for the rest of the day, and the next day she waited at the airport, hoping to see him before she left for home. He didn't appear, and Anna felt worried for his sake that he wouldn't arrive. Then why did she feel him watching over her as she flew home…?

Anna shuffled home unhappily, wondering if Ryuuta was just pulling her leg to make her feel happier. What did he mean "They always appear where they're needed?" Now she just felt abandoned.

"Wai ze rongu feishi?" Anna looked up, blinking at the atrocious Engrish said by a very atrocious English speaker. Ippongi Ryuuta smirked at her in front of her house. How had he gotten there so quickly? He rubbed under his nose smugly, "Biichu hea!"

Anna bit her lip, trying not to cry. Dropping her luggage, she rushed forward and leapt into his arms, "Waaa, Ryuuta-kun! Don't you ever speak English again!"

Ryuuta barely caught her and frowned as she sobbed on him. His English wasn't THAT bad… was it…? "Oi… oi… why are you crying, Anna…?"

"Ryuuta-kun left me all alone! I hate you!"


Anna didn't say anything else, but finally released her friend and sniffled lightly, "Ryuuta-kun, if you try to do that disappearing act again…"

"Did I scare you…?"

Anna blinked, and looked away, "No… I wasn't worried… not at all…" Ryuuta snorted, laughing lightly, and she smiled, "For coming… Thank you, Ryuuta-kun."

"Don't mention it," Ryuuta said, "Now, let's go talk to Richard-ossan, Ohkai?"


Ryuuta sighed, "Yes, Ma'am…"


Richard looked up from his tea when Anna suddenly came into the room, exclaiming "Tadaima!" He hadn't heard her speak Japanese in so long. A smile was brought to his face when he saw how happy his dear niece looked. He assumed it was because of the man entering behind her, apologizing for entering uninvited.

"Uncle, Ryuuta-kun's visiting for a moment," Anna said, moving to take a seat at the dining table Richard was at. Richard gave Ryuuta a nod, and the Ouendan followed suit, looking relieved to give his legs a rest. However he got to her house, Anna noted, it must have taken a toll on his body.

"Ahh, this is a surprise," Richard said, speaking the tongue he had used for most of his business life, "How have you been, Ryuuta-kun?"

"Doing well, thanks to your asking," Ryuuta replied with as much manners as he could. The rest flew out the window, "It's been so long since I've seen you, Richard-ossan! You're bald now!"

"Indeed…" Richard murmured lightly, sipping at his tea, "And you haven't grown a bit since I last saw you, Ryuuta-kun."

"It's not my fault you Americans are giants." Anna fought to keep from laughing out loud, "Anyway, I can't stay for long, I'm going to head back to Japan. Training and all that."

"A professional ouendan…" Anna said, almost breathlessly, "Congratulations, Ryuuta-kun."

"Not just any ouendan, either! Richard-ossan, I'm a real Ouendan!"

"Is that so…?" Richard asked cryptically. Anna was lost, "Tell me, how is Doumeki-san?"

"He speaks highly of you, Richard-ossan."

"That sounds nice of him…"

Anna looked between the two, and frowned lightly, "This isn't fair, you two are leaving me out of the loop," she said suddenly, asking a bit forcefully, "Uncle, what are you talking about? You met Doumeki-san once?"

"Ahh, yes, it was many years before you were born, Anna." Richard sipped his tea, and a faraway look appeared on his face, as if he were straining to remember the day, "There was a big fight amongst my company and the company to whom we imported our goods to. As it stood, I would never get them to reconcile over a simple gesture that wronged our company's CEO. I needed help…

"And so, I called Doumeki-san and his squad of Ouendan. With their help, I was able to get the Americans and Japanese to put aside the silly wrongs, and the transaction went off without a hitch. If it weren't for the Ouendan, I may actually have lost my job," Another sip, "I am eternally grateful to them…"

Anna blinked, "Wait… so you called… Doumeki-san… and he… what…?"

"Anna-san, it's like you don't even know what Ouendan do. Is that true?" Ryuuta asked. He glanced over at Richard, as if accusing him of not teaching his niece the knowledge necessary for everyday life, "The Ouendan are people that are special cheerers. Those with the right amount of energy can inspire anyone to do anything!"


"Like…" Ryuuta thought of a perfect example, and snapped his fingers with a smile, "Like when you were going to America. Don't tell me you felt sad about going, right? But you did, because when I cheered for you, you felt like you could do anything. Right, right?"

"But that was…"

"And at the Rose Bowl, and all those other times… you cheered those people on… they won every single game they entered, right?"

"But I don't…"

"Ryuuta-kun is right, Anna…" Richard smiled, "You were special, my niece, from the day you were born. Your cheering is unlike any others'. Yours has the potential to become an Ouendan."

"So that's it…" Anna said, suddenly feeling a little put upon, "your plan is to whisk me away to Japan on a white horse to become an Ouendan as if I have no say in the matter. But why me? There have to be other people in the world than can be Ouendan, right?"

"Very few people in the world have that sort of inspirational power. I wouldn't doubt there are Americans, hiding from the world, that have that same sort of ability…" Richard smiled, "But would you rather cheer for Americans, or for Japanese?"

Anna opened her mouth to speak, but closed it in thought, "Americans with the ability to cheer… even English… Canadian… Indian Russian… and there aren't that many?"

"I'll understand if you don't want to, Anna-san…" Ryuuta said, suddenly very quiet, "I mean, Japan isn't your home country. It'd be much better if you cheered over here in America, huh?"

Anna looked at Ryuuta. He looked rather depressed. He worked so hard to come here by whatever means necessary, and he would have to return to Japan empty handed. They did need another Cheer Girl, apparently… "So… if I went with you… I'd be the Cheer Girl you need?" She asked. Ryuuta looked up at her and she looked away in a huff, "I mean, I'm just asking. I haven't decided anything, you see… just in case you thought…"

"Yes, we're missing one Cheer Girl. There's these two… they're twins… and we need one more for a full squad. Oh Anna-san, if you came, I'd be so happy…!"

Anna looked away with a chuckle. She had forgotten how clingy he was about her back when they were kids. She suddenly thought about it, and realized that Ryuuta must have felt just as bad as she did about leaving Japan… and yet… he let her go… "Ryuuta-kun?" She looked at her friend, and at that moment, Richard decided it was best to go get another cup of tea, and left the room, "Ryuuta-kun… why did you let me leave…?"

Ryuuta looked confused, "You let me go to America, even though… I bet it must have been hard on you. Why did you let me leave Japan…?"

The Ouendan's breath hitched in his throat, and he grasped for an appropriate thing to say in reply, "Well, you know… you see…"

"Ryuuta-kun… did you want me to leave…?"

"No…! I just thought… you wanted to go home. I mean, America is your home, right? I assumed the only reason you wanted to stay was because of me. I thought, 'well, if Anna-san doesn't want to leave because of me… I'd let her feel better about going'. That way you wouldn't feel like you had to stay because of me."


"I'm sorry, Anna-san… I didn't mean to make you feel bad. I just wanted to help. That's what Ouendan do, you see…"

Ryuuta heard Anna sniffle, and he wondered if he said something wrong, "You moron…" she suddenly said, hiccupping, "I didn't want to leave Japan because I loved it there… America's done nothing to me but realize that things are always going to get worse. The only reason I wanted to stay by Uncle's side was because I loved him more than anything…"

"Then… you won't come back to Japan with me?" Ryuuta asked. He seemed at peace about the fact now, "Because of Richard-ossan?"

"I'm sorry, Ryuuta-kun…" Anna murmured, "but I just can't leave him… He's done so much for me…"

The Ouendan took a moment to register what Anna said, and slowly slid from his chair, standing up, "…Understood…" He said softly, "Remember to send me another letter when you get the chance, alright?"

"P… Promise…" Anna blubbered, shaking from her controlled sobs. Ryuuta fluffed his hair back, waited a moment to make sure she didn't suddenly change her mind and call out "WAIT!" dramatically, and walked little by little out the door.

It was at that moment that Richard took a step into the room, "Ahh, Anna. Why are you crying?" He asked, "You know I hate to see you cry…"

"U…Uncle… I'm sorry, I couldn't go…"

Richard sat down and sipped his tea, offering her two teacups (one was supposed to be for Ryuuta). Anna took one but didn't drink any, "Because of me."

"You heard?"

"You'd never have guessed, but I was a master eavesdropper when I was your age." Silence followed after the two and settled around the room. It was shattered by another rather loud sip from Anna's uncle, "so…"

"Just come out and say it, Uncle… it can't make me feel worse than I already do…"

"If you don't go, Anna…" Richard murmured, sipping his tea one more time, "then I will never forgive you." The young woman looked up at her uncle, and he smiled, "How can I forgive a selfish young woman who won't even help her best friend?"

"But what about…?"

"100,000 square feet. That's how much this house is. I'm perfectly able to take care of myself. I have two sons, and five grandchildren. I don't need you anymore Anna." Richard suddenly sounded very cold, "Ryuuta-kun, however, does. Will you abandon him now when he's asked for it? Tsk tsk…" A smile appeared on his face, "A cheerleader, an Ouendan, must always be on the lookout to help those in need…"

There was silence for a little, until Anna shifted in her seat, "Uncle… you make no sense sometimes…"

"Will you go?"

"Of course…" Anna sobbed happily, looking up at her uncle and smiling wide. She wiped her puffy red eyes of tears and nodded vigorously, "Of course I will! I have a job to fulfill!"

"You'd best be quick. Ouendan have the nasty habit of disappearing when you want to speak to them…" Richard said with a smile. Remembering the time Ryuuta disappeared in the crowd, Anna believed her uncle. Leaping up, she rushed from her house, and away from the life she once knew.

"Ryuuta-kun! WAIT!" Anna shouted dramatically when she slammed the door open and scanned the streets. Where was he? Had he gone already…?

"You don't have to yell, Anna-san…" Ryuuta said. Anna turned to the direct left, and there was her friend. He uncrossed his arms and smiled at his friend, "I wanted to make sure it wasn't one of those bittersweet stories where I left just seconds before you changed your mind."

"You need to stop watching sappy shows, Ryuuta-kun…" Anna said, and before he could reply with a snazzy comeback, she reached out to grapple her friend in a hug. This time, Ryuuta was ready for it and hugged her back.

Ryuuta smiled at the special treatment he was given, "You know, you can keep hugging me any time you want, Anna-san."

"Don't get used to this, Ryuuta-kun" she said with a smile on her face, "now hug tighter…"


Japan was just as beautiful as Anna remembered it. It was Hanami season, Ryuuta reminded Anna, and he promised that he'd find a spot that they could go watch the sakura fall, "Will we yell at it?" Anna asked with a smile.

"Don't you know it… But first… you have to meet Yoshi-sama."

"Y… Yoshi-sama…?" Anna asked.

"Just wait. He's the greatest Ouendan I've ever seen…" Ryuuta said through closed eyes as he went to take a nap. Anna sighed and looked out the plane window. For such a mysteriously traveling troupe, the Ouendan seemed to move from place to place rather… mundanely. However, she thought about the fact that maybe they were traveling mundanely because she hadn't become a real Cheer Girl. Perhaps that was the reason…

Landing at the airport, Ryuuta happily leapt up and led Anna towards the portal. Anna was met with a welcoming party that made her wonder if she was caught in Ryuuta's family reunion, "Welcome back, Ryuuta-san!" The group crowed.

"I'm back, everyone," Ryuuta said through a smile, bowing to the eldest one, "Ahhh, Yoshi-sama, this is Anna-san."

"My name is Anna Lindhurst," Anna said, bowing.

"Hello, child. My name is Yamaguchi Yoshi," The extremely elderly man, dressed from top to bottom in a Gakuran (which surprised Anna to no end), craned his neck so he could see Anna's rack a little better. She turned to Ryuuta.

"He's the greatest… Ryuuta-kun…?" She asked through a half banked stare. Ryuuta shrugged with an embarrassed chuckle.

"So this is Anna Lindhurst-san!" one of the few females said. Anna turned and blinked; the two women looked exactly the same, "I'm Amemiya Sayaka, and this is my twin sister, the leader of the Cheer Girl Squad, Takara."

"It's nice to meet you, Lindhurst-san." Takara said. Anna was pretty sure she would get mixed up over who was who many times, "It will be an honor to work with you as Cheer Girls."

"Thank you," Anna replied, bowing lightly in response, "It's nice to meet you."

"Well then, shall we dawdle about or head home?" Yoshi asked, "I want to see how Lindhurst-san looks in one of the Cheer Girl outfits!" Anna shot a glare at Ryuuta, and he smiled in return. How was he supposed to remember Yoshi was a little perverted? It wasn't like HE was a woman…!

"So, you're 18, huh, Anna?" Sayaka asked with a smile, "Surprise, Takara and I are only 16! We're the best Cheer Girls around!"

"Please, Ame… Sayaka-san…" Anna said, remembering to call her by her first name (as her family name was the same as Takara's), "Must you be so…"

"Takara-nee-chan, who's the leader of the Cheer Girls?" Sayaka asked, attempting to prove a point.

"Please, Sayaka, I'm busy," Takara said, fluffing out her pompoms.

"But you get the picture," Sayaka said through a smile. Anna smirked back. It was the beginning of a beautiful rivalry.


Anna Lindhurst was American. Her family was all born in America, and so she was as well. However, she was also Japanese. She lived in Japan and she loved that land more than any other. It was small wonder that she became an Ouendan just like her friend. After many years of working in Japan, she soon found that there was no reason to ever return to America. She loved the people she worked with, the Ouendan, more than any others. Along with her uncle, they were her family.

She promised herself that she would remain with them until the end of her days…

That's exactly what she did…

The End!


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