Apology: Sorry to everyone who got excited because they thought that I finally updated. I promise a real update soon--when, I can't say yet. But soon. I have been editing though... Only the edits to chapter 1 have been posted though.

Title: "Light Becomes Darkness"

Premise: This story takes place in an alternate universe, one in which Gambit has the powers normally associated with Rogue and Rogue has the powers normally associated with Gambit. Their past histories do not necessarily correspond with those generally accepted in the usual X-Men universe. The timeline is roughly that of X-Men Evolution, though initial events may have little to no correspondence. Let's go with no correspondence—so don't make too many assumptions about which characters are already present at Xavier's. Don't be too surprised to see aspects of the original cartoon series, the comics, or the movies reflected in this story, as well as a whole lot of "I just made this up" type of stuff. Inspiration may strike from any source!

Main Characters:Anna Marie "Rogue" "Darkholme" and Remy "Gambit" LeBeau

Main Relationship: Rogue and Gambit… eventually. I know, you're all anxious for it, but some character development has to happen first. Trust me on this one. A bit of Belladonna and Remy. Others to be revealed later

Rating: T for language, violence, etc

Confessions: I owe a big thanks to all of you reviewers, without whom I probably would have dropped this story line already. Some of your very insightful comments have really helped me to improve parts of the fic and set off new trains of thought that haven't even been written yet. Other acknowledgments include the incalculable value of Wikipedia (even if it can be unreliable) and other internet sources like Dictionary-dot-com.

Disclaimer: This story is not-for-profit. In fact, I'm probably losing money by writing this instead of concentrating on my studies… In other words, I'm probably wasting just a bit of tuition money. All characters, etc, are the property of Marvel. I can only take credit for the torture that I put them through. I can also take no credit for the songs/poems/excerpts at the beginning of each chapter.

To Consider: Remember that there is more than one definition of "becomes"


v. be·came (-kām'), be·come, be·com·ing, be·comes
v. intr.
To grow or come to be: became more knowledgeable; will become clearer in the morning.
v. tr. To be appropriate or suitable to: "It would not become me . . . to interfere with parties" (Jonathan Swift). To show to advantage; look good with: The new suit becomes you.