The Love Legend: The Thousand Years Promise

Legend has it that a thousand years ago, earth was created as a battlefield for the gods and heroes, the continuing waging of war between Heaven and Hell. The death of millions warriors were reincarnated into mortals with their memories along with their powers erased. They were forced to live on earth for eternity.

Heaven was said to be ruled by 'The Divine-Ancient Tree' which originated and gave life to the many gods and heroes. It was the main power source for all heavenly beings and the defenders could not afford it to get destroyed.

He was rumored to be once the most beautiful and powerful angel in Heaven, the chosen god to hold the legendary 'Heaven-will'; a sword that was believed to contain the heart power of The Divine Tree. He, with Heaven-will, was supposed to claim the title as the 'King of Gods'. Greed, rage, and jealousy spread across the hearts of several general gods. The Greed for power, the Rage, and Jealousy of having to lose Heaven-will to a young god turned into betrayal and elimination towards the future King.

That night, the young god was being pursued by thousands of godly warriors and generals. After several vicious fights, they managed to enslave 'The Chain of Forbidden' onto his hands. The heavy and powerful chains were meant to suppress his power and prevent him from ever returning to heaven. He swore vengeance against all those who opposed him and brought along Heaven-will as he fell into the very end of hell. While the color of his eyes still held the resemblance of the night sky, his once, long blonde hair soon turned black due to the evolution of his dark power. He, who once owned Heaven-will, was now the dominator of the legendary darkness sword, Doom-will.

It was said that the power of Doom-will allowed him to cut through the deepest sea, to call forth the deadest storm, and to end any existence whether they were high-ranked gods, strong demons or well-known heroes. His enemies feared him, his followers respected him, and thus 'The Dark Lord' was born.

Seeking for vengeance, The Dark Lord planned to eliminate all heavenly-beings and to take back what meant to be his.

Hell declared war with Heaven.

During the chaos, a new light emerged. The light, who adored freedom, belonged to neither heaven nor hell. Since it wandered the earth, little was known about its purpose or origin. While it took the form of a young maiden, it was believed that she was The Divine-Tree itself or the escape light from Heaven-will before it was turned into Doom-will. It was said she held the beauty to mesmerize any men alive. Her long gold hair shone the light of the sun. Her smile could end all suffering and her power to create miracles. They gave her the name 'Maiden of the Light'.

Fate had brought the maiden and the Dark Lord together. Their love and devotion for each other were so strong that they were made into stories. Upon knowing her existence and relation with the Dark Lord, heaven had the maiden captured and imprisoned. It was then when the Dark Lord grew black, powerful wings in the attempt to save his lover as he flew up to heaven. However, due to the burden of the Chain of Forbidden, the Dark Lord's power was greatly weakened while he battled through the Heaven Gate.

Sensing her lover's presence, the maiden managed to escape from the imprisonment. She witnessed from afar as the Dark Lord used all his available strength to fight past any opposing heavenly-beings. It was at that moment when the maiden released her angelic-wings and embraced into his arms.

Unity did not last long before a hundred holy swords were pierced through the Dark Lord's body as he tried to protect the maiden.

Time seemed to have frozen itself…

The devastated maiden held him tightly. As she cried over his motionless body, she channeled a light taken from her life source. 'The Light of Hope' purified all souls, gave new life, and placed a stop to the continuous war.

'The Hidden Paradise' was where the sleeping lord laid.

The fading maiden whispered…

"My light shall protect you from any disturbance. My heart will forever be with you. Shall we meet again in a thousand years to come?"

She sealed it with a kiss of promise.

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