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To Be Together Forever


"Seiya, wake up."

The sweet voice whispering into his ear awoke him. Seiya recognized that lovely morning call, and immediately knew who it was, but decided not to submit to the request so easily. It would take more than just sweet whispers to wake him up as he gently locked his arms around his beautiful fiancée and trapped her back down in a lying position.


He heard her calling out to him in displease as she tried to struggle out of his embrace. Her attempt to escape from him seemed to amuse him as he smiled quietly to himself, knowing that she was unable to move from where she was. Nevertheless, she was determined to wake him up as she pressed her hands against his bare chest and tried shoving him away without any avail.

Seiya was trying his hardest to suppress himself from laughing aloud when she dropped back down in defeat on her tenth attempt. Teasing her like that every morning just seemed too fun for him to stop. He liked the way she whispered his name ever so sweetly, the way she struggled helplessly to break from his embrace, and the way she kissed him in defeat as the last resort to wake him up.

As soon as he felt her lips pressed against his, he opened his eyes to see Usagi lying before him as beautiful as ever, her eyes shining brightly with joy and pure innocence. She opened her mouth to greet him but she was cut off when his lips came crushing back into hers. Seiya placed one hand behind her head and the other on her back, pulling her closer to deepen the kiss. His tongue parted her lips effortlessly, and she laid there flabbergasted.

He reluctantly pulled away when she gasped for air and giggled at her deep red face. Usagi, on the other hand, didn't seem very pleased to realize that he was teasing her again, despite how much she adored his charming smile.

"Seiya! Doing things like that each morning isn't funny!" She scolded her fiancé half-heartedly.

But as usual, it didn't take her very long to forgive him as he greeted her back with an apology, smiling ever so charmingly at the same time.

"Good morning, my love. Sorry for startling you like that. I couldn't help it when you always look so beautiful in the morning."

Usagi flushed at his remark, immediately dropping her mere anger. He sure knew how to make her face burnt every morning by saying things like that. Not just the morning actually, but whenever he grabbed the opportunity to embarrass her during the day, as well as in the night. She didn't know how, but he seemed to hold the ability to create amazingly sweet statement to tease her or ask for her forgiveness after he had done teasing her. But, the worse of it all was that no matter how many sweet things he told her, she still managed to turn red. At times, Usagi wished she wasn't so shy around him so he wouldn't always be the only one teasing and laughing at her.

Usagi was determined to get back on him one day though she knew that it was near impossible to make the arrogant Dark Lord blushed and get embarrassed by the thing she does. She sighed quietly, deciding to drop the matter for the time being as she smiled sweetly down at him.

Little to her knowledge, Seiya's heart did speed up by a bit when he saw her lovely smile. She probably didn't realize how wonderfully beautiful she looked at that moment, or to be exact, every single morning, day, and night. He didn't bother knowing how many men would die to have a future spouse like her to sleep by their side during the night and wake them up during the day, so long as he knew that he was the only one who could have her in the end.

The Dark Lord was serious about eradicating any men who dared try stealing his beautiful maiden away. To have Usagi by his side was the biggest blessing fate could ever grant him after winning the thousand years of battle between them. But she ought to be a sore loser for making him realize how irresistibly adorable his future bride was, and yet not allowing him to touch her much for the next seven month or so. Since Usagi was carrying his first child, he didn't want to hurt her or their unborn infant, but it was getting harder to hold back his lust when she was always looking so temptingly sweet in the morning, and awfully alluring in the night.

Seiya watched as the thin stripe of her night gown fell off from her left shoulder, showing him her cleavage, as she cocked her head innocently at him. He sighed heavily and looked away while putting the stripe back in place. Though he was reluctant, he got to get her away from him fast before he lost control of himself and attacked her there and then.

"Light, I've promised to take you out on a date today, haven't I? You should start preparing." Seiya told her with a smile.

Usagi nodded, smiling happily. "I'm so happy that you remembered. I thought you might have forgotten because you were so busy these past few days."

"This will be our first date. How could I possibly forget something that important?" Seiya reminded as he gently kissed her on the forehead.

Usagi giggled joyously, trapping his face between her hands, "So, you don't have to go govern the realm today? You can actually be mine for the whole day?"

Seiya laughed at her remarks, obviously finding her adorable for saying things like that. He held onto her gently by the wrists and planted a kiss on the back of her hand, "I'm forever yours, silly. Not just today…"

"Really?" Usagi smiled blissfully at him before she tugged him closer to her chest and hugged him there. "Thank you, Seiya! I love you!"

"I could tell you the same thing…" He breathed against her soft breasts, entranced by her words and the position he was stuck in.

So much for trying to be thoughtful and avoid much intimacy with her, Seiya couldn't bring himself to back away from her now when she had unintentionally seduced him with such an intimate embrace. Acting on the strong emotion he felt, he grabbed her gently by the waist, flipping her over so he was on top of her instead of the other way round. He acted quickly, lowering himself towards Usagi before she could even react.

His lips were soon pressed against the side of her neck, making her heart beat uncontrollably. She wiggled slightly, looking a bit uncomfortable with him hovering over her body, but he moved his hands and wrapped his fingers around her wrists. In a quick motion, he had her hands pinned helplessly above her head, holding her there gently.

"Seiya…" Usagi moaned his name in surprise.

"Mmm?" He mumbled, pressing his lips against her collarbone.

He remained there until he heard her gasping and felt her making a feeble attempt to escape before he continued leaving a path of kisses up her neck. He stopped kissing her for a brief moment and with a flick of his head, his eyes were back to hers. He could see the blush that covered her face doubled in darkness, and he couldn't fight back the smile that edged its way across his face at her adorable expression.

Usagi gazed back at him, wordlessly begging him to let her go, but he just looked back at her mischievously before bending his head down. He kept his face less than an inch from hers, letting his warm breath tickled her.

"I'll love and cherish you for eternity… and even if you beg me to, I would never let you leave me, my Light." Seiya breathed against her lips.

Usagi was stunned despite it wasn't his first time expressing his love for her. Strangely, she would never get tired of hearing those words, no matter how many times he said them. It just made her felt so warm and happy whenever he told her things like that as she smiled blissfully to herself once again.

"I'd never want to leave you too." She admitted in a small voice.

Seiya could only smile happily back at her response. Once again, she had successful lured his affection, leaving him with a need to kiss those soft lips he had been attached to a minute ago. He moved his hands away from her wrists, releasing her from that restrained position, as he ran the side of his fingers down her rosy cheek, admiring her beauty.

Just when he was about to bent over for another kiss, Usagi covered his mouth with both her hands as soon as she heard a knocking sound coming from the door.

"Do-Door… Someone at the door…" She pointed out anxiously.

Seiya gazed unhappily back at his fiancée before he turned away and groaned, murmuring various ways to kill whoever that was currently by the door.

"Who the hell is it?!" He snapped, sitting back up in irritation.

"My Lord, it's me, Mercury." The girl outside declared aloud.

The Dark Lord blinked, feeling a little surprise to find that it was his faithful right-hand man who interrupted his moment with Usagi. Out of all his comrades, this was her first time disturbing him at the most inappropriate time, and knowing her, she would never trouble him with unnecessary issue unless it was important.

Seiya sighed wearily, dropping his anger as he permitted his assistant to enter.

"Come in."

The soft click of the lock sounded as one of the two large doors opened. Ami, accompanied by two servants, and Hermes stepped into the over-sized room.

"Greetings, My Lord." Ami and the two servants greeted with a bow.

"Good morning, My Lord, and Light-hime. The both of you are still as lovey-dovey as ever. We are so sorry to be disturbing at such an inappropriate time." Hermes apologized casually.

Seiya just glared unenthusiastically back at him, but decided to hold back his anger as he didn't want to spoil the beautiful morning by slaughtering someone in front of Usagi. He remained quiet for a second as he continued to hold onto Usagi, surrounding her thin frame with his long legs and wrapping his arms around her abdomen.

Usagi blushed when she felt Seiya playing with her long, undone hair. He gently wrapped a golden strand around his forefinger, looking amused by it before turning his attention back to his subordinates, gazing at them with little anticipation.

"You know I don't plan to talk about work today. So, whatever it is, it better be important." Seiya warned plainly.

"It is, My Lord. We won't dare to butt into your precious time with Light-hime if it wasn't anything important." Hermes replied.

"We just received an invitation letter from Heaven. We thought you should know about it." Ami explained, holding up a golden envelope.

"What about it?" Seiya asked uncaringly, continuing to tease Usagi by kissing her on the cheeks and watching her cheeks burnt at his public display of affection.

Usagi frowned slightly at her fiancé before moving her face away from him, a gesture to ask him to stop teasing her and be a little more serious with the issue that her friends were trying to tell him. To her, a letter from Heaven wasn't something to be taken lightly, and she couldn't understand why Seiya would appear so unbothered by it. For all she knew, they might want to declare a war with them again for some reasons unknown to her.

It was pretty clear that their fate had changed and she was no longer Heaven's Light, so a war set up to want her back in Heaven seemed unlikely and unnecessary. Still, it worried her. She didn't want her fiancé or any of her friends to get into anything dangerous again.

"My Lord, if you were to recall, you won the Battle of the Kingship in Heaven a thousand years ago, declaring you as the legend strongest and the position to be the ruler of Heaven." Ami reminded briefly.

"The point is…?" Seiya sighed impatiently while Usagi sat up in anticipation at the announcement made.

"Apparently, Heaven is intending to host the Battle of the Kingship once again, and they're expecting our participation, as well as yours, My Lord." Ami finished simply.

"Eh? Seiya and everyone need to go on a battle?" Usagi exclaimed anxiously.

"No, I don't." Seiya declined plainly much to her surprise.

"You don't? But, they just said they want to battle you for the title." Usagi pointed out.

Seiya shrugged. "Who cares about the title? I have no interest in things like that. Besides, I've promised to spend more time with you and help out with our wedding preparation, haven't I? So, what makes them think that I'll be that free to join some silly battle?"

Instantly, Seiya turned and looked at Ami, missing the scene of Usagi smiling faintly to herself. Many times, even now, he wasn't aware how blissful he made her felt. Usagi knew that he had many matters to attend to, many important people to meet and, things to concern about, but always, he'd place her interest first above anything. He could make her feel so blessed that, at times, she suspected that it was only a dream to have such a perfect man as her future husband. But lucky for her, Seiya would often remind her of how much he truly love her by using the sweetest or most embarrassing ways that he could come out with.

"You guys can join the silly battle if you want. Just leave me out of it." Seiya waved his hand at them, gesturing them to leave.

"Yes, My Lord." Ami nodded with a smile, ready to leave.

"Wait!" Hermes cut in abruptly with an announcement. "Before we go, I've got good news for you, My Lord. It's about the wedding ceremony's loca-…"

A black sword flew out of nowhere and missed the side of Hermes' face by an inch, stopping him from saying further. Hermes' dropped his jaw as he looked fretfully at the Dark Terror that was now stuck on the door behind him before looking back front at his king who had abruptly appeared before him.

"If you try spoiling my surprise for Light again, I swear that I won't aim the door the next time." Seiya warned sternly, making Hermes grinned uneasily.

Ami shook her head at her brother's stupidity to always find new ways to provoke their king. The Dark Lord wasn't someone to mess with, they already knew that much. He was cold and merciless, at times evil even. But surprisingly, he could be really compassionate with his friends or comrades and especially warm and sweet towards Usagi, as Ami watched how her king turned to smile at Usagi, asking her to get prepared for their first date.

"Talk outside." He quickly dropped his smile when he looked back at Hermes and instructed them to leave the room.


Once outside the hallway, Hermes sighed sadly, "My Lord, you are always so nice and gentle to Light-hime. But why do you treat me so coldly?"

"It isn't necessary for our Lord to treat a fool like you nicely, Hermes." Ami answered bluntly on Seiya's behalf.

"That's so hurtful, Sis!" Hermes cried, pretending to be sad.

"Cut the crap for some other time." Seiya told Hermes plainly. "I supposed you found the perfect location that I've been looking for the wedding?"

Hermes nodded with a smile, "Yes, it's on earth, and like you wanted, the prehistoric castle that is built to look like a white chapel definitely fitted Light-hime's description of an ideal wedding ceremony. We've everything settled, and Gaia has even grown a field of Light-hime's favorite roses around the location. Furthermore, I've just received a message from Artemis and Venus. They said they would be back in time from their honeymoon to attend the ceremony. My Lord, your wedding with Light-hime will definitely be beautiful."

"I really appreciate the help. Thank you."

Ami and Hermes were both stunned to hear that from their lord. They could only stare at him in disbelief for a moment. He was smiling gently at them, an expression so rare that they swore they would have taken a picture of him at that moment if they had the device to do so.

Somehow, Ami found herself unable to voice against his idea to have the wedding held on earth after seeing his smile. Every single god in Heaven and Hell knew the story of the Dark Lord and the Maiden of the Light. It was hard to find someone who didn't. But no gods from Heaven was informed that they were getting married.

It would definitely anger the Elders of Heaven if they learnt about the marriage of the two legendary figures, especially when the Dark Lord had now rejected to participate in the Battle of Kingship. There was no telling what they would do on their big day, so to arrange the wedding on earth was undoubtedly a dangerous and reckless thing to do. However, seeing how satisfied their king appeared to be right now, Ami couldn't bring herself to do anything that didn't coincide with his wishes.

"It has always been a blessing to serve you, My Lord. You were the one who saved us, and if it wasn't for you, we won't be who we are now. So, we should be the one thanking you instead." Ami replied, bowing respectfully.

Seiya laughed at her remark before he turned to walk back to his room. "I'll be out on a date with Light. So, don't come looking for me even if there's something important. And also…"

"Yes, how may I help you, My Lord?" Ami offered politely.

Seiya shook his head at her, "No, from today on, don't help me with anything. I've discussed this with Taiki, and I agree as well that you shouldn't be on duty or get involve in any battle."

"But, My Lord-…"

"Should I remind you that you are a month pregnant now?" Seiya cut in bluntly. "Just relax and take care of your body. This is an order."

Ami raised her eyebrows slightly in surprise, but the Dark Lord simply ignored that look as he entered the room and closed the door at them without even waiting for her response. Hermes smiled down at his sister who was still startled by the command as he waved his hand in front of her for a second until her eyes drifted over to him.

"You don't have to look that shock, Sis. Our lord isn't as heartless as the legend claims, you should know that." Hermes pointed out with a nod.

"Who are you to tell me that when I know our lord longer than you do?" Ami commented plainly as she turned away from her brother and walked down the hallway while smiling faintly to herself.



Usagi was delighted when she saw all the bustling people around her and the wide windows of shops displaying numerous items. It had been more than a month or two since she last visited a lively city. To be among all these normal mortals again did seem pretty refreshing for Usagi as she continued to explore the city with her eyes before spotting a store that caught her interest.

"Seiya! Seiya! That store sells baby clothes! Let's go in and have a look!" Usagi suggested happily and would have slipped her hand out of his if he hadn't pulled her back on time.

"I'll really carry you the next time you try running away from me…" Seiya told her seriously.

"Heee… Sorry…" Usagi apologized playfully, sticking her tongue out at him.

Seiya looked quietly back at his fiancée before sighing in defeat. How could he not give in to her when she was acting and looking so adorable at the moment? Studying her, he could tell at once that she had specially dolled herself up today. Her hair was styled up in the usual 'Odango' fashion with tiny, pink cherry blossoms tied around her 'hair-buns'. She even took the effort to apply light make-ups, and after trying out several outfits, she eventually picked a silky, light-pink dress that he thought looked twice as sweet on her.

Since it was their first date, Usagi had decided that she wanted to make herself more beautiful for him. She knew he already thought she was gorgeous, but she wanted to be worthy to call his fiancée, and in the nearby future, his wife. She wanted to be the only woman he looked at from now on.

But little to her knowledge, her effort had turned her into the only 'eye candy' whom all the men on the street would turn to look at from the moment they stepped into the city. Being a possessive lover he was, Seiya didn't like all these men looking lustfully at his fiancée. But for Usagi's interest, he refrained himself from hurting any of them, not wanting to ruin this date which she had been looking forward to for weeks already. He knew she had always wanted to go on a normal date with him which he, as the Dark Lord, couldn't possibly give her back then.

Seiya sighed to himself. How good of a lover was he if he couldn't even go on a simple date with her? So, whatever it was, he didn't want to do anything that might upset her today, no matter how slim the chance was.

To his relief, their date was going smoothly as he had wanted. They had been to a number of baby clothing stores, and Usagi had already bought a couple of baby boy's outfits, all dark colored, which matched the style that Seiya would usually dress in. Seiya couldn't help but laughed at her ideal of their baby as he took the bags of purchased items over from her before locking her hand back in his and leading her out of the store.

He led her into another maternity store, and almost all the girls shrieked with excitement when he entered into the shop that displayed many lovely dresses. Usagi grimaced at the amount of girls staring and fawning at her charming fiancé who seemed to be ignoring all the attention. He was busy selecting an outfit for her, turning down any salesgirls who tried to talk to him, as he pulled out a snow white dress and held out to her.

Usagi flushed when she noticed that he was examining her measurable with his eyes, apparently to be imagining her wearing that garment. It looked a little too big for her, but seeing that her baby would continue to grow, it wouldn't be long before she wouldn't fit into those clothes she had now.

"It's just what I wanted." Seiya nodded, deciding to buy the garment.

"What you wanted?" Usagi asked, cocking her head slightly.

Seiya smiled mischievously at her for a second before he bent over and whispered into her ear. "Clothes that can be easily taken off…"

Usagi's face shot up to a dark red at his remark as she rapped him lightly on the chest. "You pervert! I'm not going to wear that!"

Seiya chuckled softly and decided to tease her for a bit more by buying the garment even though she insisted that she didn't want it. By the time he had done shopping, Usagi scowled at the bags of clothes that he had bought for her, making Seiya laughed at her adorable expression.

"Seiya, it's not funny! You know that it's actually a waste to buy new clothes for me. The baby will continue to grow and all these clothes won't be able to fit in the next two or three months." Usagi shrieked.

Seiya shrugged nonchalantly, "We can always get new ones then. It's just clothes, my little Usagi. Why are you getting so work up for?"

Usagi frowned and crossed her arms across her chest. She made an attempt to glare at him but realized that he was amused by it. She could even tell that he was fighting off a laugh. Slightly exasperated, she turned and started off in the opposite direction of him, deciding to abandon him together with the bags of clothes that he had bought for her. But Seiya was too quick for her as he reached out and wrapped his arms around her stomach, stopping her with an embrace from behind.

The small curve of Seiya's lips and the arms he kept around her waist seemed to enrage every girl in the store, making them stare at Usagi with deadly glint in their eyes. Though Usagi was aware of the ominous glare she was receiving, she wasn't able to resist his comforting arms.

"I'm sorry, Light. I just thought you'll look really cute wearing them. I really didn't mean to make you angry. Please forgive me." Seiya whispered gently.

Usagi blushed, her knees turning weak at his sweet apology. She swore she would have fallen over at that instant if he hadn't kept his arms around her. It was impossible to stay mad at him despite she was experiencing frequent mood swing now that she was pregnant. He would always appear to be so sweet and understanding to her recent change in temperament which ultimately made her feel bad enough to stop throwing her tantrum on him. And now, she couldn't even help but feel giddy when he was hugging her like this.

"I'm not mad at you." Usagi replied softly, glancing back at him shyly.

More than jubilant, Seiya smiled broadly, and kissed her on the cheeks, making Usagi's cheeks flared red at his public display of affection. She smiled happily back when he took her hand in his after sliding the bags onto his wrist. He led her out of the store and just kept walking straight ahead, vaguely aware that they were even moving. Their minds were focused on each other instead of the colorful city around them.

It had always been Usagi's dream to walk hand in hand with Seiya down the street, to talk and dine with him in a cafeteria without hiding, and to shop clothes for him -- a normal date that any couple would experience together. It would certainly be a dream comes true if she could live with him like that forever.

"There's something I want to show you, Light." Seiya stated, turning around to face her with a smile.

"Eh? What is it?" Usagi asked innocently.

"It's a surprise."


She tilted her head to the side, curious to know what the surprise was. Seiya's expression turned more serious showing her that he wouldn't tell her what he had in stored for her. Usagi frowned and felt her eagerness doubled. But knowing him, his surprise couldn't be anything bad. He had proved himself to be a charming and sweet lover too many times to be counted already.

"Yes, but you have to close your eyes. It won't be a surprise if you don't." He instructed quickly.

Usagi did so without a second of hesitation, trusting him easily. She raised her hands up with the expectation that he would guide her there. But instead, she felt herself being lifted off the ground and into his arms. She gasped and tried to sneak a peek, but he had covered her eyes with his hands before she saw anything other than his fingers.

"Seiya, where are we going?" Usagi asked softly.

"I'll tell you once we get there." He answered mysteriously.

She scowled at his reply but kept quiet, knowing that there was no point in pressing him further. He could turn really stubborn at such situation and there wasn't much she could do to make him talk.

But it didn't take Usagi very long to realize that they were no longer in they city as the pleasant sound of sea gulls and waves channeled into her ears. He had taken her to somewhere faraway from their planned date's location, hadn't he? But Seiya said nothing the entire journey, keeping awkwardly silent as her curiosity rose at every passing minute.

Finally, she felt him descending slowly as he settled her back onto the ground. His fingers were still over her eyelids, not allowing her to catch a glimpse around her. Growing impatient, Usagi grasped his wrist with her hands, trying to pry it from her face.

Seiya chuckled at her enthusiasm and whispered after what seemed like an eternity to her, "Alright. You can open them now."

As soon as he lifted his palm from her face, Usagi snapped her eyes open quickly, her breath catching up when she spotted the breathtaking scenery before her. They were high up on the hill of a deserted island that was surrounded by the vast, blue sea. And to her amazement, there were a variety of roses planted around her, creating a field of every kind of roses she could imagine – red, pink, yellow, white, blue.

Usagi ran around the colorful field, adoring all her favorite flowers, but she stopped and her jaw dropped when she noticed the majestic, pearl white castle situated a distance away from her. The ancient building looked like a chapel from afar, except it was much bigger, grander, and nobler. The most visually beautiful aspects of the royal castle were its stainless glass for which the stonework was a delicate framework and rose windows added to its upper level.

So, this was his surprise.

How wonderfully incredible…

"This place is where we will get married…"

Usagi spun around to face Seiya. Her eyes doubled in disbelief at what she had just heard. What? Here? On Earth? Weren't they going to host the wedding ceremony in hell just like how her friends did? He was the King of Hell. It would be so unreasonable to organize it anywhere else other than his realm. Besides, it would be really dangerous if anyone were to find out about their marriage.

"I know it's your dream to have a commoner wedding. As the Dark Lord, I could never give you the normal life you wanted, so at least, for our wedding day, I want to create something close to a normal ceremony with you. Even though this isn't really a church or chapel, I hope you'll like it…" Seiya finished with a gentle smile.

"I love it!" Usagi cried and ran back to him, throwing her arms around his neck.

"I love it! I love it! Thank you! Thank you!" She exclaimed and gave him a peck on his lips.

Seiya smiled, hugging her back. "As long as it makes you happy, I'm willing to do anything. And besides, half of the credit goes to your group of friends. Hermes was the one who found this place and Michiru planted all those roses. I'm pretty useless when it comes to things like this since it's always inconvenient for me to travel on earth and flowers just won't bloom with me around. I couldn't even guarantee you a normal date… I'm still surprise that you actually agree to marry me when I couldn't even give you most of things you wanted."

Usagi threw him a shock look before she grasped tightly onto him and exclaimed, "Of course I want to get married to you! What are you think?! You're the best fiancé and husband any girl would ever ask for! I don't even know where to start commending on you because you are just so perfect. It's already a miracle to have you by my side, and I won't ask for anything more. I love you, Seiya! I love you!"

"And, I love you..." Seiya whispered, embracing her tightly in his hold. "It may probably seem like a joke, but it's true… I want to be with you forever."

Her ears absorbed his words hungrily as she smiled to herself.

"Me too. I want to be together forever…"

The Millennium Star glinted at her reply, ending the scene with a spark of true love.



-- A Month Later –


On the day of a supposedly fairytale-like wedding, a war broke loose just outside the ceremony chapel. The sky was covered with black clouds and loud strike of lightings could be heard as Haruka sent down a fierce thunder bolt by the castle's entrance, warning the uninvited guests to keep their distance.

"They are sure persistent, aren't they?" Yaten, the best man, commented as he leaned against the wall.

Taiki shrugged, "It's our lord's big day, and as expected, no one would want to miss it."

"But shouldn't we help Haruka out for a bit? It wouldn't be fair for him to be the only one entertaining the guests outside." Yaten suggested thoughtfully.

Taiki shook his head, "I'm sure he doesn't need any help. It's our lord we should be worrying about."

"Seiya? What's there about him to be worried over?" Yaten asked in surprise.

Taiki just smiled subtly back, allowing the sudden loud crashes and bangs on the door of the dressing room to answer his question. The big wooden access fell apart and landed on the marble floor with a loud thud as the angry groom stomped out into the waiting hall.

"You shouldn't take your anger out on the door, my Lord. It's innocent." Taiki chuckled.

"I would have gone out and bring all those heaven's pests to hell if it wasn't my big day today." Seiya growled as he eyed angrily at the close entrance that was a distance away from them before looking over to Yaten only to find his best man staring intensely at him.

Seiya sighed, "What is it?"

"Nothing. I just thought that you're truly very good-looking today." Yaten shrugged

Seiya widened his eyes while Taiki nodded in agreement. It hadn't occurred to him of how perfectly charming he looked in his dark silvery tailcoat that was worn over his white tuxedo. His long dark hair which he left hanging neatly down his broad shoulders overshadowed the beautiful blue rose that was protruding out from his front pocket.

He looked away and ran his fingers through his hair awkwardly, "Forget about me. Where's my bride?"

"Still in the dressing room, my Lord." Taiki answered briefly.

Seiya turned around to head for the last room which lay at the far east of the hall, but before he could even come within a foot to the door, Hermes appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, blocking his path with his arms stretched wide open.

Seiya's face sharpened into a deathly glare, making the Grim Reaper dropped onto his knees frightfully. "My deepest apology, My Lord. But according to the mortal's belief, seeing the bride before the ceremony is back luck. You shouldn't do it under any circumstances."

"Who on earth came up with such superstition?" Seiya growled in disbelief.

"It's true, My Lord." Taiki added, coming into Hermes' aid. "You got to follow such tradition if you want to keep the wedding running as how Usagi would like it to be."

"Then tell me, Taiki. How am I supposed to protect my bride from those bastards outside if I'm not allowed to see her?" Seiya inquired out of exasperation and scowled at the forbidden door before him in consideration to break it down.

"You don't have to worry, My Lord. Usagi will be safe with the bridesmaids and the guardians protecting her…" Taiki informed.

Seiya grimaced but did not protest further. Though he knew that nothing bad could happen to Usagi with the guardians around, he was still worried and dissatisfied. Today was supposed to be the happiest day of his life, not another warring event that threatened to break him and Usagi apart. It wasn't even fair now that he couldn't be the first one to see his beautiful bride or protect her even.

Seiya angrily sat himself down in the seat at the back of the hall. He folded his arms across his chest and gazed expressionlessly at the main entrance that was a distance away, seemingly to be anticipating someone to burst through the huge double-doors. The two, metal doors did burst open a second later, but it wasn't just a single someone who broke into the castle.

It was a troop of Heavenly soldiers.

They tried to force their way through and even broke down the white brick walls that surrounded the entrance. As the access collapse, huge icy shards shot out of the collision and flew straight at the Dark Lord who didn't even flinched an inch at the attack.

He just lay back and closed his eyes, unbothered by the approaching ice spikes as Haruka appeared from above and blocked them with his daggers in attempt to protect his king. He glided to the side when Taiki sent a powerful blast of wind forward, breaking the icy shards into many tiny pieces.

"We have some stubborn guests with us today." Haruka announced as he flew back and landed steadily next to the seated Seiya, joining his three friends who were also standing quietly besides their king.

By the time everything quieted down, they were greeted by a tall, unknown man wearing an eye-mask. The rest of the officers and soldiers remained station outside, too intimidated by the Dark Lord's presence to even be anywhere near him. Their new commander acted otherwise, bowing respectfully before the Hell King with a genuine smile.

"Please pardon us for coming uninvited. I'm Endymion, the thirteenth discipline of the Three Elders in Heaven, and you must be the great Dark Lord. It's really my pleasure to finally get to meet you in person. I've heard a lot about you from the Elders."

"Those old geezers really did it this time, sending such a brave soul down to ruin my big day. You do know the consequences, don't you?" Seiya stated as he opened his eyes and glared coldly at Endymion, sending him a death warning.

But to everyone's surprise, Endymion just laughed softly, seemingly to be unaffected by the Dark Lord's deathly glare, making Seiya narrowed his eyes at him with slight amazement.

"Ah, it seems like he's immune to your presence, Seiya." Yaten commented casually, watching Endymion straightened his posture and apologized a second later.

"I'm really sorry, Dark Lord. I didn't mean to be rude. But, I couldn't help but feel amazed."

"Amazed?" Seiya eyed questionably at him.

Endymion nodded with a smile, "You see, from what I've heard, the Dark Lord is the most powerful and feared being throughout the Millennium. So, I've always pictured you as some monstrous looking, distorted creature from Hell. But, I'm really amazed that you have such a beautiful face and figures. If only you're a girl, I'd have allowed myself to fall in love with you."

His comment left Seiya speechless and his friends chuckling softly beside him. They seemed to be agreeing with him even though they were completely aware of how irritated their king was feeling now. It wasn't like the Dark Lord to be tolerating such nonsense coming from an intruder, but he, more than anyone, didn't want to start a battle and ruin Usagi's ideal wedding. However, if they were here to steal his bride away, that would be a different story altogether.

"Cut the nonsense. What exactly do you want?" Seiya demanded bluntly.

"We are here for you, Dark Lord." Endymion announced.

"What?" Both Yaten and Haruka burst out together.

"Yes, you should understand that the Battle of the Kingship can't go on without your participation, Dark Lord. As much as the Highness is upset with your wedding ceremony, our Majesty and Elders are going wild by your declination to participate in the battle. So, they send us here to bring you back with us, Dark Lord." Endymion explained.

Seiya smirked, "Can you?"

"I'll try my best." Endymion replied politely.

As soon as he snapped his fingers, the area around him began to solidify into ice, spreading and extending to the sides of the walls and up the ceiling. The Dark Lord and the generals had already flew out from their respective spot by the time the hall of ice split and broke apart, causing a dangerous mass of collision.

Seiya let out a frustrating breath when he heard a loud explosion coming from the exterior. The army of intruders had invaded in and none of them were considerate enough to minimize the damage they were doing to the grand building. Instead of defending their lord, the generals and guardians had all gathered around Usagi as ordered, protecting her from the messy collision and vicious assault.

As the wall of her dressing room collided, Seiya could spot Usagi frozen by the door and gawking at the sight before her. She looked ready to drop her flowers and pinch her cheeks to wake up from this nightmare. If her arms weren't linked to Minako's, she surely would have fallen by now.

He couldn't even appreciate how beautiful she looked in the pure white gown with her long tresses curled and pinned back as Endymion abruptly attacked him from upfront, forcing Seiya to fly back to avoid his flying icy daggers.

"You can't win me if you aren't going to take me seriously, Dark Lord." Endymion stated as he crashed his ice blade against Seiya's Dark Terror.

But still, Seiya paid no attention to Endymion, his eyes fluttering back to Usagi's every other second when he noticed her widening her eyes at him. She called out to him and tried dashing out from her safety zone but was immediately held back by the guardians.

Noticing Usagi, Endymion broke his attacking stance on Seiya and looked into her direction. He could barely catch a complete glimpse of the beautiful bride when a dark blade slashed out from the side, blocking his vision on Usagi and missing his face by just an inch. He nearly couldn't dodge the silent attack as he quickly raised his icy blade to defend the next coming strike.

The two thin blades collided with a sharp clang, drawing in everyone's attention.

"Don't look at her." Seiya growled fiercely.

"She seemed really precious to you, Dark Lord. May I assume that she's the legendary Maiden of the Light that everyone is fussing over then?" Endymion asked courteously.

"She's no longer the Maiden. She's my wife!" Seiya retorted before he exerted more force and cracked the Endymion's icy blade with his Dark Terror.

Endymion nodded, seemingly to understand the situation as he quickly reformed his broken ice sword into a shield, blocking the Dark Lord's next critical strike. The shield shattered which caused Endymion to leap back into a safe distance. Bowing his head, he apologized to the Dark Lord who was now glaring down at him from above.

"I'm sorry if I've offended you. You need not worry about the maid-… I mean your wife… Like I've said, we just want you back with us, Dark Lord. We aren't here to bring harm to anyone."

"Then try explaining the mess you've created!"

Everyone, including Seiya, turned around to face the source of the cry. They watched in absolute shock as the angry bride stepped out from her circle of protection and pointed her index at Endymion and the surrounding intruders.

"I had enough of all of you Heaven people! First, you tried to separate Seiya from me with a war and now you want to take him away from our wedding?! Do you know how much work everyone have put in for today? Yet, you just came and ruined everything?! What makes you think I can tolerate such nonsense? I'm pregnant and I have a temper too!" Usagi declared angrily.

She glared sternly at Endymion who, along with the rest of his troop, was too startled for words. That was a quick way to destroy the fantasy image of a beautiful bride, but what shocked them further was that the maiden was actually carrying the Dark Lord's child? That was one, big news that would shook the Heaven's ground.

Seiya had his forehead covered with his hand and was shaking his head back and forth. He watched as Michiru and the others tried pulling Usagi back towards them in the attempt to calm her down, but Usagi shook them off in exasperation before turning around to face Endymion again.

"Hey you! You'll have to get past me if you want to take Seiya away!"

Endymion shook his head with a smile, "No, no. I'd rather kiss than hurt a gorgeous lady like you."

"Don't joke around with me!" Usagi snapped as numerous bright orbs began to emerge from the crumbled ground.

There wasn't even enough time to feel astonished by the sudden appearance of the mysterious particles as they simultaneously shot out a ray of beam, causing more walls to collapse and some of the soldiers to retreat. Strangely, the yellow orbs didn't react and attack any of the Hell generals or guardians, only sensing the intruders and homing in on them. Endymion shielded himself in an ice block as the orbs gathered around him and shot out an energy blast strong enough to break though his defense.

With the attempt to escape, Endymion leaped up and dodged the powerful beams with his incredible reflexes. Usagi let out a soft huff of frustration when she noticed that all her attacks had missed Endymion.

Her mood had gotten from bad to worse, and none of her friends dared to try stopping her due to the murderous aura steaming out of her. Though they knew that she had gotten her spirit essence back, they definitely didn't guess that her renewed power was that destructive. Besides, none of them had seen her looking this angry before and were either scared or shocked stiff. Hermes even hugged Minako in fright, but only to get beaten up by Yaten in the process.

Usagi seemed to be ignoring the internal conflict as she raised her index up and aimed at Endymion. The tip of her finger started to glow, drawing in energy to send them out at Endymion. But someone drew her into his arms from behind and seized her attack.

"Enough, Light." Seiya whispered gently.

Her anger died down at the sound of his voice as she dropped her hand and turned over to clinch onto him.

"Seiya, Seiya! Bu-but they ruined the wedding! And they want to take you away! I don't want that, I don't want to be separated from you anymore!" Usagi cried.

Her friends let out a sigh of relief, glad that she had returned to her normal self. For a moment there, they thought she was going to destroy the whole building or island even before she was willing to stop. Now, no one would disagree that she made a perfect Queen of Hell after seeing her scary tantrum.

Seiya, on the other hand, had forgotten his fury after witnessing his wife's rage. He shook his head with a smile as he continued to stroke her back, trying to calm her down.

"No one is ever going to separate us, silly. We are going to be together forever remember?" He told her softly.

"Really? But the wedding…"

"We'll fix it and host it again in the next year or two."

"Next year or two…" Usagi scowled slightly, not noticing the additional amount of damage she had done to the place which most probably needed more than a year of renovation to get everything back to their original looks.

Seiya grinned sadly and kissed her on the forehead, "I'm sorry that I couldn't give you a perfect wedding today. Please forgive me. I'll make sure it will never happen again and everything will turn out well on our next ceremony."

Usagi shook her head and looked up at him with a smile, "Don't apologize. It wasn't your fault. A year or two is nothing when I've already waited a thousand years to be with you. Besides, I should be really happy since our baby can also attend the wedding with us by then."

Seiya held her back into his arms and smiled gratefully, "You're too forgiving."

"No, she isn't!"

Almost everyone in the background shrieked in their thoughts as they gestured at the damage done around them, but unlike them, the Dark Lord didn't seem to be bothered by the horrible aftermath.

He glanced up, not surprise to learn that the rest of the officers and troop had already retreated into a safe distance. Only Endymion remained at the spot where he last saw him, clapping and complimenting Usagi out of amazement.

"I'm impressed. This is my first time facing a beauty as strong as you, maiden. Hell is really amazing. Not only are the ladies beautiful, but they're powerful as well. I should really reconsider switching over and serving under you, Dark Lord." He stated half-jokingly.

"Seiya doesn't need someone as inconsiderate as you! Go away!" Usagi ordered on Seiya's behalf.

Seiya sighed as he quickly yanked her head back under his arm, not giving Endymion anymore chance to look at her. Usagi didn't resist his possessive embrace though she wasn't quite finish with venting out her frustration on Endymion.

"You hear her. Pretty soon my wife is going to burn you alive if you foolishly decide not to leave in this very instant." Seiya told him with a hint of a cold smile.

"Dark Lord, please understand that I cannot leave without your consent to participate in the Battle of the Kingship. And even if I were to go now, the commanders of the 2nd and 3rd divisions will soon send their troop down to persuade you. It'd still be the same ultimately." Endymion explained.

Seiya swore under his breath, suddenly feeling the urge to break into Heaven and eradicated whatever division that might threaten to interfere with his next wedding with Usagi. In fact, he was sure he would have declared another war with them if Ami hadn't stepped in the next second with a suggestion.

"My Lord, may I…?"

"Go ahead." Seiya permitted uncaringly.

Ami turned around to face Endymion with a smile, "My name is Ami Mizuno. Would you please listen to my proposal?"

Endymion just stared quietly at Ami for a moment, apparently unable to guess that she was the infamous assistant of the Dark Lord, Mercury, without her mask on. Nevertheless, he nodded and smiled friendly back, "Sure."

"Please inform the Elders that the five Generals from Hell will be participating in the Battle of the Kingship, and unless they are defeated, our Lord won't be joining."

While Seiya smirked at the plan, the rest of the generals, besides Taiki, nodded in agreement.

"So, in other words, we'll have to get through the five generals in order to fight the Dark Lord. Interesting… I'm sure the Elders will accept your compromise and I personally would like to face the undefeated Mercury." Endymion commented.

"No, she won't be joining. Mercury will be off-duty for the next nine month." Taiki announced quickly, making Ami smiled at his concern for her and their baby.

"That wouldn't do…" Endymion trailed off.

"Me! Me! I can take over Mercury's place!" Eres interrupted, rising up his hand in excitement.

Nyx shook her head, "No, you're not even half as good as Mercury. I'm afraid you might disgrace our reputation and pull everyone down."

"How about we have a battle now, and decide who is better enough to take over Mercury?" Eres challenged playfully.

"Can I join too?" Usagi cut in, wanting to be part of the contest and fight for her husband.

Everyone widened their eyes at her proposal, but Seiya was the first one to shout out an objection. "Of course not!"

"Why not? But I want to…" Usagi pleaded softly.

"Yes, why not, Dark Lord?" Endymion added. "Come to look at it. She might actually win the tournament."

"You shut up! And leave at once to report to the old geezers before I slice your head off and give it to them as a souvenir." Seiya ordered sternly before dropping his anger and returning his attention to Usagi.

He sighed, "If you are not worried about yourself, at least do so for the baby."

"Yes, Usagi. You can take Ami as your role model." Taiki added.

Ami nodded with a hint of a smile, "Yes, though it was against my will to resign temporary…"

"I only want you and our child to be safe." Taiki told his wife softly.

"I know." Ami smiled warmly back.

Usagi simply nodded at the scene of Ami and Taiki hugging before an idea struck her as she happily turned to face her husband once again, "Next time, Sei can participate in the tournament too. He'll definitely create a new legend, just like his father."

Seiya laughed and shook his head, "Don't get your hopes up, Light. It would be a headache if he takes after me too much…"

Usagi disagreed, instead believing that everything that mirrored Seiya's characteristics would be more than beautiful. She was certain that their child would grow up to be strong enough to participate in the next Battle of the Kingship in his father's place where such fights was unavoidable. For now, she could only pray for her friends and hope that the battle would end sooner so she could settle peacefully down with her family and friends.


-- Two Years Later --


"Cupid-chan! Come back!"

Minako shouted, chasing after her son who was running about the ceremonial hall with a bow and arrow in his hands. He was still giggling by the time Yaten trod over and swept him into his arms. Yaten shook his head when his son laughed and swung his little weapon around playfully.

"Da Di!" Cupid greeted him happily.

Yaten simply smiled and patted Cupid's head before he handed him over to Minako who was already scowling at her son mischievous behavior.

"Do you know that it's so much tougher to take care of you than those competitors in the Battle of the Kingship? You got to give us a break once in a while, Cupid-chan." Minako scolded lightly, only to receive a smile from little Cupid.

Minako sighed, finding her anger vanished the moment he smiled at her. It was impossible to stay angry at something that looked so perfectly innocent and beautiful. Yaten laughed at her reaction as he ran his fingers through the soft, golden locks covering his son's tiny head.

"The competitors are nothing compared to our little precious. Seiya retained his title without even having to turn up for any rounds." Yaten commented.


Yaten looked down only to find a little girl pulling his trousers.

"What is it, little Nike?" He smiled.

"Ceremony is about to start. I can take care of Cupid-chan for you." She offered.

"Thank you. That's really sweet of you, Nike-chan. Do you mind bringing Cupid to the washroom before the ceremony begins?" Minako requested with a smile and settled Cupid down to the floor.

Nike nodded and took Cupid by his hand, dragging the reluctant boy over to the large, arched, double doors. But before she could even try reaching for the handle, the doors flung open abruptly as Seiya stepped in, looking anything but pleased. He unintentionally glowered at the two little ones staring up at him, making them burst into tears in fright.

Cupid turned around and ran down the long red aisle, crying, "Da Di!"

"My Lord, please take back your killing instinct. You're scaring the children." Taiki, appearing from behind, stated as he carried his daughter into his arms in an attempt to calm her down.

"Get him off me then." Seiya growled, gesturing down at the little boy clinging onto his leg.

Everyone turned their attention down to Sei who was now looking up at his father with a pout, "Ha Ha! Sei wants Ha Ha!"


"Ha Ha is an address to one's mother, while Chi chi addressed one's father." – Japanese translation.


The rest of the occupants in the room giggled. If Seiya wasn't standing there, they could have sworn that Sei was their lord in his miniature form. He behaved and looked like him in all aspects. The only distinguishing feature was the child's wide, light blue eyes, his most gorgeous feature according to Seiya.

"I want your mother too, Sei." Seiya sighed as he finally bent over to pick his son up.

"Chi chi?" Sei asked.

"Yes?" Seiya smiled back at him.

"Fly, fly?" He requested and flapped his tiny arms up and down.

"Not today, Sei. Your mother will scold me if she finds out that I secretly brought you out again." Seiya told him with a smile.

"Shhh… No tell Ha Ha." Sei whispered as he placed his little finger against his lips.

"Yes, but Sei got to be a good boy and stay with the guardians for now alright?" Seiya instructed softly before handing him over to Nyx who happily cradled the little prince in her arms.

The music started shortly as everyone quickly hurried back to their respective position. Sei followed reluctantly but turned quiet the moment Nyx handed over a basket of flowers for him to play with. But he soon lost interest on the bouquet when he saw his mother walked down the long aisle, looking astonishingly beautiful in her white silky grown decorated with thousand of tiny white beads and flowery lace.

Sei started at Usagi in awe as he watched his father extended his hand out to her and led her up the altar. Settling in her position besides Seiya with her hands locked in his, Usagi smiled and faced Hermes, who happened to win the battle of who-will-play-the-priest contest much to everyone's exasperation, as he began the ceremony in his own fashion.

"Do you, My Lord, take Light-hime to be your lawfully wedded wife? To love and to cherish her. Till death do you apart?"

"What is going to do whom apart?" Seiya glowered at Hermes, making Usagi gasped at her husband's sudden annoyance.

Hermes smiled anxiously, "But, My Lord, I'm only following the book…"

"Burn the book and change it." He demanded bluntly.

"Yes, My Lord." Hermes cried animation tears before correcting. "…Nothing shall do the both of you apart and to be together forever?"

"I do." Seiya replied, finally satisfied.

"Do you, Light-hime, take My Lord to be lawfully wedded husband? To love and to cherish and to be together forever?"

"I do." Usagi nodded with a wide smile.

"Then I pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride." Hermes concluded excitedly.

Seiya smiled faintly before reaching forward to lift the veil from Usagi's face. But the moment he bent forward to place a chaste peck on her lips, Sei somehow managed to escape from the guardian's watchful eyes and dashed forward to the altar.

"Ha Ha! Kiss kiss! Kiss kiss!" He cried and hopped up and down impatiently until Usagi blushed and picked him up.

Hoisted in Usagi's arms, Sei leaned forward and mimicked Seiya as he kissed his mother on her lips much to his father's exasperation. He continued to cling onto Usagi with all his limbs as if he was afraid that she would chase him away if he was to let go. He eventually looked back and furrowed his brow at Seiya, whom he deemed too close to his mother. After swinging his feet and kicking Seiya's lightly when he tried to separate him from his mother, Sei buried his face in Usagi's chest, possessively gripping her.

"No, Sei-chan! No hitting your father!" Usagi scolded when she noticed the frown across Seiya's face.

"But, my Ha Ha!" Sei cried stubbornly as he duck his head under Usagi's arm.

"Oh my… There they go again." Michiru exclaimed worriedly.

"I hope our little one here won't turn out to be like that." Haruka prayed softly as he touched his wife's round belly.

Seiya sighed out of frustration as he once again tried to come out with a solution to separate Sei from Usagi without having to upset the both of them. He bent over so that he was at eye level with Sei.

"I'm not going to share your mother with you if don't behave yourself, Sei."

Sei peered back at his father through the glistering tears, asking. "Then can Chi chi let Ha Ha breastfeed Sei too?"



Both Usagi and Seiya blanked out at his request while the rest of the occupants in the room dropped their jaws.

"Uncle Hermes said Ha Ha breastfeed Chi Chi every night in bed. Sei wants breastfeed too!" Sei cried.

Everyone froze at that instant, anticipating an upcoming wrath to take place.

"HERMES!! What the hell have you been teaching my son?!" Seiya roared angrily as he peered around to look for the culprit, but he was no where to be found.

"He ran, My Lord." Ami smiled and pointed to the door.

"I want him back and sliced into a gazillion pieces at once!" Seiya ordered his men to pursue Hermes.

He quickly turned around to face Usagi only to find her frozen to the spot with a deeply red face. She allowed Nyx to take Sei over from her as she quickly covered her cheeks with both hands, seeing as everyone refused to look away to let her cheeks return to their normal color.

Seiya dropped his anger temporary at his wife's adorable expression. He wrapped his arm around her head and pulled her into his chest to discourage anyone from looking at her and in the attempt to calm her down. But his action only made her heart pounded even louder and she'd better off not knowing how closely she resembled a tomato right now.

"This is so embarrassing…" She breathed shyly and grasped onto his jacket.

Seiya shook his head with a faint smile, disagreeing with her words. "Shouldn't you be happy instead?"

Surprised, Usagi could only look up and blink in response.

His face broke out a wide smile as he bent down and paused just before his lips touch hers. "Because finally we can be together…"

"…forever." She finished it off for him and ended the scene with a kiss.



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