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Chapter 1

It was a warm July morning and Harry Potter was sitting in the middle of the smallest bedroom of Number 4 Privet Drive. Around him, the room was filled with countless parchments, books and notes; his school trunk was in the far corner, lid open to reveal its contents. Currently Harry was deep in concentration, writing everything he could remember of his dreams. For anyone else, it would have been a pointless endeavour, but for Harry, the boy-who-lived and abnormal in every sense of the word, his dreams could save a life. Last night's dreams were particularly vital, as he had witnessed Severus Snape, potions master, and spy for the light, being denounced as a traitor by Bellatrix Lestrange. This had become a regular occurrence, and Dumbledore had told him to report anything of importance.

Finishing, he sealed the parchment and reached for the pendant that hung around his neck. Speaking softly, he voiced the activation code:

"Potter, phoenix report"

Within seconds, Fawkes flashed into the room. Greeting the phoenix, Harry offered the parchment to the Fawkes, who rubbed against his hand in a reassuring way before disappearing. The Dursleys had gone to visit the cinema, leaving a list of chores he couldn't complete due to the locks on his bedroom door.

Harry sighed, looking around the room tiredly. The death of his godfather had affected him deeply, and he had turned to studying as a means of escape from the feelings of guilt and sorrow that had threatened to consume him. In addition, he was close to his magical maturity, and his magical core had strengthened and expanded. Unlike all recorded facts however, this had been accompanied by an obvious increased in his intellectual abilities, which had supported the desire to study, which, suspected Harry, would have otherwise only lasted several days as opposed to several weeks.

Barely three days into the holidays, he'd received a letter from Gringotts, informing him that as the sole heir to the Potter and Black fortunes, he was able to take control of the vaults at sixteen, instead of the usual seventeen years. While it was not yet his sixteenth birthday, the goblins had granted Harry access to their new system of withdrawals, which worked similar to a muggle credit card, except that it withdrew money directly from his vault and could used in both magical and muggle purchases.

Harry had then taken advantage of the owl ordering system, requesting at least thirty books from Flourish and Blotts on topics that ranged from occlumency to the animagus transformation. The store had kindly thrown in a book on wizarding law for free, which he had found very interesting. He was outraged to discover that he was exempt from the Underage Restriction of the use of magic, as the sole heir of the Noble house of Potter (which was listed among the oldest 20 noble families, while Malfoy was only number 48 on the list). Nevertheless, Harry had no desire to test the Ministry's faithfulness to the law by using magic.

Several of the books he'd received had contained highly advanced magical theory, the kind of information that Hermione was good at. Harry had never understood most magical theories before, but inexplicably, answers to his mental questions kept appearing, as though there was a second person in his thoughts. When he had first considered this, he had an irrational moment of panic that it was Voldemort, but doubted it when he'd asked a pointless question about female fashion and received a reply. He had not told anyone about this second voice, but continued following its advice, which was always clear and practical. Sometimes he felt like it was like a mother's tone, a thought that depressed him occasionally, especially when it warned him about safety and tidiness.

The biggest surprise in the books was the potions texts. Harry had actually enjoyed reading them, to his amazement, and had learned many things that would have been useful had he known it earlier. One of the first potions he looked up was the post cruciatus potion, which repaired the nerve damage left by the unforgivable curse. It had been a necessity, given the frequency of his visions, where he felt the pain of the victims as Voldemort cursed them. It took several owls to send him the necessary ingredients from the apothecary. He had also brewed most of the potions on the sixth year syllabus, which were all used in healing. Harry now hoped he had achieved an O on his potions OWL to allow him to continue the class.

The greatest achievement of the holidays though, had been the mastering of occlumency. The books had been useful, but the true help had been that unknown voice in his head, that had guided him and given suggestions for defences to use. One night while practising his occlumency, his scar had flared with pain, as it had so often since the events at the Ministry. Harry had noticed that the pain was dampened by occlumency, and entertained the thought that the cruciatus curse might be lessened in its effects. Further experimentation with 'scar pain' had been successful, and he now kept the barriers up at all times.

Harry decided he was going to tidy up a bit. After all, he seemed to be sitting in a paper ocean. Rubbing his scar, which still was uncomfortably sore, he wondered how best to organise the copious notes he had taken over the past weeks. Once again, the now annoyingly mysterious voice in his mind supplied an answer. Sighing again, he began to collate the notes near him.

Several hours later, Harry had cleared most of the room. By this time, it was past lunch and he didn't wish to test his relatives' tolerance by asking for food. He stretched out on the floor with a groan, letting his mind wander aimlessly until he was interrupted by a fresh wave of pain in his scar. Massaging his forehead, he looked towards his trunk. He knew he had several potions to relieve this headache that had been steadily building, but he wasn't sure he wanted to move from his relatively comfortable position. Raising his hand in a half hearted attempt to move towards the trunk, his jaw dropped as the potion soared across the room and into his hand.

He waited with trepidation for the ministry owl that would surely appear any moment. When no such letter seemed forthcoming, Harry downed the potion gratefully as the pain gradually abated. Staring at the ceiling, he considered the unusual flying potion.

Its wandless magic idiot!

He groaned in annoyance, the other voice had returned. Harry vaguely remembered a wandless magic book he had ordered. He had been enthusiastic about the idea until he read the introduction to the book.

Wandless magic: A dream or reality?

Wandless magic is a highly specialised form of magic. For most witches and wizards, it is impossible due to the required focus, and magical power that is needed. Some of the most powerful wizards are able to use small amounts of wandless magic, such as shrinking objects, illumination and levitation. There have been very few wizards that have reached this level, and even fewer have progressed beyond this. Famous wandless magic users include Merlin, the Founders of Hogwarts and Morgana. It is rumoured that Albus Dumbledore and He-who-must-not-be-named are also able to use this skill. Wandless magic does not manifest until later life, when the person's magical core is stronger. The earliest recorded manifestation of wandless magic is Morgana, at age 27. The earlier the manifestation, the more powerful the wielder. This book explores the theory behind this rare skill, and presents the foremost theories relating to this phenomenon.

Remembering the last part, Harry was prepared to pass out. If the author was correct (a voice that sounded like Hermione scolded him for doubting), he had just performed wandless magic, which should have been impossible due to his age and lack of power. There was an easy way to test how good he was at wandless magic, but part of him didn't want to find out if he was a bigger freak than ever before. Steeling his resolve, he stretched out a hand.

"Expecto patronum"

His silver stag appeared, prancing around the room before disappearing. Harry couldn't prevent the curses that flowed from his mouth.

'Why couldn't he just be normal for once?' wondered Harry as he resigned himself to a new addition of his list of abnormality.

The mental list had been growing since he first entered the wizarding world, and now included items such as: surviving the killing curse, being the object of a prophecy, being a parselmouth, seeing what was under a dementor's hood, and surviving a basilisk's bite. Among other abnormal things like sharing a direct connection to the current dark lord.

There was still a messy, small pile of parchments in the corner. Harry waved his hand in annoyance, only to blink as the paper began to sort itself. A rather Slytherin smirk crept onto his face, as he began to planning the best ways to use this undetectable magic over the coming weeks. Settling himself on his bed, he read the book with renewed interest.

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