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A\N: This is my first Save the last dance fanfic. The plot is that Derek, Chenille, Kenny, Snookie and Diggy come to visit Sara at Julliard for 2 weeks, and are shocked when she reveals she may give up ballet to do hip-hop instead. Derek is especially shocked when he meets Miles, Sara's new boyfriend. When an accident happens, Sara realizes she must choose between Chicago and New York, Derek or Miles and most importantly Ballet or Hip-Hop.

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Julliard, New York City

Sara Johnson placed her tray down on a table and rummaged through her bag to answer her ringing cell phone.

"Hello?" She asked sitting down.

"Hey, girl!" came the voice of Sara's closet friend Chenille Reynolds.

"Chenille, it's so good to hear from you. How are you and Christopher?" Sara asked

"We're good girl, he's watching TV, how are you?" Chenille asked

"I'm good." Sara yawned

"You sound tired." Chenille commented

"Yeah, I'm a little bit tired. I had a ballet class at 7 this morning and I've just finished."

"Damn girl! So, are you busy for the next two weeks?"

"No, not really. I have a couple of classes, but that's it. Why?"

"No reason." Chenille said

"Chenille, I know you better than that. What's going on?"

"Well," began Chenille "Me, Diggy, Kenny, Derek and Snookie were going to come visit, is that o.k.?"

"Are you serious?" Sarah asked "Of course that's fine; I miss you all so much. When do you arrive?

"Tomorrow, is that o.k.?"

"Chenille, it's fine."

"Sara, Derek is coming with us."

Sara suddenly felt sick. Derek was the first person who she had loved and even though they decided to date other people, he still had her heart.

"Sara!" Chenille shouted down the phone pulling Sara back to the conversation

"That's fine." Sara said trying to hid her feelings

"Right," Chenille said "We arrive at 1.50 tomorrow, Grand Central station. We're going to check into the hotel first and then we should meet up."

"Sure," Sara said "Do you want me to come to you."

"Girl, we want to come to Julliard."

"O.K." Sara said peeling her orange

"Talk to you tomorrow, girl."

"Bye." Sara said hanging up.

She sighed to herself, she missed her friends but she didn't know how Derek would react to her new boyfriend Miles.

"Hey Sara." Her roommate Zoe said sitting down next to her

"Hey." Sara replied lost in thought

"You o.k.? You look like you've seen a ghost"

"My friends are coming to visit tomorrow for the next two weeks." Sara replied

"So?" Zoe asked "I thought you liked your friends?"

"I do like my friends. It's just one of my friends, is my ex."

"So what?" Zoe asked

"Miles doesn't know about my friend and my friends don't know about Miles."

"Oh my," Zoe said the realization of what Sara was trying to say coming clearer. "Well, what are you going to do?"

"I don't know," admitted Sara.

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"She's late," Replied Derek.

"Give the girl a break; she's training to be a prima ballerina," Chenille snapped.

"Yeah man, it's not exactly like you run on time, since you came back."

"Shut up Snookie." Everyone groaned.

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