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"She's late," Derek said.

"Give the girl a break; she's training to be a prima ballerina," Chenille snapped.

"Yeah man, it's not exactly like you run on time, since you came back."

"Shut up Snookie," everyone groaned.

Five minutes later, Sara rushed into the reception hall.

"Sara!" Chenille shouted.

Sara rushed over to Chenille and hugged her.

"Hey Chenille," Sara said.

"Look at you girl, you look slamming," Chenille said smiling.

"You look fantastic," Sara said.

"Hi Sara," Diggy said.

"Hey Diggy," Sara said hi-fiving her.

"Hello Sara," Kenny said.

"Hey Kenny," Sara said.

"Damn girl, look at you!" Snookie said. "You're hot."

"Thank you Snookie," Sara replied.

"Sara," Derek said eyeing Sara up and down.

"Derek," Sara replied coldly.

"So tour guide, on with the tour," Snookie said.

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"Trombonist," Miles said coming over to us.

"Hey Miles," I said silently praying he would go away.

"Who is this Sara?" Diggy asked.

"Miles Santana," Miles said. "Sara's boyfriend."

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