Disclaimer: Characters and Premise are borrowed from the show "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel".

As the elevator doors slid closed Fred darted through. "Hi Angel," she said nervously.

"Fred," he replied distantly, but Fred detected a trace of affection in his eyes and nervousness in his stance, nothing was made sense between them anymore, but she was going to fix that.

Fred mumbled something under her breath her voice too quiet for even Angel's hearing to make out what she'd said.

"What was…" he started to ask when the elevator lurched violently and began to fall.

Angel grabbed Fred and braced himself in one corner, his fingers denting the handrail as he readied himself for impact.

When it came, it was softer than Angel would have expected.

Cautiously he forced the elevator door open and looked out at the pastoral landscape. Angel glanced up at the sky, noted the dual suns then hesitantly stretched out a hand from the protective shade provided by the elevator's bulk. When nothing happened he turned back to stare down at Fred. She smiled back at him.

"Fred?" he asked in a very quiet, controlled, voice. "You wouldn't happen to know why we're back in Pylea, would you?"

Fred shrugged dismissively. "Wanna go out in the sun?" she asked taking his hand.

"No," Angel said, taking back his hand. "I wanna go back to LA."

"You aren't happy there," Fred objected.

"I wasn't happy here either," Angel pointed out.

"But you could be," Fred said. "No friends to hurt you this time, just me," The way Fred pronounce the word friends it sounded like it had three fewer letters.

"Fred, send us back to LA," Angel ordered.

"Can't," Fred shrugged.

"Why can't you?" Angel demanded.

"The elevator cage won't move," Fred pointed out logically, gesturing to the limp cables hanging from its roof.

"And this is a problem because?" Angel pressed.

"Because we would need to be inside a moving metal object to get back safe," Fred explained. "Plus no books, can't control where the portal appears without books."

"How did you make the portal appear right where you wanted it in the Hotel without the books?" Angel asked suspisously.

Without answering Fred stepped past Angel into the sunlight. "Feels nice here," she said. "Don't you want to be in the sun for a while?"

Reluctantly Angel joined her. "We'll find a cart or something, line it with metal and roll it down a hill. Then you can send us back."

Fred didn't bother to answer.



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