"Angel would you get me some coffee?" Wesley asked offhandedly.

"No," Angel replied in a similar tone.

"Angel," Wesley's voice took on a warning edge.

Fred frowned in irritation when Angel got up and headed for the kitchen, but when he returned her expression transmuted into one of puzzlement; the mug Angel was carrying had beads of condensation on the sides, indicating a cold liquid rather than a hot one.

Suddenly Fred remembered the mug of coffee she'd found hidden in the back of the refrigerator that morning and she smiled broadly.

Angel calmly walked up to Wesley and dumped the mug of chilled coffee over the ex-Watcher's head. Then went back to his card table and sat down.

Sputtering inarticulately in outrage Wesley jumped to his feet and stalked over to Angel.

"Please don't drip on me," Angel requested mildly.

"Angel! You! Angel!" Wesley managed to stammer.

Angel glanced up at Wesley then across the room to include Cordelia and Gunn as well. "I thought I made it clear the other day; when it comes to this sort of game, I'm not playing by the old rules anymore."