story...I know this will probably suck, but don't kill me.

Summary: When Danny, Sam, and Tucker decide to record their adventures in ghost hunting in a creative way, they never expect it to cause more problems than it's worth.

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Chapter One: Tucker's Idea

"Oh," Sam began.

"My," Tucker continued.


"I am so freaking"

"BORED." Danny finished.

Sam Manson, and Tucker Foley sat on the floor in the messy bedroom that belonged to their best friend, Danny Fenton. The trio of dorks, as the school bully Dash Baxter had taken to calling them recently, had drooped eyelids as they stared at the blue wall of the other side of the room.

It was the middle of the summer, around the time when kids start to get bored of their vacation and start realizing that they hadn't done anything even remotely exciting yet.

The trio had spent their summer so far fighting off the weakest of all ghosts, like the box ghost and the ectopusses. Nothing exciting had happened since about right before school had ended.

Danny had to admit, not having to deal with all of the harder ghosts for over a month was pretty relaxing, but trying to fit back into his normal lifestyle was a bit harder than expected.

Tucker, surprisingly, had finally gotten a girlfriend. Valerie, to be more precise. Puzzling, yes, but apparently after Tucker repeatedly kept bugging her to let him take her to a movie, she had finally said yes. After a few dates she had seen that he wasn't half bad, and they had made it official.

It wasn't that Valerie all of a sudden decided that it was okay to protect Danny, but not Tucker by not going out with him. It also wasn't that she had given up ghost hunting, either. She had simply just lost interest in both Danny Phantom and Danny Fenton. Maybe it was the lack of ghosts for the past month or two that made her realize that her life didn't have to be the way she was making it.

Because of all of this, Sam and Danny were now left to be bored without Tucker. After being forced to watch old reruns of shows to entertain themselves since Tucker and Valerie had started dating, they had finally convinced Tucker to come over to Danny's house so they could have fun.

It wasn't that great of idea. The trio had spent the past hour or two staring at Danny's wall, mumbling incoherantly, and trying to come up with unique things to do together. They had tried playing Twister, which, as usual, was just awkward. They had also tried playing hide and go seek. Danny cheated by going invisible, so this hadn't worked out well either. They had even tried annoying Jazz, who was working on some college application essay.

" about we build a fort out of pillows and stuff and hide." Tucker suggested in a monotone way.

"Get real." Sam sighed.

"How about dressing the box ghost up like a girl?" Danny inquired.

"Or what if we-"

"No to whatever lame idea you were just going to suggest," Sam spoke sharply.

"I have a good idea," Tucker began,"what if we go down to the nursing home down the street and put on a magic show for the elderly. Danny can use his powers to trick them."

"Nah," Danny said, "that would be a waste of energy. Besides, they'll probably all just fall asleep. I don't know any magic tricks..."


The trio sat in silence for a few moments before Tucker stood up and stretched his arms and back.

"Okay, you know what? It looks like it's about time for me to meet Val." Tucker rushed, hoping to not hear the wrath of an angry Sam.

"WHAT!!!??!!" Sam shreiked. "You are not leaving us alone to be bored, Tucker."

"Look, I'm not gonna spend my day sitting here looking at a wall." Tucker protested. "Why don't you guys do something, like -"

"Like what, Tucker?" Danny growled.

"I don't know, make a comic book...or something." Tucker suggested.

Blank faces were on both Danny and Sam's faces before slow smiles crept across their faces.

"A comic book?" Sam asked.

"A comic book of what?" Danny questioned.

"Uhhh...I comic book with all of the adventures of...Danny Phantom?" Tucker began putting on his boots.

Sam jumped up and gave Tucker a super quick hug. "Tuck, you're a genius!"

Danny stood up too, and began searching his room for paper and art supplies.

"A comic book it is." Danny agreed.

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