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Chapter Three: Minor Carelessness

After asking Sam to draw the next part for him, Danny gave her the supplies and laid back and tried to regain calmness. The accident, although amazing and life-changing, was still something hard to think about due to the pain of having your insides rearranged. After relaxing for a few minutes, he gazed upon the large sheet of paper that their comic had begun on.

Sam had completely detailed the accident; likewise, showing everyone's surprise that instead of a teenage human with black hair and blue eyes coming out of the portal, a ghost with bright white hair and piercing green eyes appeared.


Sam was freaking out. The portal had begun to glow and activate, which would have been pretty cool if her best friend wasn't in there screaming his lungs out. Trying not to hyperventilate while tears welled up in her eyes, she grew closer to the portal. She saw a scrawny figure appear in the light, and a body stumble out.

Knowing that it must be Danny, she rushed to the figure before it hit the floor. She lied the boy down before she could even get a look at his face. When she did, a short gasp escaped her throat. He was glowing. His hair was pure white. and his jumpsuit had completely mixed up color-wise. This couldn't be Danny. If it was, he was...dead.

"Danny," she inquired softly while shaking the unknown boy lightly.

"Nhmmm?" He moaned, his voice resonant. "What, Sam?"

"Danny," Tucker, who Sam had forgot was even there, began, "is that you?"

The boy sat up, an oblivious and cryptic look on his face. "What do you mean? Of course it's me, Tuck." He attempted a light laugh, but was unsuccessful.

"D...Danny, I think your...d..dead." Sam sobbed , a tear rolling down her cheek.

The rest was history. Danny staggered up to the nearest mirror and gazed upon his new appearance with awe and disbelief. He remembered closing his eyes and wanting to be and look alive again, and a cool feeling traveled through his body, accompanied with two white-blue rings. When he opened his eyes again, he was back to normal. The trio exchanged puzzled looks, and life changed forever for them.

Danny looked up from the comic and at Sam, who had been sniffling a bit. "Sam, are you tearing up over there?" He asked, amused.

"You know, we really did think you were dead." She mumbled lightly.

"Yeah," Danny replied, "I figured that when I saw the tough goth start crying."

Silence overcame the bedroom. The "tough goth" wiped her eyes, and stood up. "Come on...lets go downstairs and get something to eat. I'm starved, and we should take a break."

"Alright," Danny agreed, "how about we make some of that--." A blue mist cut him off, and he sighed. "Never mind. Some annoying ghostly pest just appeared. Gotta go catch it. You want to come? We can stop at the Nasty Burger afterwards."

Sam shook her head. "Nah, I'll go home and eat. It's getting pretty late. Your mom's probably making dinner right now. It'd be best if I just went home."

Danny shrugged, "Alright." He stood up and flew out of the bedroom to go get the ghost while Sam grabbed her things and went downstairs.

"Bye Mrs. Fenton," she said as she headed for the door through the kitchen where Maddie was preparing dinner.

"Bye sweetie, is Danny up in his room still?" She inquired kindly.

"Uhh...yeah." Sam lied before leaving the Fenton household.

Maddie Fenton buzzed around the kitchen, getting rolls out of the oven and dishing out pasta on four different plates.

"Jack dear! Jazz! Danny! It's time for dinner!" She called through the house. She could hear her husband making his way through the labyrinth of tools that cluttered the lab's floor as he rushed to his meal. Maddie placed each plate at a different setting, and sat down, waiting for her family to appear. Jazz daintily sat down in her chair, and Jack plopped down, eager to eat.

"Jazz, did you see your brother come down?" Maddie asked her daughter.

"No," Jazz replied before grabbing a roll from the basket that was placed on the table.

"Alright, I'll go get him then." Maddie rose from her seat and left with a concerned look on her face that always appeared when she thought of her son.

When Maddie reached his room, she found the door open and art supplies scattered around the room. There was no sign of her son. On the floor, however, a large colored sheet of paper caught her eye. She bent down, and picked it up.

She smiled when she saw it was a comic, but the smile was wiped off of her face in a second when she saw the title. The Adventures of Danny Phantom was neatly written across the top. 'Oh no,' she thought, 'this must be what Sam and Danny were doing up here for all those hours. They must actually think the ghost boy is a hero!'

Maddie sat down on the bed and let her eyes scrawl across the paper. She found the illustrations of everyone amusing, but became puzzled when she realized that the event depicted was the day that she and her husband had finished and attempted to activate the portal, only to find it didn't work.

'How does this have to do with Danny Phantom?' Maddie questioned, and read on. Her breathing became strained when her son was shocked by the portal. She shook her head in disbelief when she instead of her son coming out of the portal in the comic, the ghost boy did. Her eyebrows furrowed as she read and saw the trios reactions, and her son appearing once more in the place of Phantom.

It just didn't make sense. The whole thing wasn't plausible. It must have been two teenagers imaginations running wild on a boring summer day. It was a fantasy, or a silly inside joke. It couldn't be true. Danny...her son was not the ghost boy. Despite still not knowing where her son was, she left the room, making sure to leave the comic exactly where she found it.

She took a deep breathe and pounded down the stairs. 'I won't say anything. I don't know for sure. If I asked Danny about it and it was just their imaginations, I'd look crazy. I'll research later.'

"Squeekycheeks, are you okay? You look a little pale." Her husband questioned, stuffing his face with a large enough quantity of pasta that it nearly fell of his fork before reaching it's destination.

"Yeah," she rasped and cleared her throat, "I'm fine."

"Where's Danny?" Jazz questioned with one eyebrow raised.

"Bathroom," Maddie lied, "I'm sure he'll be down in a few minutes."

Jazz didn't mention that she had passed both his room and the bathroom on the way down, and he wasn't in either one. Sure enough, a blue-eyed teen with a questionable bruise on his left arm ascended down the stairs in a matter of minutes.

"Heh. Sorry I'm late?" He remarked with a puzzled expression, as his mother was glaring at him without realizing it.

"Go ahead and eat." Maddie swallowed, and the table became filled with conversation once more.

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