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Chapter 1 – Rescued

Think back 500years into the past. To where ancient Egypt, wasn't so ancient to them. Where the people lived in slight fear of if they did the slightest things wrong they would be punished for it. Anyway let's get on with the story.

The Pharaoh's son, Prince Atemu had finally be able to convince his father, Pharaoh Akhenamkhanen to let him go down to the village that his father ruled over. Atemu walked through the village as the villagers stopped what they were doing and got down on to their hands and knees and bowed to him. Atemu walked from stall to stall looking at what the villagers had to sell. Atemu upon reaching the fifth stall stopped and saw something that he had to have. It was a beautiful handmade white with green and gold trimming tunic. The white was as white as they could get at that point. The stall owner being female trembled as the Pharaoh's son was looking at all the other tunics and clothing that she had made. Atemu looked at her, she froze.

"You made all these yourself?" he asked her.

"Y-Y-Yes Prince Atemu. Which ones do you like and I'll wrap them up for you?" she said nervously.

Atemu smiled. "This one, how much?"

"For you Prince Atemu, 1 piece of silver."

"Now I know that's not how much it would normally cost. What is it?"

"It's 3 pieces of silver, Prince Atemu."

Atemu nodded and pulled out 5 pieces of silver and handed it to the woman. She blinked twice.

"Prince Atemu it's 3 not 5." She said trying to pass it back.

"Wrap it up and hand it to one of my bodyguards. I will be back next week to see if you have anything else of interest to me."

She nodded and passed the wrapped up tunic to one of the bodyguards.

Atemu continued to walk through the village. He heard a person crying somewhere up a head. It sounded like a child. He walked closer to the sound and stopped when he heard adult laughter and talking.

"Hey brat, where's your family?" the child said nothing and received a painful kick to the gut which resulted in the child screaming then crying. "I asked you a question."

"Yeah, he asked you a question. No one ignores him and gets away with IT." The other adult said and kicked the child in the stomach and chest a couple of times.

The child screamed in pain and then cried. Atemu had had enough, he walked around the corner to find that the ones talking were his fathers soldiers and were still kicking the small child. His own bodyguards were standing right behind him on either side.

"I order you to STOP!" Atemu yelled at them, anger growing each time they kicked the child.

"Who thinks they can order me around?" the one that seemed to be the boss said.

"I do, I'm Prince Atemu." He growled dangerously.

"P-P-Prince Atemu, forgive me, for what I just said." He stuttered before bowing low and respectful. "I caught this child stealing. So I was punishing him."

Atemu kept his gaze on the soldiers, even while talking to his own bodyguards. Signalling for one to approach.

"I want this child taken to the dungeon." His guard walked forward and picked up the crying child and threw him over his shoulder. "I DON'T want to find another scratch or injury on him. You are to stay with him till I get back there. Understand?" Not taking his gaze off the other two.

"Yes, Prince Atemu." And the guard left.

"Why were you beating the living hell out of him?" Atemu asked.

"Like I said before he stole."

"What was it?"

"Food sir, food from a stall."

"And you saw him do this?"

"No a person that owned it told me what he looked like and I tracked him down. He was sitting here eating."

"Fine, next time you punish someone, I don't want to find you've hit or kicked them more than three times. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Prince Atemu."

Atemu left with his bodyguard and headed back to the palace. He walked back to his room and took the parcel off the guard and dismissed him. He unwrapped the parcel and laid the tunic out on the bed. It wasn't as nice as the ones that were made for the royal family, but it was good enough for a slave. Remembering the child he got up off the bed and headed to the dungeon.

He walked down the long dark stairwell. He walked past the first couple of cells, where arms were reaching out to him. Atemu just kept walking. He saw the bodyguard that he told to stay with the child and the person who was in charge of the dungeon, talking happily. He approached them.

"Prince Atemu, it's a honour to have you down here and also quite surprising. How may I help you?" he asked after bowing low along with the guard.

"I would like to see the child that was just brought down."

"Certainly, he's in the end cell. The one next to Bakura, the Tombrobber. I didn't have the heart to put him with him."

"Thankyou." Turning to the guard. "You are dismissed."

"Thankyou Prince Atemu." Bowing low and left.
"Shall we?" the dungeon keeper asked.


Atemu followed him down towards the young boy's cell. The cells in the dungeon were overly crowded with people. Only the two end cells had a person in each. The closet to the stairs had a dark-skinned, albino coloured haired that went down in spikes in it. The other cells had a small child curled up in the corner shiver and crying.

Before the dungeon keeper and Atemu arrived the albino moved over towards the child in the cell next to him.

"Hey! Kid!" he called

The child looked up.

"Why are you here?" he asked

The child didn't answer, he was still crying and clutching his stomach.

"You know if you don't answer, they will punish you and it will hurt." He said knowing full well the child would be frightened half to death.

The child looked to the right of the albino and saw a light coming towards them. He laid on his side and huddled back up. Bakura on the other hand, stood up and went to greet the visitors.

"Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in. It's the Pharaoh-wanna-be." He mocked.

"Put a sock in it Bakura. I'm not here to listen to your childish antics." Atemu shot back as he waited for the dungeon keeper to open the cell the child was in.

"Why Atemu." He put his hand up to his heart. "I'm hurt." He mocked and Atemu ignored him.

"There you go Prince Atemu." The dungeon keeper said opening the door. "I'll just go get him."

"No. I will. That will be all." Atemu walked through the cell door.

"Very well Prince Atemu." He bowed low and left.

Atemu walked towards the child that had curled up on the ground. Bakura watching closely. Atemu kneeled down on the ground next to the boy's chest. This was the first time he had been able to get a good look at the boy. His hair was spiked, black with a red trimming and gold bangs on either side of his face. It was similar to his but his had gold lightening strikes in it. The boy's face was wet as he was still crying.

"Yo Atemu, what you waiting for beat him. I don't know what he did but it must have been bad if he's here. So go ahead, beat him. Beat, beat, beat, beat."

Atemu watched as each time Bakura said 'beat' the boy cringed in fear.

"Shut the HELL up Bakura or I will make you." He snapped not looking at him.

"Oh I'm so scared what can a Pharaoh-wanna-be do to me?" he mocked still looking through the bars.

"Fine." Atemu stood up and turned and the boy opened his eyes to watch. "You asked for it Bakura. I call upon the shadows. Heed my call." Atemu had his arms out to his side. "Do as I command to help teach this 'Tombrobber' a lesson."

'Crap, now I've done it.' Bakura thought.

A great amount of shadows gathered in his hands. To the child it was just a strange purple/black cloud. To Bakura it wasn't a good sign.

'Shadows, hold the 'Tombrobber' against the wall a meter above the ground and slightly choke him.'

/Yes Master/

The shadows obeyed and Bakura found himself a meter above the ground, slightly choking. Atemu turned around hearing a gasp from the boy. He was sitting up and staring from Atemu to Bakura and back again. He was shaking unbearably. Atemu turned back to Bakura.

"Shadows, return to me." As the shadows returned Bakura dropped to the floor. "Have you learned your lesson Bakura?"

"Most likely…NOT!" he said and turned his back to Atemu.

The cloud that was in Atemu hands still scared the boy, he whimpered and scurried into the corner more. Bring his knees up and wrapped his bound arms around them. Atemu turned back to him, shadows disappearing from his hands. He walked over to the boy. Even with bound hands that seemed to be cutting into his wrists he kept his arms there. Atemu knelt down in front of him.

"I want you to come with me." He picked up the length of rope that was attached to the rope that bound his hands together.

The boy pulled his legs in further and shook his head fast before burying his head in his knees. Atemu didn't let go of the rope. He slid a hand gently under the boy's chin, who flinched and tremble and brought him up to look at him.

'His eyes are beautiful and so innocent.' "Either you're willing to come or I will force you, it's your choice. I'm sure you don't want to be forced do you?"

"Hey!" Atemu rolled is eyes. "Why didn't I have a choice?"

"Because you NEVER SHUT UP long enough to be given one. Although I did give you a choice to shut and you refused to take it earlier. Do you need another lesson?" he was facing Bakura now.

"No!" he said huffily.

"Good, now SHUT UP!" Atemu yelled the last two words at him. "Or so help me Ra, I will shut you up for good!" Bakura turned his back to him again while muttering something.

Atemu turned back to the boy. "Stand up." He said as he himself stood.

The boy had some slight difficulty getting up. As soon as the bounds around his wrist slacked and the air his the cuts he started crying silently as the other injuries also hurt. Atemu started walking out and the boy followed behind. He was frightened beyond belief. They walked past the dungeon keeper and Atemu tossed him a thanks and the guy bowed. Atemu lead him up the long dark stairwell. They passed a guard and his prisoner. The guard bowed and made the prisoner bow also.

They finally exited the dungeon and were now out in the daylight and in the beautiful palace. The boy kept his head down and followed. The same words were gong through his head. 'I'm going to be beaten. I'm going to die.' Atemu stopped when he saw the soldier from the village. Unfortunately for him the soldier saw him and walked over.

"Nice to see you again Prince Atemu." The soldier said bowing. "I see you have the little thief too."

The boy recognised the voice and looked up. His thoughts were confirmed. He leg out a small whimper and collapsed on the ground, crying and shaking. Atemu felt the rope tighten a bit and he looked at him. He knelt down, putting his hands on the boy's shoulders. The boy flinched and started crying more.

"Hey Prince Atemu. Why bother with him. He's mute and a wimp."

"Go to whatever you were going to do here." He told him and then to the boy. "Come on stand up."

The boy let Atemu pull him up. Atemu turned around and put his arm around onto the boy's opposite shoulder and started walking. The soldier stepped in front and went to grab the boy's neck. Atemu saw this and wrapped shadows there. Just as the soldier grabbed him he was shot back against the back wall. Atemu approached with the boy a little.

"That should teach you. Don't ever touch him again."

Atemu turned and started back towards his room. Only to be stopped when he saw the Pharaoh walked quickly in their direction. Still having his arm around the boy he quickly took it off and grabbed the rope.

"Bow when I do otherwise you will be whipped." He whispered to him. "Pharaoh" Atemu bowed and the boy quickly followed still crying.

"Atemu what is happening here?'

His voice was deep and terrifying. He eyes swept over Atemu and landed on the boy making him tremble uncontrollably.

"The soldier tried to grab him from me so I punished him. He wouldn't allow us to leave." Atemu told his father.

"Is this true?" he asked the boy, who only nodded quickly. "Alright continue on my son."

Atemu bowed and the boy followed. They left the hall and continued on to Atemu's room.