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Chapter 38 – Together At Last

- 2 weeks later –

During the time Bakura was out of it. Atemu had been able to take a physical form and that made Ryou and Yugi happy. They'd shown him around the town and taken him to a few different places. Atemu had also applied for a history job.

-- Flashback --

Yugi, Ryou and Atemu were walking towards Domino High School. Atemu had applied for a teaching job at the school. He wanted to be there in case something happened to either of his lovers. Ryou had contacted a family friend and they pulled some strings and had gotten Atemu an identity and a previous job references that all came back to that person.

Yugi stood close to Atemu with Ryou as they headed up the steps. Yugi and Ryou led Atemu to the office and waited down the hall on some benches. Atemu walked in and up to the receptionist.


"Hi how can I help you?"

"I'm here for a job interview Atemu Yami."

"Ah yes. You can go in now."


Atemu walked into the door beside the reception desk and into the Principles office.

"Ah Mr Yami. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you as well."

"Now before we get started is there any particular reason you have applied for a job here?"

"Yes there is actually. You have two students here that are actually my lovers and they have been getting quite injured from a few of your students. I only wish to protect them. I will not give their grades higher if they are in my class. They will get marked the same as any other student. If you believe its necessary you can have another teacher cross mark their work. But they will be treated the same as any other student."

"Ah I see. Well we are in serious need for a history teacher and I will have another teacher cross mark for fairness reasons you understand?"

"I do."

"You can't get physically involved on school grounds. Whatever you do outside the school is fine. But absolutely nothing on the school grounds."

"I understand."

"Well when can you start?"

"Whenever you wish."


Atemu nodded and both shook hands and the principle handed him his timetable of classes. "Now all students have an assignment to work on so you don't have to teach anything. I'll have the sub tell you what's going on and I'll show you everything after school has ended for the day. Just wait in your class room."

"Very well. It will be nice to work with you."

Atemu shook his hand again and left the room and headed out of the office not before folding up the timetable and placing it in his pocket. He left and walked down the hall to Yugi and Ryou who stood when they saw him coming.

"So how'd it go? They don't know about us do they?"

"They do."

"What? Why did you say that?" Yugi said eyes filling with tears.

"Shh Yugi, it's alright I can still work here."

"Really?" Ryou said, not believing him.

"Yes. Now can you show me to the history class room?"

"That's our homeroom classroom. You're our homeroom teacher." Yugi said happily giving him a brief hug. "I won't get to do that anymore."

"Well that's good to know. But no you won't get to hug me or anything during school hours and on school grounds." Yugi pouted and Atemu chuckled. "And you can't call me Atemu anymore either. It's..."

"Come on Atemu it can't be that bad to call you Mr Yami or Yami-sensei?" Ryou taunted.

"Careful Ryou or I'll torture at home."

Ryou giggled as he move a little further in front of him out of reach. "Mr Yami." Ryou taunted and Atemu let out a low growl.

Yugi stopped. "I'll meet you at homeroom. I have to get something from my locker."

"Ok Yugi don't be too long." Atemu said.

"I won't."

Yugi ran down another corridor towards his locker. Yugi quickly typed in his combo and opened the door. He grabbed out his books for his history assignment and placed them in his bag before closing the door. As he did he saw Ushio standing behind it. Yugi whimpered and shrunk away and went to turn but Ushio grabbed him.

"Now where do you think you are going? We finally get to be alone after the long week that you have been busy and you want to leave? I don't think so. I want you to meet me in the abandoned classroom we had our fun in last time at lunch. I hope you have the money you owe me. Just so you understand I'm serious."

Ushio buried his fist in Yugi's stomach still holding him up. He brought his hand back and swung and hit Yugi right in his left eye. He let the boy go as he fell to the ground holding his face and stomach as he cried in pain.

"You weakling. I'll see you at lunch."

Ushio walked off to go do something else before Yugi pulled himself to his feet still holding his stomach and face. He knew both were going to bruise. He walked back to his homeroom and walked in with his head down. The substitute was there with Atemu and they were talking to the class. As soon as he entered the substitute went silent and looked at him.

"Not again Mr Motou. You were just starting to get back to class early the past week but now you are going back to your late self. Detention with Mr Yami afterschool today. He is your new homeroom and History teacher. Go to your seat."

"Yes Hitori-sensei, sorry I was late."

"Don't want to hear Mr Motou. Seat now."

Yugi still with his head bowed walked to the back of the class room where he and Ryou sat in the dark. Yugi sat in the corner and Ryou next to him. Yugi slipped in behind him and placed his bag on the ground and sat down his bowed to the desk and his arm around his stomach. Ryou leaned over and brushed some of his hair out of the way and let out a soft gasp.

"Yugi how?"

"Don't say anything please." Ryou nodded.

"Mr Bakura, Mr Motou that is enough from both of you. Be quiet now or I'll put you both on detention and Mr Motou will have another to go to." The class snickered. "Now as I was saying before I was interrupted twice now Mr Yami is your new homeroom and History teacher if you have a problem then go to him and if he can't get if fixed see your head of year lever or head of senior school. Now I'll be leaving and Mr Motou your detention is with Mr Yami this afternoon after school."

Yugi nodded his head still looking at his desk. Hitori left the room and headed back to the office leaving Atemu with his first class. Atemu looked around and gulped unnoticeably.

"Ok now you know my name is Mr Yami." The girls squealed when they heard him speak and Atemu raised an eyebrow. "But anyway we'll mark the roll and then you can talk quietly amongst yourselves."

Atemu then went along through the roll calling out names, the girls flirted with him and he payed no attention to it making them think he didn't hear them. As soon as it came to talking quietly amongst themselves, Atemu was surrounded by all the girls in the class. The boys were jealous of the girls flirting over Atemu.

"I'm very sorry ladies but I'm gay and taken. Now please return to your desks."

The girls developed a heartbroken and some developed an evil look. "Who is it?" someone asked that didn't mind and still thought it was sweet he had someone.

"They are none of your concern."

Before anyone could say anything the door was slammed open and Ushio walked in. Atemu narrowed his eyes at him. Ushio ignored him and walked to the back of the room to his seat. Unfortunately for Yugi and Ryou Ushio sat in front of them. Yugi shrunk back expecting to be hit as Ushio moved to sit down. Yugi looked up and saw a piece of paper on his desk. Yugi knew Atemu was watching and he quickly snatched the paper off the desk, though both his lovers saw. Yugi held it tightly in his hand as he sat in his desk with Ryou's arm around him. The whole time Atemu still hadn't see the bruise on his face.

"What is that boy's name?" Atemu asked one of the girls.

"His name is Ushio, no one knows his last name. He's the school hall monitor. He's a bad person so don't try to do anything to him. You'll end up in hospital."

"Really? So he gets away with everything."

"Yeah the teachers are too afraid to do anything to him."

"Well now someone is."

"Yami-sensei please don't. You'll get hurt." The girls said.

"Mr Ushio you are late please see me in detention this afternoon."

"I don't think so." Ushio replied.

"It wasn't a request. You will see me for detention this afternoon."

Ushio glared at him and stood knocking the desk to the floor and his chair into Yugi's desk. He strode forwards, kids around the desk all scurried away and Atemu stood and walked around his desk. Ushio pulled his fist back to punch Atemu but he dodged it to the side and kicked his legs out from underneath him. Ushio fell the ground and grunted.

"Now go to the office to see the Principle. I'm calling him now while you go and telling him of your disturbance."

Ushio glared at him and left the room. Atemu walked over to the phone on the wall and used the directory and dialled the number for the Principles phone. He told him what happened before hanging up. The kids were cheering and Atemu frowned. Yugi and Ryou were smiling happily though Yugi was still afraid. Yugi looked down at the note and read it while Ryou wasn't looking.

You will pay with your life

Yugi whimpered and pushed his chair back into the corner, out of Ryou's arms and pulled his feet up to his chest and wrapped his arms around himself. It hurt his stomach a lot and Yugi's face scrunched up in pain.

"Mr Motou can I please have that note." Atemu said.

Yugi looked at him through his bangs and saw Atemu was standing in front of his desk. Yugi moved forward and passed him the note. He watched Atemu through his hair and he saw the rage and anger in his eyes.

"Yami-sensei?" Ryou said and Atemu looked at him. "Can I see?" Atemu passed him the note and Ryou gasped looking at Yugi. "Yugi is this what Ushio gave you?" Yugi nodded. "He gave you those?" Yugi nodded and whimpered curling back up in a ball on his chair.

Ryou passed the note back to Atemu and moved closer to comfort Yugi. The bell went and some of the students filled out. Ryou and Yugi stayed having History next.

"I will talk with both of you during class."

Atemu went to the front of the room and started having a look at the assignment the students had to write. It was Ancient Egyptian. Atemu smirked. Now that Yugi and Ryou had their memories back they could write the assignment easier than it would have been. They had never told him they had an assignment on Egypt. After 5minutes the student were all in class.

"Now I'm your new history teacher. My name is Mr Yami. Today you are all to go to the library and work on your assignments. I will write a note for one of you to take that has everyone's name on it."

Atemu proceed with writing the note sent all out of the classroom. Yugi and Ryou stayed seated knowing Atemu wanted to talk with them. Yugi was still curled up on his seat. Atemu closed and locked the door and walked over and picked up the chair that Ushio knocked over. He pulled Yugi's desk out of the saw and sat the chair in its place. Atemu sat down and looked at Yugi. His head was still down and he couldn't see his face. Atemu leaned forward and reached his hand under Yugi's chin and tilted his head up. He gasped when he saw the dark bruise that was on his face. Yugi's broke out in tears and latched onto Atemu crying. Atemu drew him into his lap and rocked him backwards and forwards, Yugi's face buried his face in his shirt.

"Yugi who gave you those bruises?"

"He'll kill me if I say." Yugi sobbed out.

"He won't. Yugi you have to tell me. I can't keep having you hurt like this."

Yugi sniffed. "It was Ushio."

Yugi broke down again and cried. He couldn't stop it. He just sobbed in Atemu's arms. Atemu sighed and held him a little longer before passing him over to Ryou and going to the phone. Atemu called the principle. He told him that Ushio had hurt someone and the note before going back over to Yugi and comforting him.

During break Yugi ended up staying in the room and had fallen asleep on the floor in the corner. Ryou had his head in his lap and was running his hand through his hair. Yugi had fallen asleep after crying and because they had a double Atemu allowed them to stay in the room he was up reading all the work his classes were doing for the rest of the term. Ryou was using the chair as a desk as he did his work. At the moment he was eating lunch and wasn't too picky that Yugi was still asleep. Yugi stirred not to long after and sat up, whimpering at the pain in his stomach. Atemu looked up and saw Yugi was awake and walked over and sat down next to him.

"Yugi has anyone seen your eye apart from us?"


"Ok close your eyes for me."

Yugi did and soon felt warmth on his black eye. Yugi sighed as the pain slowly disappeared before it was completely gone. Yugi opened his eyes and found that he could see out of it. Yugi reached up and timidly touched his eye before looking at Atemu.

"I can heal yours and Ryou's injuries outside of the Puzzle or Ring." Yugi smiled before jumping when he felt his jacket being undone. "Don't even try to deny that you have a bruised stomach. You were whimpering as you sat up."

Atemu removed the jacket and pulled Yugi's shirt up getting a soft blush from him. Atemu chuckled at him before looking down and his eyes narrowed. He gently touched Yugi's stomach getting a whimper from him before he placed his hand over it and Yugi felt the warmth again and slowly the pain disappeared. Once gone Atemu put Yugi's shirt down and helped him put his jacket back on. Yugi moved and cuddled up to his side for the remainder of lunch. No one entering the room at all.

After school Yugi walked to the history room and knocked. He heard an 'enter' before he walked in. He saw Ushio sitting at the back of the room like normal but this time in his desk. He was just sitting there with a piece of paper in front of him and a pen but not doing any of the work. Yugi looked to Atemu.

Atemu took a deep unnoticeable breath. "Mr Motou please sit here." Pointing to the seat in front of him that had a pen and paper there. "What you are to write is at the top. Please write it 100 times."

Yugi nodded sadly before getting to work. He could tell Atemu wasn't happy with what Yugi had to do but he was keeping in order what he is meant to do and Yugi knew this. But he got to spend his time with his now most favourite teacher/lover. There was another knock at the door and Yugi looked over to see Ryou enter. Yugi frowned and Ryou just smiled.

"Hello Mr Bakura. Sit down and you may complete any homework you might have."

It was 1hour after detention started and it was close to the end. Atemu collected Ushio's paper and scowled.

"Mr Ushio you will come back to detention tomorrow and complete what the Principle set you. He will be notified by me after you leave. Go now."

Atemu turned and walked to his desk. Ushio stood and walked out not before pounding his fist on Yugi's desk. Yugi jumped and ran behind Atemu's desk and stayed near the board.

"Mr Ushio leave my class room now." Atemu said angrily.

Ushio stormed out and Ryou quickly went and locked the door. Atemu turned to Yugi who was shaking on the ground. Atemu quickly sat down next to him and pulled him in his arms.

"Shh he's gone. It's alright. I won't let him hurt you. Shh, shh."


"Mr Yami open the door please."

"Ryou can you open the door for the principle."

Ryou walked over and unlocked the door. The principle stood there wondering what was going on. He walked in and closed the door behind him.

"Mr Yami I thought I told you..." He suddenly stopped seeing that the boy was shaking and terrified was the reason he had the boy in his arms. "I'm guessing he's one of your lovers."

"Yes. Ryou is as well."

The principle looked to Ryou who bowed respectfully. The principle looked back to Atemu who was rocking Yugi backwards and forwards. Yugi was clinging to him like a life line.

"Ryou come here."

Ryou quickly walked over and sat down on Yugi's other side. Atemu moved Yugi closer to Ryou and started to pry his hands off. Yugi whimpered and clung to him tighter.

"Yugi please I have to talk with the principle. Ryou's right next to you. Come on sweetie let go. Ryou's going to look after you till we can go."

Yugi shakily lifted his head from Atemu's shoulder and looked next to him and saw Ryou. Yugi clung to Ryou and buried his face in his chest. Atemu rubbed his back for a second before standing up and sitting down at two of the tables with the principle and going through some work. By the time they finished it was 5:30 and it was time to go. Yugi again had fallen asleep on Ryou's lap with his back to the two adults. Ryou collected all their stuff and Atemu lifted Yugi into his arms, not waking him. Atemu left the room with Ryou and headed down to the front of the school. There was no one left apart from a couple of teachers that were in their classrooms.

Atemu and Ryou left the school and headed down the street towards home. Yugi woke with the sound of cars and everything. Yugi looked around before tugging on Atemu's arm. Atemu looked down and smiled.

"Can you let me down?" Yugi asked.

"Do I have to?" Yugi nodded. "Alright."

Atemu let Yugi down and wrapped his arms around his waist and pulled him close and leaned down and kissed him gently. Yugi wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed back. Unknown to them someone was watching. Yugi pulled back and blushed darkly before turning to Ryou and taking his bag. Atemu chuckled and wrapped his arm around the both boys waists and walked home.

-Next day-

Yugi, Ryou and Atemu were walking up the steps of the school and inside. The second they entered they saw pieces of paper hanging everywhere. Ryou walked over and took one off the one of the papers and gasped. There were two pictures on the paper. Ryou walked back over and handed it to Atemu who sighed and showed it to Yugi who gasped and looked at him in fear. Yugi looked down and Ryou wrapped his arms around him to comfort him.

"Come with me." Atemu said and headed to see the principle.

Yugi and Ryou walked behind him and entered the office. Ryou and Yugi sat down and Atemu walked into the principle's office. He put the paper down on the table.

"Our secret is out. What do you want to do about it?"

"You can continue working and I don't mind but as long as Mr Motou and Mr Bakura don't mind. Bring them in."

Atemu walked to the door. "Yugi, Ryou come here please."

Ryou and Yugi walked in and stood in front of the principle's desk. Yugi and Ryou bowed respectfully.

"Mr Motou, Mr Bakura, would you like Mr Yami to continue teaching at the school regardless of what you have just witnessed in the halls and because the students know your relationship with each other." Ryou and Yugi nodded. "Very well you all go off to class."

Yugi and Ryou bowed and left with Atemu. Atemu walked down the hall back to the classroom. People were whispering to each other as they walked past. Ryou wrapped his arms around Yugi as they went. Both knew Atemu couldn't help comfort them so they were stuck with each other. They walked into the classroom and Ryou and Yugi sat down while Atemu went to the front of the classroom and started taking the roll as the students came in.

After that everything ran smoothly and Atemu explained to the students that Ryou, Yugi and himself along with another had been together for a long time. Slowly everyone got used to the idea and continued with schooling ignoring the fact that the two of the students were going out with one of their teachers.

--End of Flashback--

Since Atemu started working at the school. Ryou and Yugi would spend their lunch times in the history room with Atemu while he worked. They would sit up the back and play a game or rest. This meant Yugi wouldn't get beaten up at lunchtimes and they were left uninjured.

By the time Bakura was awake they were all asleep on the bed in Ryou's room. Bakura smirked and became physical and sat down beside Yugi and brushed the hair from his face. This action caused Yugi to stir before he jumped and screamed. He still had the fear of someone waking up looking down at him.

The scream made everyone jump awake with a start and look around. They saw Bakura sitting there in his physical form. Yugi was backed up against the bed head with his head in his knees whimpering. Bakura reached out and placed his hand on Yugi's shoulder before pulling him closer and sat him in his lap. Yugi gripped his shirt and cried.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. You scared me and that's what my father use to do."

"Shh it's ok. I'm not angry. I'm sorry."

Yugi sniffed and held onto him tightly before Bakura lay down on the bed with Yugi on his chest. Atemu and Ryou smiled and lay down with him.

"You want to see your children lives now?" Ryou asked looking at Atemu.

He could just see how his face lit up at that. Atemu nodded and Ryou smiled before going into his soul room and heading to the Puzzle. Atemu held Ryou before going into the Puzzle, his physical body still there. Bakura hugged Yugi tightly before going to his soul room and headed to the Puzzle with Ryou. Yugi was the last. He looked over at the three in front of him and smiled. He was truly happy now. Yugi went to his soul room and was met with the three in his soul room. All laid down on the bed before the images of the children appeared on the ceiling as it went through his children's lives.

Atemu and Bakura smiled. They weren't going to let their two loved ones out of their grasp again. They had memorised the spell that Seto had used on them to bind them to the items. They were going to perform it on these two if they would allow it. That way they could live happily ever after together.

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