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Chapter 3. Gringotts and I´m a WHAT?

Thanks to his little disguise no one recognised Harry when he entered the Leaky Cauldron and ordered a hearty breakfast. Eating his ham and eggs Harry surveyed the barroom. Only a few patrons were awake and were eating their breakfast. There was an old woman in batty robes discussing with a younger man in low tones, a young couple and the occasional witch and wizard.

Blowing softly in his still too hot tea Harry went over his check list:

Go to Gringotts and find out about my inheritance

Letting myself tested for curses, bindings on my magic et cetera

Letting my scar tested ( unbelievable that no one had ever thought of doing it)

change some Money into British Muggle currency

Buying books on Wizarding Culture, Wizarding History, Rights and Duties of an heir of one of the Old and Noble Houses, Wizarding Etiquette

Buying new wardrobe - wizard and muggle

Buying a new trunk (preferably with more space, inbuilt featherlight charm, shrinkable on command)

Write to Sirius when back at Privet Drive

Yep, that was about it. Paying for his breakfast and with a friendly wave to the Leaky Cauldrons owner, Tom, Harry made his way to Diagon Alley.

Even in the two weeks Harry had resided in the pup last summer he hadn't seen the shopping street so empty. Because of the early hour most of the shops were still closed or just opening up. Quickly Harry made his way to the big white marble building of Gringotts bank. Entering he took a deep breath to calm his nerves and made his way to a free desk.

"Excuse me?" The goblin looked up with a small sneer.


"I have an appointment with Senior Manager Gnarltoe from the inheritance department. Would you be so kind and let someone show me to his office, please?" Harry asked. The goblin eyed his ragged appearance with a deepening sneer. Sighing Harry lifted his cap enough to let the goblin see his scar. The goblins eyes widened and he nodded.

"Certainly!" and waved another slightly smaller goblin over. "Show Mr. Potter the way to Senior Manager Gnarltoe!"

"What is your name?" Harry inquired while following the obviously young goblin through the corridors of Gringotts. The goblin looked up at Harry with obvious shock.

"My name is Axefinger, young Master Potter." He finally answered.

"You seem shocked, why?" The young wizard asked. Axefinger gave the boy a strange look. Stopping at a door Axefinger answered:

"Wizards normally don't associate with goblins on name basis. They trust us with their money and other possessions but they think themselves superior to us." Since when have I been normal? Harry thought. But before he could answer that he wasn't a normal wizard Axefinger announced: "We are there!" He knocked on the polished black door with bordered rubies and emeralds. A gold plate on the door read:

Senior Manager Gnarltoe – Department Chief of Inheritance.

"Senior Manager Gnarltoe Mr. Harry Potter is here for his assignment." Axefinger announced. A deep grumbling voice answered:

"Send him in, Novice Axefinger." And Harry was ushered into the office.

The office couldn't be described anything other than practical. Cupboards and shelves covered the marble walls full with scrolls, files and orders neatly sorted and inscribed in Gobbledygook. The centre of the room was an enormous desk which, even if it was loaded with several files and scrolls seamed neat and tidy. The white-haired goblin behind the desk was the oldest goblin Harry had ever seen. He wore a dark green suit with golden buttons and a black button down shirt. His dark skin was wrinkled and full of old scars. His as well deep black eyes regarded the teen with an intelligent expression giving his new customer a moment to take in his office.

"Good morning Mr. Potter!" he finally greeted. "Please take a seat! It is good to finally meet you! I trust you are well?"

"Yes, thank you Senior Manager Gnarltoe!" Harry greeted back and took the offered seat. He swallowed nervously. "I hope you are well, too?"

"Yes Mr. Potter, I am. Shall we start business than?" Harry nodded, eager to get everything out of the way as fast as possible.

"In a letter earlier this summer my godfather Sirius Black wrote, well chastised me really, about being the last heir of the Potter Family and about not wearing my heir ring. The problem is that I was never informed of my heir status or of the status of my family in the wizarding world. When I wrote him back he arranged this appointment." Gnarltoe nodded.

"Yes, Mr. Black informed me about this neglect from the Supreme Mugwump, Mr. Potter." Harry stiffened.

"Could you please call me Harry, sir?" Gnarltoe studied him for a moment and Harry fought the urge to shift uncomfortable in his seat. Finally the goblin gave him a toothy smile.

"You are a very unusual wizard, Mr. Po….Harry." the boy snorted. Well, that wasn't new, was it?

"I would like to know everything about my future assets, holdings and estates. Additional to that I would like to ask, if it's possible to determine if there are any blocks or other charms on me or on my magic and how to dispel them." He completed his list.

Gnarltoe nodded.

"Before we can talk about your heritage, Mr. …Harry, we have to make sure that you are who you claim to be."

"How do I prove that?" Harry asked curious and a little nervous. He had no idea how to prove his identity. Gnarltoe gave him another toothy smile and took a vial with a dark blue potion and a roll of parchment out of the cabinet behind his desk.

"Let seven drops of your blood fall into the potion," he told Harry handing him a small dagger. Well, that's not very difficult! Harry thought while opening the vial. He took the dagger than and cut his left thump. Carefully he let the seven drops fall into the vial. Gnarltoe healed the wound with a wave of his hand.

"Now seal it and shake it a few times so that the blood will mix with the potion." Again Harry did as he was told. "Good! Now pour the whole contents of the vial on the Gringotts Seal of the parchment." Harry opened the vial again and poured the mix of potion and blood on the seal. With awe he watched writing appear on the parchment:

Name: Harold James Jacob Sirius Potter-Black

Date of Birth: July 31st. 1980

Mother: Lillian Marie Evans-Potter // deceased October 31st. 1981

Father: Julian Isaac Potter // deceased December 7th 1980

"What in Merlin's name?" he whispered shocked. Who was Julian Isaac Potter? Before he could asked Gnarltoe more writing appeared:

Father: Sirius Orion Black // alive

Hereditas directus of:

The Noble and Most Ancient House of Potter

The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black

The Noble and Most Ancient House of Ravenclaw

Harry began to shake. That was impossible! How could he have two fathers? Two! And why did the parchment say Julian Isaac Potter when everyone told him that his dad had been James Potter? Had his mother cheated on her husband? But two fathers?

Soothing hands rubbed his back, human hands.


Gnarltoe looked up from his desk when a novice knocked at the door.

"Senior Manager Gnarltoe, Master Grim is here for his appointment." Gnarltoe nodded.

"Send him in, novice. Send him in!" the younger goblin bowed and led a cloaked figure in the office. Waiting until the door closed, the man shrugged of his cloak.

"Sirius Black, my old friend!" the old goblin exclaimed.

"Gnarltoe, it's good to see you again!" The Black Lord answered. (Sorry, I couldn't resist)

"Sit down, sit down, tea?"

"That would be wonderful!"

Only minutes later the fugitive Sirius Black and his old friend and former account manager Gnarltoe drank hot, spicy tea and were catching up on each other. Regarding the human closely Gnarltoe finally said.

"You look worried, Sirius! How can I help you?" Sirius sighed. To say the following answer was a surprise was an understatement.

"I need you to help my son, Harry Potter!"

End Flashback

"Harry? Harry cub, are you alright?" Sirius looked at his god- no his son with concern in his eyes.

"Sirius? How? Why did no one tell me? I don't understand? Why didn't you tell me?" he asked with obvious hurt in his eyes. He had a dad! A dad who was alive – and no one told him! Sirius sighed.

"When I had to leave a few weeks ago it seemed cruel to me to tell you about having a parent left. A parent, who would have to leave you only moments later," Sirius began.

"Why not after you left?" Harry asked. Sirius gave him a sad smile. Both had completely forgotten Gnarltoe who observed the scene with unconcealed interest.

"It's not really something to tell through a letter, Harry. What should I write? Hey Harry, I am not only your godfather I am one of your fathers ….."

"How?" Harry interrupted. Sirius looked bewildered.

"How what?"

"How can both, Julian Potter and you be my fathers? And why isn't James Potter my dad?"

"James was your dad, Harry! No, let me explain!" Sirius hastily added when Harry opened his mouth to interrupt him once more. "In November 1978 James, your grandfather Jacob, Frank Longbottom and I stumbled in a Death Eater ambush in Hogsmeade. We managed to fight them back but didn't realize James being hit by a stray curse. We all felt fine and didn't worry.

When you were born one and a half years later your magic was completely out of control. A destabilised core is very dangerous and the healer we consulted said that you would die in a few days. Your mum made numerous tests on you, James and herself before she found out that something affected his blood and as a cause of that destabilised your magical core.

Your mum, she really was a genius. She suggested that a blood adoption could safe you. The blood adoption potion does not only alter your appearance, so that you look like your adoptive parents child would look. It changes your blood, your core to make you their child.

Lily theorized that a blood adoption with three instead of two parents should stabilise your core. James was no option. His blood would destabilise your magic probably further. That's were your dads younger brother Julian comes in. Your Uncle Jules, your mum and I mixed the adoption potion with drops of our blood and gave you the potion. We were just in time. A few hours later and you would have died."

Harry was quiet for several minutes.

"So James Potter is still my dad?" he finally asked, still struggling to understand what he had just been told. Sirius smiled.

"Yes kid, James is still your dad! Are you OK, Harry?" Harry gave Sirius a weak smile. Gnarltoe choose the moment to bring himself back into the conversation.

"Mr. Po….. Harry. I understand that this is a lot for you to comprehend. Do you wish to go over your inheritance now or do you need a break?"

For the next two hours Harry, Sirius and Gnarltoe went over Harry's inheritance of the Potter and Ravenclaw families. (Sirius promised to go over the Black estate soon.) Harry himself still found it difficult to accept, that he was in fact a direct heir of the Ravenclaw line. Gryffindor he could have understood. In fact Sirius told him, that there was a rumour that the Potter family was at least related to the Lionhouse of Hogwarts. Even Slytherin Harry could have believed with him being a parselmouth after all. But Ravenclaw! Harry thought how much he struggled to do average in most of his classes and sighed.

Harry was as well shocked to learn, that the Potter family was one of the five oldest wizarding families in Britain. One of his ancestors: William Ignatius Potter was told to have been a close friend and student to Merlin himself.

Additional to that Harry realized that he wasn't just rich – he was filthy stinking rich!!! Combined with the Ravenclaw inheritance Harry's great-great-great-great-great-great-(you get-it)-grandchildren wouldn't be able to spend it all. Thinking of how he was forced to live with the Dursleys Harry began to shake in anger, files flew through the room and the whole tea-set exploded. Gnarltoe and Sirius needed nearly fifteen minutes to calm Harry down. Shocked by the mess his accidental magic had caused in the room Harry apologised repeatedly to Gnarltoe who waved the apology away and snapped a few times with his long fingers and gave a few waves. The teacups and teapot mended and the parchment and files stacked themselves neatly on their places on the shelves. Harry had to admit, he was impressed. Why wizards saw themselves superior to every other magical creature he would never understand.

They decided for a 30 minutes long break. The whole time Harry just sat in his chair sipping a butterbeer and eating a few sandwiches while he was trying to wrap his mind around all the information. Sirius and Gnarltoe let the boy be and talked quietly, catching up on each others lives.

Exactly half an hour later a knock on the door signalled the arrival of Senior Member Noldoc. Noldoc was visibly younger than Gnarltoe, but far from being young. His suit was of a dark green with silver and gold linings and buttons. Senior Member Noldoc was the Head of the Gringotts Department of Rituals and Testing. He would test Harry for any blocks on his magic as well as on every spell, curse and potion ever cast on him. After a short greeting they began.

Like at the testing of his identity Harry had to let fall a few drops of his blood into a potion. This time it was thirteen drops of blood into a bigger vial with a murky yellow potion. After that Noldoc began to chant in gobbledygook while he twirled the vial in a complicated pattern before he poured exactly half of it on each seal of two different Gringotts parchments. Again Harry watched how the first parchment showed every spell, curse and potion ever used on him.

There was an impressing (or rather shocking) amount of healing potions and spells as well as several nutrient potions. At the Polyjuice Potion dated Christmas in Harry's second year Sirius looked at his godson strangely, but decided to ask later. What really shocked them were the blocks on Harry's core and the fact that he had been at least obliviated five times. The remains of a Gender Locking Potion, an Appearance Alter Potion as well as of two Intelligence Blocking Potions and several Learning blocking spells were found.

"How did you manage to get through our first three years at Hogwarts with that?" Sirius asked his godson, shocked.

"Hermione," was the absent answer. "Without her I wouldn't have made it through any of my exams." Harry looked at the parchment, shaking. He had admired and trusted Dumbledore.

"Why, Sirius? Why did he do that to me? The blocks, the Dursleys, why?" tears were running down Harrys face, while his godfather rocked him rubbing soothingly over his back.

"I don't know, Harry! I don't know. But we will find out!" Sirius promised while Harry cried over the loss of his hero.

When Harry finally calmed down they looked over the second parchment.

Test of Talents – Harold James Jacob Sirius Potter-Black

Parseltongue – partly developed

Dragontongue – undeveloped

Metamorphmagus – partly developed

Genusmorphmagus – blocked

Wandless Magic – blocked

Occlumency – blocked

Leglimency – blocked

Healing – partly developed

Learning – blocked

Photographic memory - blocked

"I have a photographic memory? What are Occlumency and Leglimency? What's a Metamorphmagus …."

"He is a Genusmorphmagus!" Sirius nearly shouted. Harry stopped his flood of questions.

"I'm a what?" Harry asked, confused.

"A Genusmorphmagus is someone, who can change his gender at will and I mean completely change it." Sirius explained. "It's very rare and always combined with the ability of a Metamorphmagus. A Metamorphmagus can change his appearance at will. The can change their hair length and colour, their eyes, facial features and so on." Harry looked at his godfather, no his dad (Merlin, this was so confusing!) with horror.

"You mean I'm changing into a girl?" he asked.