Alone Again

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Warning: Unbeta, Chase angst, OOC in case.

Summary: Chase reflects at the dark and his cold room.

1. Thanksgiving

Taking another gulp from the bottle, Robert stared at the wall in front of him, not knowing why Gregory sent him home to rest in the first place. He wanted to work, he needs to work, to ease the lonliness that he faced each year.

He stared at the empty table, and started to think of his mother, of how he taking care of her alone, without his famous dad around, and murmured, "To him I should say 'Thank you'? He wasn't there to help me with her, and he wasn't there where she died, I was alone, and nobody cares, even to him."

Took another long swallow from the bottle, and then with anger wave that filled his body he threw it to smash against the hard cold wall.

Dr. Chase spent another holiday with no one who cares about him, and loves him, nor he knows to what should he be thankful.

Even Dr. House didn't care shit about him, as he took him because Dr. Rowan Chase called him.

He laughs as he remembered a riddle 'Home is where the heart is'. How could it be true for him, he had no one waiting for him, loving him.

Alone again in the dark cold room, felt like his heart.