A/N - Ok, so this is my after Eclipse fanfic, so I suppose you could call it my version of Breaking Dawn but I didn't want to call it that coz then I'll start thinking about it as the real version, lol. Anyway, I'm just putting it out there to see if anyone is interested in reading it. Hope you enjoy it - I love EDWARD!!

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Forever and a Day

I clung tightly to Edward's back as he literally flew through the woods to my house. The meadow was far behind us now and his every step took us closer to Charlie. What would he think about what we were going to tell him – what would he do? I shuddered and pressed my lips to Edward's neck.

The little light of the day was quickly fading now. In the last glimmers of light between the gaps in the thick canopy above, I looked at my left hand. The unobtrusive gold ring glinted at me. It really didn't look as bad there as I'd imagined – I could even grow to like it. It was, after all, a symbol of our love… our commitment to forever.

When we reached the edge of the forest, the wind suddenly ceased rushing past my face as Edward came to a halt. With gentle hands, he helped me down from his back and we stood there for a little while, his arms holding me close. He bent his face to mine and slowly brushed his lips up and down the line of my jaw. Behind him, light shone through the windows of the house and my heart beats quickened.

"Relax Bella," Edward chuckled, and his breath tickled my neck. "Just take a deep breath, you'll be fine."

I obeyed – filling my lungs with a shuddering breath and exhaling again noisily. Edward chuckled again, and inched toward my lips. I closed my eyes lazily, taking in his extra sweet scent as I breathed deeply once more. The gentle pressure of his lips on mine was comforting, and I sighed when he pulled away too soon.

"Let's just get this over with, then," I mumbled.

"I'll be right with you," Edward replied, pulling me along with him.

We reached the front of the house, and I paused. Although I'd left my truck at Edward's house, there it sat in its usual place on the driveway. I looked up at Edward and he laughed at the bewilderment on my face.

"Alice drove it back and told Charlie we were going for a walk," he explained as he persistently led me up the stairs.

I nodded, and my breath began to come shallower and faster as he reached the door and held it open for me. The sound of the TV in the living room was loud – Charlie was watching a game. When he heard the door slamming closed he turned around with a grin.

"There's pizza in the kitchen, kids," he said.

"Thanks Dad."

I made my way into the kitchen, but Edward didn't join me – he continued down the hall to join Charlie. I didn't like the unsettling feeling in my stomach as I changed directions to join him. Charlie looked up at me, as I joined Edward on the armchair, with a puzzled expression.

"Ah… Dad?" I cleared my throat nervously and Edward stealthily squeezed my hand. "We need to talk."

Charlie hit the mute button and continued to look at me expectantly.

"I'm listening," he prompted.

With another nervous cough, I opened my mouth... but the words wouldn't come. I looked frantically at Edward, then back at a confused Charlie. Edward chuckled and shook his head.

"Fine," he murmured to me. "Charlie, I would like to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage."

Charlie's face froze and he stared at Edward with slightly glazed eyes. I dropped my face into my hands with a moan. This was going to be a disaster.

"Excuse me?" he protested.

I could hear Edward's amused smile as he answered. "I'm asking you to make me the happiest man alive by allowing Bella to be my wife."

"I… she… you – I…" Charlie spluttered.

I carefully moved my hands from my face to see his expression. His eyes were popping in his face, which had quickly turned a scary shade of purple, and his jaw was swinging on its hinges. As I continued to watch him, his gaze turned from Edward to me. I cringed and attempted to smile at him.

"Bella," he finally said, his voice deadly low. "Can I have a word with you... alone?"

Again, I looked frantically up at Edward who, again, smiled at me angelically. I shook my head minutely as he slowly stood from the chair. Desperately, I held his hand as tightly as I could, though it wasn't difficult for him to pull free.

"I'll go get you some pizza Bella," he said pleasantly. "How many pieces would you like?"

I slumped back in the armchair in defeat. "Surprise me," I growled and stared at the floor, avoiding Charlie's eyes.

When Edward was gone, Charlie continued to stare at me. After a long moment of silence, I looked up at him guiltily. His face had relaxed a little, but he still looked murderous.

"Bella, have you lost your mind?"

I shook my head slowly, not trusting my voice. Charlie took a deep breath, and finally looked away from me. He looked restless; his eyes darted from the TV screen, to the pictures of me on the mantelpiece, to the floor, then back to my face.

"I can't believe this Bella – what are you thinking?" his voice was steadily getting louder and I wished that Jasper could be in the room to calm him down.

"Dad, calm down," I tried to reassure him, but he wouldn't be soothed.

"You're only 18 years old Bella – you only finished school a week ago for goodness sake!" My face turned hard and I shook my head.

"Dad," I barked, "stop right there." Charlie shut his mouth and looked me in the eye belligerently. "You know, Edward's just being nice about this. He's already asked me and I've already said yes."

Charlies eyes bulged again and I held my hand up in a sign to stop, knowing he was about to interrupt.

"No, hear me out Charlie – I'm serious." I paused and took a deep breath. "I love him Dad," I tried to convey even a small portion of the intense feelings I had for Edward.

I watched as Charlie shook his head. He exhaled loudly and ran his hand through his hair agitatedly.

"Bells, I don't know what to say," he complained. He looked at me and his eyes were pleading. "You can't be serious. You know how it turned out for your mother and I – are you sure you're ready for that kind of commitment?"

"I am serious Dad. Believe me – it's not like I haven't thought about this." I could feel tears starting, and I struggled to smile at him; I could see him caving in.

"But how do you know that this is what you want? You haven't seen anything yet – you're still my little girl!" he shook his head again and put his face in his hand. "I won't say no, Bella. I don't like this at all – and I can imagine what your mother will say – but if this is truly what you want, I'm not going to take it away from you."

Edward chose that moment to reappear. His pleasant smile was fixed, though I could see the radiant happiness in his scorched golden eyes and in his long white hands was a plate of hot pizza. He took a seat on the arm of my chair and handed me the food.

"Here's your pizza. Sorry I was gone so long, it took me a while to figure out how to use your microwave," he explained, completely straight-faced. I snorted as I picked up a slice of pizza and took a large bite. Edward looked at Charlie expectantly.

"Um… Well, Bella and I have talked," Charlie began uncomfortably, avoiding Edward's eyes, "and, though I don't like the whole idea very much… I will not stop you from marrying my daughter."

I found it almost painful watching Edward's face light up with unbridled joy. But when he turned his grin, the crooked one that I could look at forever, onto me my heart melted. I knew that my answering smile was sappy, but somehow it didn't matter as he leaned down and gently kissed me.

I wrapped my arms around his neck to make the moment last a little longer and his lips went to my ear. His breath tickled as he whispered so that Charlie couldn't hear.

"You're mine! I wasn't sure if I could manage it, but soon I'll be yours and you'll be mine forever!"