A/N—and I've finally gotten it to you. The last scene that I wrote... the first day of their married lives. It's only short, but I love it... I think it's incredibly sweet. Please let me know if you agree!

Well, I'm sorry that I wasn't able to finish the whole story in time. But really, I'm not even going to try to beat Breaking Dawn. It was just too good. And if anyone disagrees, then that's your problem, because I thought it was A-MAZ-ing.

We stood in the doorframe and waved as they quickly melted away into the forest, pale blurs to my sight in their speed. Edward's arm around me tightened infinitesimally and I looked up to find him gazing at me with deep intensity. Butterflies erupted in my stomach at that look as his face inched slowly closer to mine.

Before I could comprehend anything other than the urgent movement of his cold lips on mine, I was in his arms and flying through the house to his bedroom. As he placed me carefully in the middle of his giant bed and stared at my prone form for a moment, I felt suddenly nervous. I'd been waiting for weeks for this to come and, now that the time had finally arrived, I didn't know what to expect. Was there something special I was supposed to do? What if I wasn't good enough?

Edward must have noticed the nervous change in my heart's beating, as he slid onto the bed with me and, ever so slowly, he took my face between his hands and kissed me deeply, banishing any further thought. My blood was boiling in my veins as his lips moved to the corner of my jaw and he whispered.

"Relax, Bella – don't think," his voice was seductively smooth, rich like melted chocolate.

His hands began to slowly slide from my face, down the length of my neck to the buttons at the top of my shirt, leaving a trail of fire from his icy touch. I shivered from the sensation, and his mouth was at my ear once more.

"Don't worry… I swear I won't hurt you." I couldn't muster the will power to form the words and answer that I wasn't worried. I already knew he would never hurt me.

Instead, I pulled his lips back to mine and ran my fingers through his soft bronze hair, pulling his face as close to mine as possible. He shifted slightly over me, moving so that he was straddled over one of my legs, and I could feel the entire length of his body resting lightly on my own. And then he unfastened the top button of my blouse, moving his lips to brush along my throat.

As he twisted each button open, he let his fingers trail along the exposed skin and his lips moved further down to my collar bone… to my chest. I shivered again at the feeling of his cool caresses. When he had released the very last button, he brushed my blouse open and leaned back to admire his handiwork. I struggled to remove it completely and, when I finally freed my arms from the sleeves, he tossed it aside. His lips curled back into an amused smile when he saw my lacy, deep blue bra – his favourite colour on me.

While his eyes memorised each new inch of my body, I took advantage of his raised body and began to remove his own shirt. I didn't have the same patience as he did – I tweaked the buttons open as quickly as I could, to reveal his marble chest all the sooner. When I was done, he quickly shrugged it off his shoulders and it joined mine in a pile on the floor.

I ran my fingers up and down the perfectly defined muscles of his chest, arms and back. He moaned softly and caught one of my hands in his and brought it to his mouth. As he kissed each of my fingertips, I held tightly to his arm with my other hand.

I shivered as he ran the tip of his tongue along the inside of my middle finger to my palm, which he kissed, and then to my wrist where he stopped to inhale deeply the heightened scent of my blood. He smiled as my heart rate accelerated further and my breath grew still shorter. The smile never leaving his face, he continued to run his nose in a cool line up the inside of my arm, randomly kissing and licking the sensitive skin. It made me shiver each time. Then, after placing my hand behind his head, he moved in an unbroken line along my shoulder, up the inside of my throat to my lips.

"I love you…" he murmured onto my lips, his voice unusually rough and his breathing erratic. I opened my eyes and stared into the golden depths of his own.

"I love you too," I managed to breathe in reply.


When I woke in the morning, I was greeted by the most exquisite vision I could ever imagine – Edward's face filled with an ecstatic smile, his bottomless amber eyes intense, as he watched me stir in the circle of his arms. The length of his naked body was cool and smooth as polished marble next to mine and I melted further into his arms, relishing the sensation.

He kissed me affectionately on the top of my head and began tracing random patterns in the small of my back. His fluttering fingers tickled and I giggled.

"Good morning Sleeping Beauty."

I nestled my face into his chest and lightly pressed my lips to his pale skin. My eyes closed lazily as he hummed a quiet yet upbeat tune. I wished that I could lay there forever, safe and secure in his cool embrace. But my stomach was of an inevitably different opinion and it growled hungrily, cutting short my stay in my personal heaven.

Edward chuckled and I sighed at my errant stomach.

"Would you like me to make you breakfast?" he asked.

I nodded and shifted to lie on my back as he slid off the bed. I watched him closely as he snagged his emerald green boxers from the top of our pile of clothes and slipped them on. I'd have to remember to ask him to wear that colour much more often – the contrast it made with his pale skin was… delicious.

He caught me staring, and I blushed red as his eyebrow arched at me. His answering chuckle was surprisingly unsteady. He crawled slowly back to lie next to me on the bed, the thin sheet forming a flimsy sheild from the iciness of his skin.

"You weren't... staring, where you Mrs Cullen?" he crooned, his smile alluring, his eyes smoldering brightly.

Early morning sunhine shattered into a spectacular halo around him. I traced the line of light on his shoulder with a single finger, still as facinated as the first time. His eyes drooped half-closed and he purred—a thrilling vibration of contentment that I'd become familiar with during the night. It had become my new favourite sound in all the universe.

"You have no idea how tempting you are," he moaned as my single finger moved down the lines of his perfect torso and up again. I was teasing him now. "How hard to resist..."

"Then don't," I breathed.

And his eyes were open, boring into mine. The yearning there was familiar—it was my own. I reached up to draw him closer, my tongue straining behind my firmly clamped teeth; desperate to explore, to taste...

His mouth crashed into mine hungrily and I sighed with pleasure. I would take all that I could get, and this; this was enough for now. He was under the sheet with me again, and I relished the freshness of his cold, smooth, hard body pressed against mine eagerly.

How we had lasted so long against this need was impossible to fathom now. I could spend eternity like this, with him—and very soon I would. We would: together.