Life will go on

By Miss P

Summary: When Brennan wakes up from many years in a coma,
things aren't what they used to be.

Disclaimer: I don't own Bones.


Chapter 1


Booth sat by the hospital bed, clutching her pale hand in his. He still couldn't believe this could have happened. If he'd only protected her better… was it his fault that his partner was in a coma? The doctors said she probably wouldn't wake up again – ever. Booth refused to believe it. She had to wake up, how could he live with himself if she didn't?

Everything had happened so fast. A single bullet to her head had changed everything. Booth had held her in his arms, not caring about the shooter getting away. It was clear someone wanted the forensic anthropologist out of the game, and it seemed like the person had succeeded. Booth had been determined to catch whoever did this, but there was no trace of the person. It had been a week. There was no sign of life in Brennan. She was just lying there, as if she was sleeping…


The voice made Booth turn his head tiredly. "Hey," he only managed a whisper. He gave the artist a weary smile.

"Is she still…"

Booth nodded.

"It's not your fault you know," Angela walked to stand next to Booth. She put a hand on his shoulder.

"I just wish there was something I could have done, she shouldn't be lying here."

Angela nodded sadly. "I know." She sat down on the bed, taking her best friends free hand. "Sweetie? Can you hear me? Wake up now will you? We miss you… it's not the same without you, you know…" Angela looked at Booth for back up.

"Uh… yeah, you should listen to her," Booth gently squeezed Brennan's hand. Angela gave him a sad smile.

"Please Bones. Hey, I can stop calling you that if you just come back to us, okay?"

There was no answer, not that he had expected one.

"Hey you can have that gun too…see Bones; I'm willing to compromise here…"

No sign of life.

Booth became quiet.

The only sound that could be heard was the regular beeping from the machines.

Suddenly Booth got up on his feet. "I'm sorry I have to…" he didn't finish the sentence before he left the room. Angela stared after him. She sighed, looking down at Brennan.

"He loves you, you know that? He blames himself for what happened to you…" Angela brushed away a strand of auburn hair from Brennan's forehead. "He'll wait for you, but you have to promise me you'll come back. Booth needs you, I need you. Sweetie, wake up…" Angela's voice trailed off. She wiped away a tear. "Do it for him…"

For a brief moment, Angela could have sworn she saw something in her friends' face, some kind of life, a sign that she could hear her. Angela shook her head; maybe it was just wishful thinking…


Four years later.



"Yeah," Angela looked up from her sketch pad, into Hodgins blue eyes. She smiled for a while before her face became serious again.

"It's Brennan," she said before the man could ask.

"Wanna talk about it?"

Angela shrugged. "I feel awful… it's like we all start to forget her, we hardly visit her anymore, it's like we have given up. And Booth, he's…" her voice trailed off. Hodgins sat down on a chair opposite the desk.

"We'll never forget Brennan, but our lives have to go on, even though we'll miss her every day."

"Very poetic," Angela muttered.

Hodgins smiled a bit.

"Hey baby, why don't you visit her today, you could need a break anyway."

Angela nodded. She was quiet a long time. Tears started to well up in her eyes. She shook her head. "Booth's getting married! I promised Brennan he'd wait for her, I let her down…"

Hodgins reached out to take her hand in his. "You couldn't have known. Besides four years is a long time, even Booth couldn't wait forever."

"Yeah," Angela mumbled. "Maybe it's better if she never wakes up…"

"Hey, don't say that."

Angela looked at Hodgins without saying anything. Suddenly she got up on her feet, headed for the door. The phone stopped her. With a sigh she walked back and picked up.

Angela's face went pale as a ghosts and her mouth opened in shock. "I'm on my way," she only managed a whisper. When she hung up, Hodgins stared at her with big eyes.

Suddenly Angela smiled uncertainly. "Brennan's awake."



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