Chapter 22


It was awkward. Everything about the situation was awkward. Booth and Brennan stood in the middle of his office, staring at each other, none of them knowing where or how to start.

He'd had it all planned out, the exact words, the perfect sentences. Booth realized he should have written them down, because standing there in front of her made him so nervous he couldn't even think of one single word to say. What if he said something wrong? What if he'd scare her away? What if she didn't feel the same?

"Booth what did you…" she started but let her voice trail off. Why did he just stare at her like that? "Booth?" she tried again.

"Uh yeah," he mumbled embarrassed at being caught staring at her. "Do you want something… coffee?" he flashed a nervous smile.

Brennan just shook her head. "You wanted to tell me something?" she finally managed.

Booth sighed, trying to shake off the awkwardness. He went to his chair and sat down. Brennan followed his example and placed herself opposite of him, half sitting on the desk.

"I uh… I don't see Katie anymore," Booth suddenly said.

Brennan nodded. "I know. And I'm sorry."

"The reason I…" he paused trying to figure out a way to say it. He tried again. "Katie and I didn't… I mean I didn't…" Booth stopped again. Why on earth did he have to mention Katie every time he spoke?

"'I'd rather be with someone else Bones, and with that I uh… I mean…" a knock on the door cut him off. He stared at in shock. This couldn't be happening.

With a miserable sigh, he went to open. It was his partner. "Eric, this is not a good time," Booth gestured for the desk there Brennan sat, then turned back to Eric with an apologetic smile on his lips. "Is it important?"

Eric grinned, shaking his head. "I'll come by later." He gave Booth a friendly slap on the shoulder, and then closed the door as he left.

Booth turned to head back to the chair. "Sorry about that," he gave Brennan a smile.

"Don't worry about it."

He gave her a sheepish smile, sitting down. "What I was trying to say is… that, you are… uh… I am…" Booth cut himself off, realizing he was not going to get anywhere with this. "Dammit Bones," he sighed exasperated, and before he could think too much about it and risk changing his mind, he got up and closed the distance between them with one step. Without taking his eyes off her he cupped her face, leaning down to kiss her.

He could tell Brennan was shocked, but to his relief she relaxed almost immediately, surprising him by actually kissing back. The kiss ended all too soon though, and when they moved apart they both wanted more.

"Booth that was…" Brennan couldn't find the right word.

"Incredible?" Booth suggested with a grin, all of the sudden feeling a hell of lot more confident.

"I wasn't going to…" she cut herself off, sighing. "Well, yeah," she admitted instead.

Booth's grin grew wider. "So what do you say Bones, we don't work together anymore, there's no complications... we could," Booth went quiet a while as he thought. His face suddenly lit up as a brilliant idea shot through his head. "Do you want to go on a date with me?"

Brennan couldn't help but laugh. "A date?"

"Yeah, what's wrong with that" Booth looked offended.

"Uh nothing, I just thought..." Brennan paused, looking at him. He looked back at her with his puppy dog look and her heart was melting like an ice cream in the sun. She had to smile. "I'd like that," she finally said

"Great Bones! I'll pick you up at seven tonight."

"Whoa, tonight, what's the rush?"

"Why wait?"

Brennan shook her head amused. To be honest she didn't want to wait either. It wasn't logical or even like her at all to be feeling like this. But for once in her life she decided to act upon it.

Going out with Booth would be strange, she knew that. But as she thought of it, wasn't that what they had been doing the whole time? They'd eaten together, having drinks together, even shared hotel rooms, so why did the thought of going out with him now make her feel so nervous? It wasn't rational. Brennan tried to shake the feeling off as she got up on her feet.

"I have to go I still have some work to do," she backed a few steps toward the door. Booth stood and headed over to her.

"See you tonight then Bones."

"Yeah," she mumbled, not really wanting to meet his eyes. She turned and opened the door, but hesitated on the threshold. Brennan could feel Booth's eyes on her as she stood there. It wasn't long, but it felt like hours. When she finally spun around, she almost hit him in the progress. She hadn't realized he'd gotten so close. She hesitated just a second, then she pulled his head down to hers, placing a kiss on his lips.

The kiss ended just as quick as it had started, and before Booth had a chance to talk, Brennan disappeared though the door.

Booth stood there with a grin on his lips. He just couldn't bring himself to stop smiling. He felt too good to even consider it. After waiting for her for so long, it was finally happening. Thinking back now, he couldn't understand how he could have given up on her. When she'd been shot four years ago and slipped into a coma, he had promised her he'd wait for her. He hadn't. Only a few months ago he had been so close to marrying another woman. Thinking of Brennan now made Katie seem plain and boring. He couldn't understand how he could have even looked at another woman. But then again, had he really? Somewhere deep inside he knew he had never stopped loving Brennan.

He had waited for her, and now it seemed like the wait was finally over.


The End

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