Story takes place two years after the Diamond & Pearl Saga. I hope you enjoy this story, and if you can please review with any feedback that you may have, any and all reviews are helpful in any case.

Contains Advanceshipping (Ash/May) as the main relationship, although several others are included and referenced.


Guardian Solaris



May: 15

Max: 13

Brock: 22

Dawn: 13


Chapter 1- Alone

At the start of things, everything's blurry. Like you have absolutely no idea what to do. Then you wake up. You see people, fight with people, fall in love with people. As well as an assortment of other things that you can do with people, or a whole group of people if you really want.

For me, things were blurry as well. Just like you when you first popped out. It was all so chaotic, not knowing what was up, or down. Yet it was better than the situation I find myself in now. Back then there was no good or evil or start or stop, or past, present, future, as well as the boring philosophical arguments that go along with them.

Just Chaos. Lovely brilliant and abrupt as Arceus smacking you in the face Chaos.

But after you're born, and you take your first steps into this new world of endless possibilities. You realise that the lovely chaos was all that much better.


It was a brilliant day in Hoenn as the sun shone its bright rays of light down upon the earth. A young brunette girl, in her mid- teens walked down the path. She had definitely grown from three years ago although she was not an unusual height for her age. Her brunette hair went down to her shoulders, as the top was held up by a green bandana. The set of clothes that made up what she liked to call her emerald outfit.

Besides the girl, strode her little brother alongside. He was now thirteen, living his childhood dream of becoming a Pokémon trainer, to follow in his father's footsteps, as he walked alongside his older sister obviously more ecstatic. He wore a green T-Shirt with a white stripe running through the middle, he wore dark blue jeans, which were slightly worn at the bottom, and his black hair remained the same since he was a child.

Although the sun shone down at the glorious day, the demeanour of the older girl seemed to change the mood around of her entirely. The lack of lustre in her eyes, how her movements were constricted with every step, shoulders hung down. She seemed exhausted wondering what the journey ahead would bring her.

"I'm sure that you're going to win the festival this time May!" the younger one said in a happy tone, attempting to get his sisters mood up, knowing that nothing else would. "It's been a while since I've seen you last time in the grand festival"

"I know" she sighed, trying to surface a smile although failing.

It had been two years now that they had been reunited, the younger one, known as Max had seen the change in his sister. Her happy personality, her trademark smile that greeted all, they all seemed to have vanished. To the untrained eye her attempts at a rouse would work. To everyone else it would seem that she was a happy go lucky girl, with her future coming to her. Although her little brother could see deeper inside of his sister, and he knew that she was not the same.

He would always be the type to look deeper into others, and he could try and deny it all he would want, but it was as clear as day no matter how hard he would want to think otherwise. So to make sure that she would one day get better, he decided to travel with her, she had looked after him in his time of need, and now it was his turn to look out for her.

'I hope that the grand festival cheers her up' He thought, as this was one of the only viable options that he could see.

"Well?" he pursued her for a better answer.

"I hope that I do well, I have a lot of tough rivals to face." She said without any hint of a smile.

This was just strange. Strange and different unlike before, when she was in some of her first festivals, she would run. May Maple would not be able to contain her excitement to get to the next hurdle and the next challenge. Until she lost. But she was happy before she lost, or was losing, or did something she was embarrassed about. Or if she did something she was guilty about. Or if someone she knew was in a bad way. But she would always be happy to get to the next festival.

Max had calculated that his little plan of letting the festival cheer was going to fail. So the young boy decided to try once more, in the thought that it could not make things any worse.

"I Know that you Will do great here May, you did great in Sinnoh" he said, but the young boy from Petalburg had made a small mistake. He said the 'S' word. May's expressions saddened once more, with thoughts of the past flooding into her mind.

Two years ago, she had competed in Johto; she had reached all the way towards the finals of the competition. Only to lose to one of her main rivals named Drew. She had barely seen the other green haired co-ordinator, apart from in other contests. In her loss all that she received was his ego in her face. He flashed his trophy over to her, the trophy that would remain just out of her reach, as girls swarmed around him. He told her things about her as a co-ordinator that, as always had made her feel like dirt. To try and take it all back, he threw her a Rose, like always. But this Rose had its thorns on, as it scratched her fingers, letting her blood come out. Yet he didn't notice, as he was left in the satisfaction of victory.

The year after Johto she had travelled to the Sinnoh region, she had bought some of her strongest Pokémon along with her, and with their abilities she was able to complete the necessary contests with ease, and had a lot of time left before the festival was about to begin. So she trained with her Pokémon, isolated from everyone else; all alone. Waiting for the festival to come, and when it did she was reunited with her younger brother, Max. Max was also travelling in Sinnoh and when he had heard how his sister had gone off of the face of the planet. He became worried, even though he wouldn't admit to his sister he did wonder where she could have gone off to. The young boy arrived at the grand festival trying to find her, in which he had succeeded. The two felt as if they were seeing a completely different person from who they had known.

In the Sinnoh festival May had a case of Déjà vu as she had once again reached the finals, only to lose. This time it was to her other rival, a boy known as Harley. After this loss, Harley began to mock her co-ordaining skills, and her ability to evade the trophy. Although her younger brother attempted to defend her, he too was put down by Harley. Harley mocked Max as being an incompetent trainer. It was then that May began to think about quitting co-ordinating.

'Max has changed' May thought, 'He just doesn't feel like my little brother anymore' she thought, although the years had not been easy to Max either.

In his first year of training Max had failed to compete in the Evergrand league like other trainers, because he only had seven of the eight badges required. The reason for that was because he could not beat his father, no matter how hard he would try in a battle, he wasn't able to win. The next year he had travelled to the Sinnoh region, where he had met up with his sister, at the Grand Festival, then headed over to the Sinnoh championships, in which the young trainer had all eight badges required to enter. In the Sinnoh league he was beaten by a trainer named Brandon, after reaching to the top eight.

This year the young trainer had managed to defeat his father to obtain his eighth badge for his home region, and after his sisters Grand Festival, would finally be able to compete in the competition in which he had missed out on two years ago.

"May, I know that you're gonna blow the competition away!" Max said giving his sister a reassuring smile, although his persistent attempts continued to fail. The two then slowly made their way down the hill to the festival stadium complex. Into one of the few Pokémon centres that catered for the grand event.


Once they reached the centre, the automatic, Double doors opened up as they then heard a familiar call to love. "Oh Nurse Joy."

The call had made them both brighten up with the thought of seeing a figure that they hadn't seen in a long time. They rushed in to see Brock on his knees with a bouquet in his hands in similar attire that he was in when they had travelled throughout Kanto.

"Nurse Joy heal my broken hart and... Urghhh" Brock groaned as he was dragged across the floor by a Toxicroak that had materialised out of his Pokéball. The brother and sister pair didn't know whether to laugh or save the Fox-eyed breeder from what the Pokémon would do to him.

"He will never change" A voice from their side sighed, they then turned they noticed a girl, she appeared to be as old as Max, a co-ordinator May had remembered seeing on the T.V. called Dawn.

Max was lost in her image for an amount of time that he can't really remember until he was taken away from his perving at the blue haired girl by his sister.

"Hi!" May offered a friendly greeting,

"Oh? Hi" was her response,

"Do you know Brock?" May asked whilst Max wondered why she had just stated the obvious.

"Yeah I travelled with him through Sinnoh, my names Dawn; I'm a Co-ordinator" she said.

"Hi, I travelled with Brock through Kanto and Johto. My name is May and I'm a co-ordinator, and this."

"My names Max and I'm a Pokémon trainer" Max said with a sense of pride in his voice as he didn't want to be introduced by his sister.

'A Pokémon trainer; just like' Dawn thought, however Dawns thoughts were interrupted as the older of the two hit Max with a mallet that seemed to come from nowhere. Dawn merely chuckled, and with a grin said "so I guess this makes us rivals"

"I guess so" May added. But this meeting left her a lot to think about.