Hi everyone I'm back with another story hope you all in joy it. This is about how Tk and Kari met Kimberly it's different then the way they met in my other story though.

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A Trip to Remember.

14 year old Kari Kamiya was sitting on top of her bed thinking about the trip she was going on. She and all the other digi-destined except for Matt, Izzy, and, Cody were all going to New York to visit there friend Mimi. She couldn't wait to see them. Her thoughts were interrupted when there was a nock at her door.

"Kari it's Tai lets go we're gonna be late." He said through the door. She got her bags and slowly got up

"Tk is down stairs waiting for us." Said Tai because he knew his little sister was in love with him. Kari ran out the door gave her bags to Tai and rushed out of the apartment. Matt since he wasn't able to come agreed that he and Izzy would drop everyone off at the Airport.

"Hey Matt you want to help me load mine and Kari's bags into the car?" asked Tai as he came outside too.

"Ok." Said Matt. He got out of the drivers seas just as Kari was getting into the car and sitting next to her best friend Tk.

"So Tai are you gonna ask Sora?" said Matt loading some bags into the trunk

"What are you talking about?" asked the other boy

"You know the question that every girl wants to hear."

"Oh that question, then yeas I am."

"Well good luck." Matt and Tai got into the van to find Sora sitting with Kari and Tk. So Tai sat next to Matt and they drove off.

"SO I'm guessing Izzy picking up Joe, Ken, and Davis?" asked Sora

"Yeah I thought that would be better and get Davis away from Kari." Said Tai gesturing to the to kids behind him. The got to the Airport to find Joe and the others all ready there.

"All right you guys say hi to Mimi for us, and tell her we're sorry we couldn't come." Said Matt as he gave Tk a hug and gave him a small lecture about behaving and all that.

"Bye buys we'll see you in 2 weeks." Said Tai as the entered the waiting area of the Airport.

"Ok everyone here is how this is going to go on the plane Sra is sitting with me Kari is sitting with…" Tai was caught off by Davis

"Me!" said Davis

"No she will be sitting with Tk. Yolei you and Ken and Joe and Davis." Finished Tai.

Davis mumbled something under his breath and proceeded to sit with the others.

"Ok now the only problem we have left is who is sharing rooms with who. On this one you can pick." Said Tai grabbing Sora' s hand.

"Hey Kari you want to bunk with me?" asked Tk

"Of course."

"Hey Kari you want to bunk with me?" asked another voice (Davis Duh!)

"Davis I don't think so." She answered

"But why?"

"Because I'm bunking with Tk and that's final."


"Ok the Tk and Kari, Joe is with Mimi, Yolei is with Ken I'm with Sora and Davis…Davis gets his own room." Said Tai

"That was probably a good Idea because of Davis's snoring no one would ever sleep." Whispered Sora

'NO matter what I will get to kiss Kari' thought Davis.


"all right everyone lets get ready for a 17 hour flight." Said Tai as they grabbed there stuff and headed to the terminal.

Davis: I hate you Takarifangirl14

Takarifangirl14: Oh and why is that. (like i don't allready know)

Davis: Your so mean to me I never end up with Kari in any of your story's

Takarifangirl14: Sorry Davis, however there is someone who you will end up with in this story.

Davis: Really who?

Takarifangirl14: You'll have to wait and see.

This is The first chapter hope you liked it, I would love to here your thoughts