OK I'm only doing this because this is my last chapter and because she begged me so here she is.

Bldlf: Hey Davis! I heard everyone's killing you right now.
Davis: Go away...
Bldlf: Calm down. I heard what you want.
Davis: I want to kiss Kari!
Bldlf: Okay, but I'm warning you, you didn't specify a Kari.
Davis: Huh?
Bldlf: M M Forever, can you send in Kairi?
M M Forever: Sure!
Davis: Yay!
Kairi comes in (the one from Kingdom Hearts).
Davis: Huh?
Bldlf: (Laughing hard) You didn't specify a specific Kari!
Davis: -Storms out-
Bldlf: (Still cracking up) You did good!
Kairi: Thanks! Can I go back now?
Bldlf: Sure.
Kairi leaves.
Davis comes back with a big hammer.
Davis: I'll get you!
Bldlf: -Pulls out a TRG Sniper Rifle- What did you say?
Davis: Um...nothing? -Drops hammer and runs out screaming like a little
Bldlf: WAHAHAHA! I love that he's stupid! I didn't even load this thing! If I
did, I would get arrested!
Knock on the door
Voice: Open up! Police!
Bldlf: Oh crap...

Me: HA!HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (Wipes tear from eyes) Here is the final chapter hope you like it.

Chapter 12

Goodbyes are always hard.

It was there final day in New York. Everyone was sad because even though some where happy. They where sad because they had to say goodbye to there new friends and girlfriend/boyfriend.

"You guys. I have some good new!" said Kimberly

"What is it?" asked Matt.

"Well Canny and I will be going to Japan in 2 weeks to visit you."

"How is that?" asked Izzy

"Ok I have a work there and Canny has a design contest there. So everyone is happy."

"Yay!" The all cheered.

"When is your flight?" asked Sora.

"Our flight is in 2 hours. What about yours?" said Canny

"Ours is in 2 hours as well." Said Kari.

"Look you guys we have made great friends. Sora got a fiancée. Canny and I got the best boyfriends we could ever ask for, and Kari got her dream boy. Everybody wins."

"Well what did I get?" asked Davis.

"The fact that I didn't kill you." Said Kimberly

"Oh…In that case. It's very good."

"Despite Evelyn this was a good vacation after all." Said Tk.

"Yeah it was." Said Kari.

They all grabbed there stuff. Loaded it into the limo and left the hotel.

At the Airport.

"Wow this has been the best vacation ever." Said Izzy.

"Yes it has." Added Matt. As both of them looked at there girlfriends.

Flight 5567 in lane A and flight 7843 in lane B are now boarding. Said the intercom.

"Well I guess this is where we part." Said Kimberly.

First she hugged Kari, then Sora, then Yolei. (Mimi was back at the hotel she had already said her goodbye's) Then she hugged, Tai, Ken, Joe, even Davis. Then She gave Izzy a kiss and Canny did the same thing except she kissed Matt.

"Bye." They said to one another. Before they boarded there planes.

"Don't forget to write." Thy screamed.

This was one hell of a vacation. They all though. They got into there planes and waited for it to take off missing there friends already, however they all had gotten a lot of memories to share. This really was a trip for the hall of fame.

The End

That's it for this story, and my digimon fan fiction., Not to worry though I have decided to write a Code Lyoko fan fiction with my friend animeboyluv. And I will be coming out with other Code Lyoko fictions.