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"Rockman…" Netto stood by his navi, tears rolling down his cheeks to fall softly on the bandaged hand.

"Netto, please go home. Your mother's worried sick about you."

"I won't leave him here! Not alone while he's in this condition!" Netto screamed at his father. More tears fell as he tightly closed his eyes.

Yuuichiro, feeling he wouldn't win, gave up.

"I'll tell your mother that you'll be here. Though, you know that she won't be happy."

"I don't care."

Hakase Hikari sighed sadly, truly understanding how Netto felt. He turned and walked out of the room, leaving Netto to cry softly.

"Rockman…" he sobbed, the sounds of anger and sadness lulling him to sleep.

Netto's dream-

"Rockman, you can't defeat him!"

"Netto-kun, I'll do whatever it takes to protect you, even if it costs me my life!"

Rockman charged forward, a long sword on one arm and the rockbuster on the other. He swung the sword at the navi, narrowly missing their arm. The darkloid disappeared using a special evasion technique.

"Rockman, give up now!"

"Netto-kun, you don't believe in me, do you?"

"Of course I do. I just don't want to lose you!"

Before Rockman could respond, the navi reappeared and kicked Rockman in the back. Rockman hit the ground four feet away. He began to push himself up when a sharp pain struck his leg and he buckled down to the ground again.

"Say, 'bye' to your navi, kid!"

The darkloid held up an arm cannon and began to charge its power.

"Netto-kun, if I don't survive, I want you to know something. I love you and I'm proud to be your navi and friend."

"Rockman, don't say such things!"

The darkloid fired his shot, the tri-colored ray streamed forward. Fortunately, he had bad aim and the attack hit the ground a few feet in front of Rockman. Though missing, the force of the blast threw Rockman into the air, landing nearly fifty feet from the initial impact.

Netto screamed as he watched Rockman harshly hit the ground. His helmet shattered and his body twisted in an almost sickening way. He lay motionless, a pool of blood forming beneath him.

The darkloid laughed, finding the battle more of a game. That was until he was impaled in the chest by a cybersword. He tried to turn and see the attacker, but burst into pixels, deleted. Behind him was Blues, who ran to Rockman when the darkloid was fully gone.

Blues gently rolled the injured navi on to his back, examining him.

"Blues, is he…"

"No, Netto. He's still alive, but he won't last long without getting him to the science labs."

Blues picked him up and carried him to the lab, Netto by his side, supporting Rockman's head. It was the only thing he could think of to help.


Netto woke up, the sun gleaming in through the blinds. Becoming more aware of his surroundings, Netto noticed he was leaning against the navi, his head on Rockman's stomach. It wasn't as soft as it had been. The bandages were coarse and uncomfortable.

Netto remembered lying next to his navi. He had spent many nights with Rockman during the thunderstorms he feared. Rockman would curl against him ina protective manner, helping Netto to fall asleep while feeling safe.

Tears rose to his eyes, thinking of how much Rockman cared about him. Netto looked fully at the navi. He had been unconscious for a week. Rockman's arms and legs were bandaged down to the fingers and toes. His stomach was tightly wrapped to keep the deep wounds he suffered from bleeding. More bandages were around his head, hidden beneath a mess of cobalt hair. Netto wouldn't deny his navi looked like an Egyptian mummy, waiting to come back to the world.

Netto lifted his head, wiping away the tears with his wrist. He looked at Rockman's face. It was calm, but one couldn't overlook the small traces of pain that appeared. He wanted to be hopeful for his navi, but that was so hard, seeing Rockman like this.

Netto rose, walking out of the room. He needed air before he got sick.

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