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Darkness. Do you know what it means, what it stands for? I do, then again I would if I am a part of the darkness. Confused, yeah I thought so, well let me elaborate.

My name is Yami, Yami Atemu to be exact, and this, this is my story. I was raised by a vampire, yes I know what you're thinking, vampires don't exist, they're just a myth to scare children, and make wonderful scary stories, but that my friend is where you are wrong.

Vampires are quite real, so real in fact that we can feel, touch and love, just like anyone else. Notice how I said we, yes I am a vampire, but not the kind you think, for you see, I am not a full blood, but in fact a half blood, a half breed, meaning only half of my DNA is that of a vampires.

Now being vampire is not like what you hear in those fantasies stories, on no, it's quite different. Yes if you are bitten you will be turned into a vampire, but there are different kinds of vampires, like half bloods for example, which is what I am, but in order to become a half blood, certain things must happen, like, you can't be drunk dry by a vampire, any vampire, because if you are, you will die, that's for certain.

Yes I know, not what you've been told, but it's the truth, the next thing is, in order to be a half blooded vampire, you must receive the blood of another half blood, or you will die from blood lose.

Odd huh, yes I know, but once again, it is the truth, which is why I am what I am, I didn't choose to be this way, in fact, I wasn't even supposed to be what I am.

Confused again, here, let me explain. My mother, who was quite beautiful might I add, was a human, a pure human, then again what other kind of human is there? I'm confusing you again aren't I, forgive me, I'll get into more detail.

My mother was 25 when she met my father, Akunumkanon, a kind loving man, with intelligence, and dignity, and a big heart to match, even if it wasn't beating. Yes, my father was a vampire, a pure blood to be exact, which is probably why he got into so much trouble later on.

For you see, pure bloods are not supposed to interact with human, according to them, humans are nothing but food, and a waste of flesh. But that's not what my father thought.

Like me, he didn't care for feeding off the life force of others to foul his own, even if it meant his survival, and like me, he only fed off a human at least once a week, and this was because our bodies demanded it, if we had our way we would never feed off the humans at all.

Like me, Father liked to drink animal blood, or blood from a bank, but soon our bodies would crave that of fresh blood, so we'd go hunt, and even then, we only feed of the sickly humans that had no chance of survival or the elders.

I'm confusing you again, I'm sorry, I do this a lot, to be short, my father feel in love with my mother, and they slept together, a crime of the highest in the vampire community. But do you want to know what's even more disgusting then a vampire mating with a human to them, a half blood, one who can walk among both worlds.

According to them, we taint their bloodline, their genetics, but I don't see what the big deal is. I'm getting off trace again aren't I?

Well, my mother got pregnant and had me, but don't be mistaken, I was not born a half blood, no, I was born a human, with vampire blood running through my veins, much to mother and my father's happiness.

Neither one of them wanted me to be a vampire, or a half blood, for they knew a half-blooded vampire was shunned upon in the vampire community, and even now, after 3 thousand years, it still is.

Yes I am over 3 thousand years old, but at the moment I look to be 18, notice how I said 'at the moment'.

Yes, being a half blood, is somewhat of a course, for during the day I am just like any another human, I eat, and sleep, and even work, but, once the sun sets, I change.

I grow paler, and my nails and canines lengthen to harmful degrees, and black feathery wings sprout from my back, not to mention the fact that my age changes.

Yes, you heard me correct, my age changes once the sun goes down, for during the day I age just like a normal human, each year I grow older and I do look it, but once the sun sets, I change back to my 18 year old form, for that is when I was turned, much to my unhappiness.

In my 'human form', that is what I call it, I can die just like a normal human, due to old age, or murdering and such, but once it's dark, I am, how do you say, reborn in a way.

After I 'die' in my human form, that night, I awaken as an 18 year old, and am once more in my vampire form, and that day, I am 18 all over again, I never come back younger then when I was turned.

It's a cycle, a loop, I age in my human form, die, then am reborn once more when the sun sets, but I always return in my vampire form, confusing yes, I know, and I've had to deal with it for 3 millennia.

As you recall, I said I was 18, which is true; I 'died' yesterday, heart attack, age 87, weird huh? This is probably the reason why I live alone, I mean, you try explaining that you can die, but not technically 'die', it's hard.

Ok, we're going to go back for a sec; I need to explain a few more things to you. After my mother had me, she died a few years later; I was only 4.

She was murdered, in cold blood. The police said they couldn't find the people who did it, but really, how are you supposed to find people when the ones who killed your mother were the living dead!!!!!

Yes, vampires murdered my mother, how else do you explain the fact that her body was drained dry of all its blood, and the fact that she had two puncture wounds on her neck, but you try explaining this to the police yeah, didn't think so.

After my mother's death, my father and I went into hiding. The vampire community was looking for him, they wanted to 'punish' him for his crimes, ridiculous I know, but we still hid. He wanted to keep me safe, for he knew since I was the offspring of a vampire and a human, they wanted me.

Since I was human, and had vampire blood cursing through my veins, which was fare worse than the 'crime' my father committed, the vampire council, the leaders of the vampire world, wanted me, for reason I know not, but I knew then, like I know now, they couldn't have been good.

So me and my father stayed in hiding, and we did pretty good, even though my father had to go out and feed at night, I was always well protected by his spells, and his friends that had stayed loyal to him, one of the main ones being Seto Kaiba, a psychic vampire.

Now do not be mistaken, Seto was more than my father's friend, he was and still is my older cousin. Didn't see that coming did you? It is true; Seto is my older cousin by 2,000 years, his father Akunadin, had Seto before he died, though I'm not sure how; father never told me.

Well, when father went to Seto asking for help, my cousin agreed, not wanting anything to happen to his uncle and his younger cousin. So Seto took care of me, and even today he still does, even if I don't want him too.

Well, on my 18th birthday, Seto and I went out to celebrate, and that's the reason I am what I am. When we were leaving the club we had gone to, we were attacked; by none other than some shit head pureblood.

Seto and I tried to fight them off as best we could, but in the end they won. They knocked Seto unconscious, and then they bit me, draining me of my blood, my life force.

Once they were finished feeding, they left, leaving me to die of blood lose, something that was quite painful. I would have died had it not been for him.


18-year-old Yami Atemu lie on the cold concrete ground of the alley, blood oozing from the many bit wounds he had upon his body. Taking deep breaths to try and calm himself, the teen looked at his unconscious cousin, his right arm reaching out towards the man.

"Se…Set…. Seto," he stammered, his voice weak and hushed, his voice refusing to corporate with him.

Not receiving a response from the psychic vampire, Yami turned his head to the other side and began to reach for his phone, but he knew it no longer worked, the pure bloods having stepped on it ruthlessly.

'I'm going to die," Atemu thought, before tears began to stream down his face. He knew he shouldn't have gone out, just like his father had said, but he thought he could protect himself; he thought he could have saved himself, but he was wrong.

Closing his eyes, Yami cried silently, waiting for death to claim his young soul, but his crying soon halted as he heard footsteps approaching him.

'Can't they just leave me alone, I'm already going to die, isn't that enough,' Yami mentally cried, clenching his bleeding hands.

"Go…aw…away… just…go away…. leave me…. alone," Yami stammered, trying his best to sound demanding and strong, but his words came out weak and pathetic sounding.

"Well I thought you could use some help," a man's voice said, the tone sounding sweet, and soft, to nice to be a pure blood.

Opening his eyes, worried crimson met soft brown as the two men stared at each other. "You… you're… going…to help… me?" Yami asked weakly, his crimson eyes filling with hope.

"Of course, that wasn't really a fare fight if you ask me," the man chuckled, the sound coming out gentle, and soft, having a comforting aura to it. .

Suddenly the man brought his wrist to his lips, before sinking his rather large canines into the flesh, drawing a pretty good amount of blood. Reaching down, the man, held Yami's head up, before bringing his bleeding wrist to the teens lips.

"Drink this, it'll keep you alive," he ordered gently, his fingers tightening in Yami's hair, rather from pain, or something else, Yami didn't know.

Looking at the man confusingly, Yami wrapped his lips around the bleeding flesh, before he began to drink the oozing fluid, the bitter-sweet tasting liquid making his throat burn.

"I'm Ryou by the way,"


Ryou saved my life, it wasn't for him, I'd be dead right now. After I finished drinking my fill, I soon found out that Ryou was a half blood, but unlike me, he wasn't turned, he was born that way.

Also unlike me, Ryou could choose what age he wanted his human form to be in, whereas I can't. But his human form does die eventually, but not as often as mine does, but usually, Ryou sticks to being 17 and lets his body age from then.

Ryou and I became really good friends, unlike me and his lover Bakura, who's an emotional vampire. Now him and I do not get alone AT ALL!!!!!

But that's beside the point, after I was saved, Ryou began to teach me the ways of the vampire, something I had somewhat learned from watching my father, who died shortly after I was turned; stake to the heart.

After his death, I moved in with Seto at his mansion, and soon Ryou and Bakura joined us as well. We became a family, a weird family, but a family nonetheless. And soon that family grew when Marik and Malik entered it, two Incubuses vampires, who are very perverted and very insane might I add.

Even now, 3,000 or so years later, our family is still a family, and we all take care of each other in our own little ways. Even though we are vampires, and are different kinds of them, we are still somewhat human, well, Ryou and me still are.

After my transformation, I was shunned in the vampire community, for being a half blood of course, and for being the son of my father, which is probably why I am in the family I'm in, we're all sort of outcast.

Bakura has told me many times that he didn't need some stuck up community to feel loved, he had Ryou for that, and like me, Ryou was a half blood, no need for explanation there, and Marik and Malik are Incubus, the must shunned kind of vampire there is, and Seto, he's already told me he'd never leave me, even if he can be an ass hole some times.

I was born a human and am now a half blooded vampire, but it's ok, for I have my friends with me, but sometimes, sometimes I wish I had someone of my own, some I could call my lover, the light to my darkness.



ChibiKit-- yeah I know weird, and I'm sorry, oh yeah, I've read different things on vampires, and have read different articles and papers and such, and out off all the theories I've read about, these are the ones I like. I don't believe all vampires are evil and I do believe that there are 'half bloods' so sorry if my theory sounds weird and such, but hey, my story, my writing, I get to choose ;)


Psychic Vampires- Vampires that feed off the Aura of others. They do not bit their victims, for there is no need to. Psychic vampires can feed off of anyone except other vampires, but they can feed off of half bloods due to being part human. These vampires are born this way, and are immortal. These vampires have no heartbeat, and are killed by a stake through the heart. These vampires have no wings, fangs, or claws, for they do not need them. They are well equipped with fighting skills. All though they have no wings, these vampires are quite skilled in jumping, and blending with the shadows.

Full Blooded Vampire- These vampires are the most common. They cannot walk in daylight, and are dead; they have no heartbeat, and can only be killed through a stake to the heart. These vampires are extremely ruthless, but some are in fact kind, but not very many. These vampires feed off all types of human, and can even feed off their own kind. These vampires have black feathery wings, sharp canine teeth, and long black nails. Their strength is powerful, and are skilled fighters.

Half Blooded Vampires- These Vampires are only half human, and half vampire. They can walk among men in the daytime, but once night falls, their canine teeth grow, and they sprout wings. These Vampires can either be born this way, or turned. These vampires can die in their human form, but their vampire form must be killed as well for them to completely die. If a half blood is killed by a stake through the heart, both the human form and vampire form will die. Half bloods do have a heart beat except for when they are in their vampire form. These vampires have the features of the full-blooded vampire, except theirs disappear once the sun rises and they are not dead.

Emotional Vampires- These vampires feed of emotions such as anger, love, greed, depression, and others. Theses Vampires usually feed off of the bad emotions for they have more power and will keep the vampire satisfied. Theses vampires can kill their victims, but they usually don't. They can wipe memory. These vampires are killed through a stake to the heart. They also have no heartbeat, and can be both immortal, and mortal. These vampires do bit their victims, but they not drain them of blood. These vampires do have claws, and wings, as well as fangs.

Incubus Vampires- These vampires feed off of the sexual desires of humans. They gain their power through sex. They are extremely seductive, and sometimes perverted minded. These vampires can move into their victim's dreams and create fantasies and seductive images. These vampires do not kill their victims, but they can wipe their memory. These vampires do have a heartbeat, for they are not considered dead. These vampires are to be killed by a stake through the heart. These vampires mostly feed off virgins. These vampires also have wings, as well as claws, but they do not have fangs. But they do have very sharp teeth that have a kind of poison in them that drains their victim of control over their body.