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'Yugi's thoughts'

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This truly was odd, that was a fact, even Seto knew that, but what he couldn't seem to understand was the fact that a mortal, a pure mortal could have such a… well he didn't know what to call it really.

Humans could not have prophecies or visions, that was a proven fact over the centuries, and all those humans who claimed they could were just fooling themselves, only those with blood of a mystical creature such as a vampire or demon, or perhaps an elf or nymph could do such an act, everyone who was mystical knew that.

So if this was true then why on earth was a human having one, if it could even be called a vision, it made no sense, and Atemu had told him this Yugi kid was a pure mortal, no mystical blood what so ever.

Walking down the corridors of his mansion Seto began to ponder, looking over his memories as he lead his younger cousin to his study room, a sacred place that none were allowed, not even Atemu himself, but this was an important matter, and he could always just move it to a different room in the house if necessary.

File after file, book after book appeared in his head, jogging his memory of past readings and studies he had done as a younger vampire, filling his mind with tales and stories as he thought, ignoring the nagging headache he was beginning to get. This always happened when he tapped into his memory.

"I think I might know what is going on younger cousin," Seto found himself saying, slowly pushing open the door to his studies, before he flicked on a light switch, plunging the room into light.

Inside the study room were mountains and mountains of book and files; old and new readings the young psyche vampire had collected over the years; things he had gathered to enhance his knowledge and teach him the ways of the old and new world.

"What you told me is quite strange younger cousin, quite strange indeed, and I think I may know what is going on," Seto said softly, before he began to search the piles of books and pages.

"I knew I could count on you," Atemu said softly, watching his elder cousin work as he took a seat at a small desk that could really use a good cleaning, or at least a filing cabinet for all the papers and files it had littered all over it.

"Ah here it is," Seto said after a short while, holding up a solid black book that looked like it had seen better days.

The old thing was ratty and in really bad shape, all most to the point of falling apart. Atemu was surprised the pages weren't falling out of the poor thing yet, and he was even more surprised the old books spine hadn't torn off.

"What is that Seto?" Atemu asked skeptically, ebony eyebrow arching as he watched his older cousin blow away the dust the poor book had collected before he opened the old book and begin flipping through torn and ripped pages, slightly amused that Seto could even turn a page without the whole damn thing coming apart.

"A book," Seto said impassively, as if Atemu couldn't see that the thing he held in his hands was indeed a book. How stupid did Seto think he was?

"I see that, but what kind of book is it?" Atemu said rolling his eyes, leaning back in the dusty chair he was currently sitting in.

Seto really needed to straighten this room up; it was a pigsty and smelled of aged blood and filthy dust, not a very pleasant aroma if you ask Atemu.

"It's a book of myths, I collected it from my fathers things ages ago and I remember a passage in here that might be just what we're looking for," Seto stated calmly as he continued to flip through the ratty old book, his deep blue eyes never once leaving the moving pages as he searched.

"Seto, I doubt a book of fairytales will tell us anything about what just happened with that Yugi boy, and maybe it was all in my imagination, I am human right now after all, they have those," Atemu groaned softly, as if he wanted to just drop the matter and move on with his undead life, which at the moment, that's all he wanted to do.

"It's not a book of fairytales first off, it's a book of myths, and second off this wasn't in your imagination, you said you were in this boy's head, you could see and feel his thoughts and emotions, that's something you could not have imagined, even a skillful vampire could do no such thing," Seto growled out, flicking glaring eyes to his cousin, before they quickly flickered back to the book in his hands.

He wasn't trying to get angry with his young cousin, but all this remembering was giving him a headache that was on the verge of becoming a full-blown migraine and he really didn't need another one of those today.

"Ah ha, found it," Seto finally called in triumph after a few more seconds, hastily walking over to Atemu, making sure to not trip over any of the scattered papers and books, before he stood before his young cousin and smirked.

"Found what?" Atemu asked sitting up in his seat as he gazed at his smirking cousin, wondering what on earth Seto could have found that would make him look so… happy. Ok maybe happy wasn't a very good word to describe the look he was giving him right now.

"sDm" Seto commanded before he began to read.

"According to this book vampires have been around on this earth since the beginning of time," Seto began, his icy blue eyes scanning over the page, reading over the ancient text that was written on the pages.

"Apparently Anubis had a daughter named Kebechet, who was a snake or ostrich goddess who carried water. She was supposedly the goddess of freshness and purification through water who washed the internal parts of the dead and brought the sacred water to Anubis for his tasks," Seto read, not missing a single word as he went.

"According to this one day a human male, spotted her by the Niles edge while she was gathering water for her father and instantly fell in love with her,"

"Keep going," Atemu pleaded, rather interested in this story, even if it was just a myth.

"After that day he would always come down to the Nile's edge before sunrise and wait, hoping to see her again, and when ever she came he would watch her until the sun set," Seto read, before he looked over at his cousin who had a look of thought written all over his handsome features.

"So the mortal liked the sunrise and the sun set?" Atemu asked, rather confused as to why the man would arrive at sunrise, and leave at sunset.

"Yes he did, he worked in the sun, loved it with all his heart, and worshiped it to the best of his abilities, since Ra was depicted to be the sun god after all,"

"Ah I see,"

"This went on for years until finally the young goddess spotted the man watching her, and she too fell in love, but love between a goddess and a mere human was forbidden, and shunned upon, but neither of the two seemed to care, and in the end, Kebechet got pregnant,"

"That must have pissed Anubis off," Atemu stated flatly, shaking his head in disbelief.

"Yes it did, and to punish the mortal Anubis damned him with the curse of the living dead, or as we call them today, vampires, the young man was forever doomed to wonder the earth, feeding off the life blood of others to survive, and he could never walk in his precious sun's glow ever again," Seto finished before he turned to his cousin and nodded.

"After that day the man became very bitter and cold, hating his cursed life with his entire being, and it slowly but surely drove him to the brink of insanity, he began killing mortals and cattle, cursing Anubis as he went," Seto said thoughtfully, remembering this certain part from a story Atemu's father had once told him when he was still alive.

"This went on for decades until the young vampire found a young women that looked much like his precious lover, except for the whole snake ostrich thing, and he killed her, making her just like him," Seto continued, watching as Atemu began to ponder over his words.

"This enraged the young girl, and to get back at him she bared him children-"

"But she was dead," Atemu cut in, crimson eyes wide in disbelief.

"And, vampires have children now don't they, she was the first to do such a thing, she directed all the energy she collected from the blood she drank to bare children, and she had three; one angel, one vampire, and one demon, and that began the whole magical world," Seto stated, crossing his arms over his chest, book still in hand.

"That's a nice story Seto, but that doesn't explain why that mortal had a… whatever he had," Atemu growled, becoming rather irritated and annoyed. Crossing his arms over his chest, Atemu leaned back in his chair and looked at his cousin, sending him a look that clearly told him to explain.

Sighing at his cousin impatience and childish behavior, Seto flipped the page of his book and began to scan before he shut it and stared down at his younger cousin.

"According to this legend one day a mortal was to be born who was of pure light, an angel if you will, and this mortal was believed to help the vampires achieve their goal, whatever that goal maybe, I believe this Yugi boy is that mortal," Seto explained, before he set his book down and gazed at his bewildered cousin.

"Wait hold on, you don't know that, and no human can be 'pure light', all humans have some darkness inside of them, that's what makes them human, how do you even know this mortal even exists," Atemu stated defensively, quickly standing and throwing his arms into the air.

"I don't," Seto shrugged, smirking at the enraged look his cousin was giving him.

Poor Atemu, he knew how much he hated being confused and not knowing what the hell was going on, but instead of asking and taking things calmly like a normal person, Atemu got pissed and upset about not knowing. Yes his cousin was indeed weird.

"I think a psyche vampire is helping the mortal, giving him these visions they are having, allowing him 'the sight'," Seto said softly, before he slowly began to make his way out of his study room, stopping when he heard his cousin call for him.

Slowly turning, Seto arched an eyebrow, showing that he was indeed listening to his cousin.

"Why the hell would a psyche vampire purposely send a mortal their visions?" Atemu bellowed, highly confused and irritated, and frustrated all at the same time, which in Atemu's case, was not a good thing.

"To get your attention of course," Seto stated flatly before he turned, and made his way out of the room, a fuming Atemu following closely behind.

"Hey Atemu, have you noticed your puzzle is glowing?" Seto asked after a few minutes of wondering down corridors.

"Huh?" Atemu asked before he looked down, and found that his puzzle was indeed glowing.

"Huh, it's never done that before, I didn't even notice it earlier," Atemu stated thoughtfully, not sure when it started to do that. He had never seen the puzzle even work; he just carried it around with him as a reminder of his father.

"Did anyone see it at your work?" Seto asked quickly, becoming very worried that someone might have seen the small glowing upside down pyramid.

"No, I use my magic to keep it concealed when I'm around humans, the only place it becomes visible is here, I didn't even know it was glowing until you said something," Atemu stated truthfully, grasping the small puzzle in his hands to look at it with curious crimson eyes. "That's odd,"

"Yes, odd indeed," Seto whispered quickly, before he straightened up and began walking once more, Atemu following closely behind. It was very easy to get lost in Seto's house. Atemu knew that from experience, and he really didn't want to repeat the incident.

"I want you to follow this human cousin, see if he is indeed 'the one', for if he is we can not let the full bloods get their hands on him, if they do it might be the end of all those who are 'unworthy' of vampirism," Seto stated, before he made his way to his room, leaving a bewildered and highly confused Atemu standing in the hallway.

"Oh and be sure to take Bakura and Marik with you, I'm sure they'd love to meet this Yugi kid,"


"Are you sure it's wise to do this mistress, the mortal might not even be the one" A dark figure said, staring at his mistress with worried brown eyes and a thoughtful look.

"He is the one, I know he is, I can see it," a small women said, looking deeply into a glimmering pool that was reflecting the image of young Yugi back at her, causing her to smile.

"He is the one we've been waiting for, he is the one that will save us," the young women said, before she hovered her hand over the glimmering pool of water, the image displayed to her instantly changing to Atemu, who at the moment was laying on his bed in deep thought.

"And the half blood?" the dark figure asked, turning weary eyes to the image of Atemu. "He is not as strong as others my lady, he is merely a half blood, are you sure his is-"

"He will do, he may not look strong, but deep inside he has the heart of a warrior and the strength of a hundred full bloods, he is the one that shall help the chosen one, and you will make sure he does, correct?" the young female asked, turning curious, but wistful eyes towards he humble servant.

"Of course my lady, I will make sure none harm the boy and that this half blood be his soul guardian," the dark man vowed, bowing low to his mistress before he disappeared in a cloud of black smoke.

Nodding in satisfaction, the young women turned back to the glimmering pool, watching the young Atemu.

"You have no idea what you will be introduced to half blood, little do you know that your immortal life is about to get a bit more interesting," the wise women spoke softly, turning her gaze to the still glowing puzzle around the half bloods neck, a small smile grazing her fanged covered lips.

"Soon half blood, soon," She whispered, before she waved her hand over the glistening pool, the image of Atemu slowly fading away into complete nothingness.



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Translations and Understandings

sDm- Listen

Ok just for clarifications, I myself do not believe that people can have visions, and prophecies, I just don't believe it, now please do not get offensive or anything, but that is my personal option.

In this story humans can not have visions or prophecies unless they have mystical blood somewhere inside of them, such as they have elf blood in the heritage, or demon blood, or possibly nymph blood, and even if these humans do have this mystical blood, 99 percent of them they don't know they do, they just think they have the 'gift' when n fact it's just their heritage. At least in this story it's that way.

Vampires, especially blood vampires, can smell this mystical blood, even if it's barely there they can smell it, and Atemu smelled no such blood in Yugi's veins, so he knew Yugi was a pure human, no mystical blood what so ever.

Now about the whole imagination thing, vampires can not imagine the inside of humans head, or their thoughts, they can fantasize about what might be in there, but they can not imagine the feel of the humans thoughts or the emotions and such, which is why Seto said Atemu didn't and couldn't have imagined it.

Next in Egyptology it is believed that Anubis had a daughter named Kebechet who helped him with the dead. She was believed to cleanse the internal parts of the dead with the sacred water she collected and carried. No one knows for sure what she is, but many believe her to either have been a snake or an ostrich, which is why I put both of those; I didn't want to pick.

Now, no this is not the real theory for vampirism, but I didn't want to copy others works or take the theory from others so I came up with my own to help with my plot, please do not be upset if this is not what you've been told or what you have read, I'm sorry, but this is my story and I liked the idea of a goddess and a human and the pissed off father.

In this story vampires were the first mystical creatures around, and their genetics is the reason there are other mystical creatures, such as demons, elves, nymphs, angels, and other things. Now I know this is not true, but it helps with my plot so bare with me please.

The whole thing about not being worthy is what some pure bloods believe. Those who are not pure vampires, such as half bloods, are not worthy of being vampires. In this 'not worthy' category are incubus vampires, half-blooded emotional vampires, and some psyches, such as those who are only part vampire, or those who care for the humans. Basically anyone who doesn't see human's blood as food, or those who are part human themselves are 'not worthy'.

Also, some psyche vampires can see the future, like prophets, but only a certain few, and many of those vampires have been around for a long time. These vampires can allow a human to see what they are seeing, but they have to be near the human in order to do it, and it takes a lot of energy, energy that they have collected from feeding. This is why Yugi had that 'vision'; a psyche vampire was giving it to him to get Atemu's attention. How Atemu could see it when he was nowhere around Yugi is yet to be seen, but that will come up in the next story I swear.

Ok one last thing, just for the record vampires don't drink blood because they like to, they do it because they need the protein and the energy inside of the blood to keep them alive, but this energy can be found in every fluid a human has, such as tears or salvia or sexual fluids, but there is much more blood in the body then anything else, which is why vampires feed off of that the most.

Now vampires can direct that energy to something else, such as heating up their bodies so that their not so cold, or in a women's case to bare children. A vampire women can direct that energy to her womb so that she can have kids, but doing this takes a lot of blood energy and in the end the vampire can die because they've used so much of that life sautéing energy that their bodies will just die and turn to ash. I hope that makes sense.

If anyone has any questions or thoughts please pm me and I will try my hardest to help you understand. Until next time. Ja