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Death Will Bring Us Together

Martha Jones sat on the park bench, soaking up the late April sunshine. Her life was the stuff of sci-fi novels, and she loved every moment of it. The Doctor had shown her a whole new world, scary beyond belief, but beautiful and exciting in its own way. She smiled as someone rode the lift up to the surface.

Jack hurried his pace, spying Martha relaxing on the seat. Flopping down beside her, he flashed one of his 'I'm too sexy' grins. "So, what brings you here on your day off, Dr. Jones?"

"Why do you call me Dr. Jones and refuse to give Owen the same courtesy?" she returned, dodging his question with one of her own.

"Because it doesn't irritate you like it does him, and you haven't answered my question."

She sighed. "It was just too nice a day to stay inside." Grinning, she poked him in the side. "Besides, you're here. And if I went down there, I'll bet at least two others would be, too."

He laughed and held his hands up in surrender. "You've got me." Stretching, he threw his arm along the back of the bench.

Martha took the invitation, scooting over and leaning against him. Jack was definitely not relationship material, but he was worth any affection she could get. They sat there in a comfortable silence for several long minutes.

The delivery girl didn't catch Martha's attention the first three trips past. The fourth, however, drew her notice. She was looking for someone intently. As the girl caught her eye, she smiled and walked straight over.

Straightening, Martha felt the tension build as Jack whispered, "Anyone you know?"


The girl walked up. "Martha Jones?" she asked breathlessly.


"Here you go," and the girl handed over an envelope. "Sign here, please."

Martha scrawled her name, all the while absolutely baffled by what she held in her hand. As soon as the girl left, she tore open the envelope. A single folded sheet of paper was inside.

"So, who knew that you'd be here today?" Jack asked.

"Nobody, myself included. Spur of the moment decision, this was," Martha replied distantly. Reading the message, she reread it before looking up. Handing it to Jack, she pulled her mobile from her pocket.

He looked up. "Yeah. Call the Doctor."