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A/N: The story takes place around the beginning of the manga.

Solomon went up the stairs carefully, stopping every couple of steps. Every few seconds, he would look behind himself to check that no one was following him. He'd been more than slightly paranoid ever since he had returned from the hospital, with half-healed injuries from the Blue Eyes incident that still caused him immense pain.

So, when he woke up that day, he had followed his usual routine. He'd gotten up around five in the morning, showered, gotten dressed, and eaten breakfast. At about seven, his daughter had left for work, and his grandson had left for school. At least, that was what he remembered. At half past eight, He had embarked upon his daily journey upstairs to double, and possibly triple-check the house for intruders, and was making one of his frequent trips upstairs to check to see that some sort of criminal wasn't hiding out in his own room, his daughter's, or her son's.

When he reached the landing, he pushed open the door to his bedroom, and peered inside. He left the door open a crack, so that he would be able to tell if anyone entered it while he was checking the other rooms.

He then peaked inside his daughter's room. Her bedroom was incredibly neat, the bed was made, no piles of dirty clothing, and contained no signs of an intruder.

He continued on, stopping a few paces after looking into the last bedroom.

"That's odd..."

The door to his grandson's bedroom was wide open, the blankets that were usually on the bed were lying on the floor, next to the mess that was pouring out of the open closet. Solomon checked his watch, and recorded the time of day, and was about to rush back down stairs to call the police, when he realized something...

His grandson was sitting in front of the mirror on his dresser, unmoving and unblinking. If this had been any other Tuesday, Yugi would undoubtedly already be at Domino High, and not staring blankly at his reflection in a mirror.

"Yugi, why aren't you at school?"

No answer.

Solomon took a step closer to his grandson. "Yugi, why are you still here?" He was now regretting the fact that they did not own a portable phone.

"Why can't you tell me your name?"

He stopped dead in his tracks, startled by the question. However, his grandson didn't seem to notice. He was staring at the mirror, completely transfixed.

"My name's Yugi."

"Yugi, why wouldn't I know your name? I'm your--"

"So you already knew."

Solomon raised an eyebrow. He checked behind him, thinking that perhaps Yugi was holding a conversation with someone that was in the room with them. However, the only thing that was behind him was a pile of dirty clothes.

"Were you the one who dueled Kaiba?"

He nearly jumped at the mention of the name, and for a moment, he was sure that he saw the glint of a breif case lying in the corner. A thousand crazy ideas ran through his mind, including the thought that Yugi was hiding Kaiba in his closet. "Yugi, what are you--"

"So you've been the one--"

"Yugi, are you alright?" Solomon asked, feeling more anxious during each second that passed.

"Just promise me one thing."

"Yugi, you're talking--"

"What are you saying?"

He took a few steps closer, so now he could also see the mirror. However, when he looked, he could only see the reflection of himself and his grandson. No one else.

"You don't need to always hurt people."


"I'd still love you."

At this point, Solomon was completely and utterly confused about what was going on. He was starting to think that all teenagers were crazy these days.

He edged out of the room, his grandson's eyes still transfixed on the mirror. He shut the door behind him, and started going back down the stairs, as he tried to remember where exactly he had left the thermometer.

I think I might be getting pneumonia...