"Riiko! Are you there?!? OPEN UP!"

The door swung open. Outside, a tall dark haired man stood gasping for air. He was perspiring and it seemed that he had been running for awhile.

"G, Gaku?" Riiko asked, startled.

The oddly dressed man pushed past her, frantically looking around the room. He opened the bathroom door and then checked the bedroom closet. He even lifted up the couch cushions.

"Riiko, where's Night?" he asked, turning to her.

Well, he's not under my furniture. That's for sure, she thought.

"I don' know. He left a little while ago." She said as she closed her front door, "He didn't tell me where he was going."

Gaku closed his eyes in frustration and hit his forehead forcefully.

"Damn it!" he yelled.

Riiko cautiously stepped over.

"Is something wrong?" she questioned.

He looked over at the teenaged girl.

"Have you noticed any strange behavior? … with Night, that is."

Riiko looked at the carpet in thought. Suddenly, she blushed.

"Strange? Well…"

"Yes?!?" he pressed.

"Well, he's been less horny. He hasn't been pestering me for sex in awhile."

As she spoke his pupils decreased in size.

"Shit." He muttered.

Riiko grinned stupidly.

"Oh, I'm sure it's-"

"SHIT!" Gaku interrupted.

Riiko flinched from Gaku's language.

"WHAT IS IT?" she asked loudly.

Gaku rushed up and grabbed Riiko by the shoulders.

"Understand, he's just a prototype!" he said to her.

Riiko nodded.

What is it now? She thought.

"Our systems… we've spotted a glitch." He said, releasing her, "We need to find him now."

Gaku ran to the door and picked up her shoes then handed them over. She pulled them on and quickly exited the door that he was holding open. As they ran out of the apartments together Riiko glanced up at the salesman.

"What does the glitch do to Night? Is he okay?" she asked, worried.

He didn't even look at her as he ran. His grimace only grew deeper.

"Let's just say, we need to find him. FAST!"