"Night, you know how weird you smelled?" Riiko asked as Gaku removed a plug from Night's side.

Gaku coughed in awkwardness; he recognized that smell.

Night smiled in confusion.

"I'm sorry, Riiko. I don't remember." he said.

Gaku nodded.

"Yes. I removed the glitch and repaired him... but some of his memory couldn't be restored." he told Riiko, eyeing Night suspiciously.

"I wish you at least remembered where you were... I was worried." she said.

Night smiled again and was about to repeat his apology but there was a knock at the door.

Gaku went and opened the door wwide.

Soshi stood there in dressy attire, face red, and glasses fogged from embarrassment.

He nodded at Gaku then peered in the room.

"I'm here to pick up Night." he stuttered.

"Eh?" Riiko and Gaku said together.

Night blinked as something clicked inside his mechanical head.

"He was supposed to be the one to pick me up but," Soshi looked over at Night, "It looks like he forgot."

Suddenly, the figure stood up; his finger pointing at Soshi.

"SOSHI! We made love last night! I remember!"

"EH?!" Riiko shrieked.

As Riiko fell over foaming at the mouth, Gaku grabbed his forehead and sighed.

"Why him?"

A/N: The smell Gaku recognized? The sweet scent of yaoi!

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