I'm assuming since you've opened this, you are a 'Saints' fan. Don't worry; this isn't a cruel joke, but only an especially long Author's Note. I'll be posting the first chapter immediately after I post this. (If you're someone who is just curious, by all means read the story, but I urge you to watch the movie, because it is awesome.) If you are going to read any of my Author's Notes, please make it this one:

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking your time to read this. Second of all –wonders never cease –I actually do not own The Boondock Saints; they are the creation of the genius of Troy Duffy. The only things that are mine are the work that went into writing the story and, of course my OC's.

Something that I've noticed about other Saints fanfics is that there is –for the most part –a certain formula that applies. It seems that the stories begin with the one or both of the brothers being injured when they meet a beautiful, if damaged, heroine. Though there is injury in my story, I do hope to deviate somewhat from that pattern.

Lastly, and most importantly, though I always try to incorporate humor in my stories, some material in this one will be fairly dark in context. I'd be willing to bet that there are people out there who would find some of the upcoming material offensive, so if you are sensitive to 'naughty' language, violence, and implications that may not, in the eyes of some, shed a positive light on religious authorities (Personally, I do believe, so I'm not trying to slander any faith here.) you may not want to continue with this. I would also like to say that none of the antagonists are patterned after any particular person; they are only characters I have constructed for the sake of this story. Through it all, please bear in mind that, like you, I take pride in my work, and would not put anything in a story –especially this one –if I did not, ultimately have a point.

If you decide to read on, enjoy. I'm currently attending college, so new chapters may not be added as often as I would like. I value your opinion as fellow 'Saints' fans, and as fellow authors, so please let me know what you think. If you have any questions, I will gladly answer them.

Thank You