This story begins in Harry's fifth year. Everybody believes Harry that Voldemort is back and Harry just got back from the Dursley's and he is in trouble for using underaged magic. Snape still goes to Deatheater meetings and the Order of the Phenoix is still at Number 12 Grimmauld Palace.

Sirius and Snape got in another argument about Snape being a Deatheater and Sirius not being able to do anything because he is confined to headquarters.

" I can't believe they're fighting again, that's the third time this week" Hermione said.

" Every time they start fighting everything gets so tense and when Snape leaves Sirius is never in a good mood" Ron said.

" That's because Snape keeps reminding Sirius that Snape is risking his life while he is relaxing in the house safe and sound" Harry said.

" What a git." Ron said then he and Harry went back to playing chess while Hermione got back to her book.

Meanwhile Snape was heading towards another Deatheater meeting.

" Ah Severus, I trust you have information for me" Voldemort said.

" Yes my lord, it seems that Potter will be expelled from Hogwarts and he will have to return to his relatives because he used underaged magic" Snape said.

" Hmm, yes, this is good news." Voldemort said, " Do you have anything else?"

" I'm afraid I do not, I am sorry my lord" Snape said with his head bowed.

" Severus I have a feeling that you are keeping something hidden from me," Voldemort said, " I do not like it when people hide things from me... Legilimens."

Snape tried blocking his mind from Voldemort but it was no use, Voldemort found out Snape was a spy.

" Hmm, I'm very disappointed in you Severus; I thought you as one of my loyal followers, it appears Severus Snape has not been loyal, he is actually a spy" Voldemort told his group of followers.

" What do you want us to do to him my lord?" Lucious Malfoy asked, " Would you like us to kill him for you?"

" That is not necessary Lucious," Voldemort said, " Severus here has been a very good potions master, he is very valuable to me."

" But he is a spy" Lucious Malfoy said.

" Yes, that is why I'm going to do this" Voldemort said and then said a spell that cursed Snape

At Headquarters Harry was getting a vision on what was going on at the Deatheather meeting and Snape was on the ground in agony and was holding his arm that bared the darkmark.

" My lord what did you do to him?" Peter Pettigrew asked.

" I enslaved him, he will forever more do my bidding" Voldemort said, " Now Severus stand up."

Snape obeyed Voldemort.

" Now I want you to punish yourself for being a spy all this time" Voldemort said and he conjured a whip with spikes on it.

Snape looked at the whip with wide eyes and then looked at the red eyes Voldemort had and yelled, " NO" and then he apparated away.