A couple of days later Snape had to go to Hogwarts so he could get ready for the upcoming school year, this was very embarrassing for him because he had to get permission to leave Grimmauld Place from Harry, and he had to get permission to live at Hogwarts for the school year and teach potions.

" It's like I'm a child, I have to ask my father if I can do any damn thing, but this time my father is a fifteen year old brat" Snape ranted in his thoughts while packing, " If I don't listen to the brat, I have to get punished, just like a snot nosed kid, Oh I can't wait until the Dark Lord is dead and I can't wait until there's a spell that will end this humiliation."

The teens were still looking through the books to find any counter curse but they couldn't find anything that would help their Potions Professor.

" We'd be making progress if we just found a spell that made it so he didn't have to address me as master all the time, Potions is going to suck more than usual" Harry said with a defeated sigh.

" Well look on the bright side Harry, now Snape can't take points away from Gryffindor because that's taking points away from you" Ron said with a grin.

Harry sighed.

" Hey now we can get away with pulling pranks on Slytherins because Snape can't do anything about it, we usually only get caught by him and Filch, but mostly Snape" George said.

Fred grinned and nodded in agreement.

Snape heard the whole conversation and smirked.

" I might not be able to come up with a way to dock points from Gryffindor, but detentions... I have no trouble with handing out, you two just earned yourselves a weeks worth of detentions just for suggesting it... The first day of school, after dinner, my office, your usual seats" Snape snapped and turned around billowing his robes.

The twins groaned, " And we're trying to help that git out with his little obeying problem" Fred said.

" You were also taking advantage of the situation" Hermione scolded, " Professor Snape is a teacher and he should be respected."

Harry sighed again, he liked not having Snape be able to take points away from Gryffindor, but he also knew that it wasn't fair just because Snape was his slave, he knew he had to grant Snape permission to be able to take away points from Gryffindor.

" I'm going to give him permission to take away points from Gryffindor" Harry said.

" WHAT?" The Weasley teens asked.

" Harry are you mental? This is like a once in a lifetime opportunity, Snape can't take points from us because..." Ron started.

" I know Ron, but... It's not fair, it's not fair to Snape, it's not fair to the other houses, it's just not fair, I have to give him permission" Harry said.

" What is with you and always doing the right thing?" Ron asked.

Harry glared at Ron.

" I think that's wonderful Harry, you should do the right thing." Hermione said with a smile.

Ron rolled his eyes, " You're blowing away the chance to win the end of year house cup."

" We can win it like we do almost every year, by playing fair and not getting in trouble where we would have to lose points" Harry said.

" But not having Snape be able to dock points from us will help us" Fred said.

" You guys, if Snape can't dock points, he will tell McGonagall and she will dock the points Snape wanted to dock from us, if there's a will, there's a way and Snape will find it" Harry explained, " In fact he already probably figured out a way already."

The Weasleys groaned.

" I have to do the right thing" Harry said standing up.

" Go on Harry, make it right" Hermione said with a smile.

Harry smiled back at her and hurried to catch Snape before he left.

Snape was eating a sandwich when Harry caught him.

" Oh good, I thought you left already" Harry said with relief.

" Molly is making me eat before I leave" Snape said with a smirk.

" Well I think you're too skinny and you need to put some meat on your bones" Molly said.

Snape rolled his eyes.

" Was there something you needed dear?" Molly asked.

" Um... yes... uh... professor Snape... I give you permission to dock points from Gryffindor when you see fit... even from me... and... detentions too" Harry said awkwardly.

Snape raised an eyebrow, " Hmm, that was... very noble of you master, what made you think about that?"

" Well if Gryffindor wins the house cup, I want to win fair and square, and it won't be fair to the other houses if you can dock points away from them... though I kind of figured you found a way to dock points from Gryffindor anyway" Harry said.

Snape smirked, " I did... I congratulate you for being mature with this and giving me permission."

" You're... welcome professor" Harry said with a smile.