House came in the next day with a shoe box identical to that which he'd smashed against his bedroom wall after Chase stole its contents. He left it in the centre of the conference room table, leaving the trap for Chase to walk into. The couple entered with far more distance between than there had been the morning after Chase gave her his stolen gift. He froze the instant his eyes fell on the box, something that didn't escape Cameron's notice.

"What?" She asked softly in a concerned tone.

"Nothing." He said approaching the box slowly and ripping open the lid quickly. Nothing was exactly right because there was nothing in the box, it was completely empty. He glared through the glass wall at House who sat smirking at his desk.

Cameron took the box from him.

"It's empty." She stated looking down into the box.


"So why were you so afraid of it?"

"I wasn't afraid." He protested and glared at House once more before turning on his heel and leaving, tossing the lid onto the table.

Cameron turned to look at House.

Time to reveal all, he thought as he beckoned her into his office. She followed his orders somewhat hesitant and quiet, the box still in her hand.

"Take a seat." House murmured with a nod to the chair in front of his desk.

"What's this about?" She said holding up the box.

"Did Chase tell you where he got you're necklace?"

"No." She said looking down. "Did you expect that?"

House smiled at her gently. "Yes, I did." He said watching her as she sat before him, waiting for her to ask the question he wanted to hear.

"How?" She murmured.

He sighed softly, this was it

"Because I bought it." He said simply.

"What?" She asked confused.

"I bought it… I bought it as a Christmas present for you last year. And when you didn't give me a present first I kept it. I put it in a box exactly like the one in your hand along with every other gift you got me and other things like the tickets to the monster truck rally. I keep things. I kept it just in case you changed your mind and decided I was worth taking a chance on again. And the day you two broke into my apartment Chase found my box and emptied it leaving me a note reading only two words… she's mine. I wanted to prove him wrong."

"You… you…" She said with wide eyes in utter shock her hand at her chest covering the diamond encrusted snowflake.

"Yes. Me." He replied with a serious nod.

"But Chase…"

"Think about how he reacted to the box, that he couldn't tell you where he bought it. And if that doesn't convince you I still have my credit card statement." He said sliding a folded piece of paper from the inner pocket of his jacket and set it on the desk between them.

Cameron stared at the paper and gulped slightly, before looking down and muttering softly, "I believe you. But why did you want to prove him wrong?"

"Because ever since I bought that necklace I've been wondering why the hell I did. What the hell possessed me to walk into that store buy that necklace and wrap it with the sole intention of giving it to you… and I've came to the conclusion that it's because I don't want you to be Chase's… I want you to be mine." He said gently.

Her eyes lifted to meet his, bright and hopeful but still confused.

"I need time." She murmured after a moments thought.

House narrowed his eyes slightly and took a deep breath before nodding. It was the least he could do after making her wait for three years.

Cameron stood and walked around to his side of the desk and took off her necklace.

Something shattered in him for a moment until she put it back together again with the simplest of words and gestures.

"Keep a hold of this for me okay?" She said taking his hand in hers and letting it curl in his palm, before wrapping his fingers around it and lifting his knuckles to her lips.

"I will." He said smiling up at her gently, his other hand stretching to reach her cheek and draw her down and kiss her softly.

Something she was almost too willing to do, his kisses were always so amazing. They were everything she wanted from a relationship; that light-headed elation and the calming sweetness. She could have stayed they're for the whole day merely kissing him but she finished the kiss prematurely and turned to the door.

"How long do I have to wait?" he asked.

Looking back at him smiling she answered. "Not long."

The next day Chase didn't even look at House let alone talk to him. House found this distinctly pleasurable and oddly peaceful in the context of work. Cameron however was utterly normal and entirely reserved, House put it down to her needing time but the next day was the same and the day after that.

House grew worried and the necklace weighed ever more heavily in his pocket.

Late at night he sat on his couch holding the necklace before him the snowflake spinning in the air. He sighed softly and pressed his hands to his forehead.

"Shit." He murmured.

There was a knock at the door.

Slipping the sliver and diamond into his pocket he limped to the door, elation pouring through him at the familiar sight of Cameron at the door. "Hey." He said with a gentle smile.

"Hey." She said grinning at him. "Can I come in?"

House stood to the side and smiled watching her as she walked past him, so close that her shoulder brushed his chest and her fingers touched his on the handle of his cane.

"I brought you some things." She said resting her backpack on the back of the couch, opening and revealing the missing contents of the box that once dwelled in his wardrobe. "It took me a day or two to find out where he'd been keeping them but I found them." She said with a gentle smile.

"Thank you." He said taking the necklace from his pocket and with a gentle nod he continued. "Lift up your hair."

Smiling at him she did so.

"I don't need those things anymore," he said draping the silver around her neck, his eyes fixed intently on hers. "Not now that I have you."

Cameron smiled and slid her arms around his neck and drew him close bringing his lips down to hers. The touch was soft and sweet; his hands slid over her back and squeezed her body to him. She was so delicious.

"I think I'm in love with you." House murmured against her lips.

"Good, because I know I'm definitely in love with you." She replied with a grin.

House grinned down and her and stroked her cheek. "Do you want a drink? Want me to take your jacket? Want to move in?"

She giggled slightly. "Yes, to all three."

"Fantastic." He said with a slight smirk and kissed her softly. "I knew you were mine."