Well, here it is, the long awaited (I hope) sequel to A Long Day. How will things fare for dear House and sweet Chase? I suppose you'll have to read on and find out! And don't forget to review!!


Chapter One: The Morning After

Morning dawned abruptly and silently. Chase woke up to find House still asleep. He really did have a small frown in place. Wilson had been right.

He placed a hand on House's chest. The hairs underneath were soft and plentiful, and Chase stroked them absently. It apparently tickled, for House shifted and twisted at the touch.

Chase nearly giggled at this, and using one finger, he traced down to House's belly, up again, and out onto his arms. House squirmed and mumbled, "Stop it," in his sleep.

Chase couldn't resist. He propped himself up on one arm and swooped in low for a long kiss. When he pulled away, he saw that House's lips were curved up in a little smile.

"So he does like it," he whispered to himself. He sighed, disappointed. He wanted to do more, but… he just didn't have the courage.

The need to go to the bathroom was almost unbearable at that point, so Chase headed out of the room. He took his time, and when he came out, he could hear clanks from the kitchen.

House had pulled on some plaid pajama pants, and was preparing coffee. Chase pulled up a chair and watched him move around shirtless, admiring the firm lines of his torso.

House stopped and rolled his eyes. "You're doing it again."

"Doing what?" Chase asked in a sugar sweet voice.

"You're undressing me with your eyes."

"I- I am not!" protested Chase, stammering. House ignored him.

"I suppose you'll be wanting breakfast too," said House in a complaining tone. Without waiting for a response, he popped in some toast and poured himself a cup of coffee.

"And let me guess, you drink tea?" he stated with a look of disgust. Chase flushed.

"Sometimes," he replied defensively.

"Choose your poison," House challenged.

"Coffee, thanks." House raised an eyebrow.

"Cream or sugar?"

"Black's fine," Chase managed to say without grimacing. House barked out a laugh.

"Cream and sugar it is." Chase opened his mouth in objection when the doorbell rang.

"I bet I can guess who that is," House said. "Go to the bedroom and stay ther." Chase saw the logic in this, and followed House's orders.

House swung the door open. "What?"

Cameron looked thoroughly surprised at the fact that House had no shirt on.

"House," she managed. House clapped his hands against his cheeks.

"What a surprise, you know my name!" Cameron scowled.

"Are you alright? I mean, after what happened yesterday…"

"What do you really want?"

"Ah, well… our patient is showing new symptoms, and we need you down at the hospital."

"Of course you do," he said, closing the door. Cameron caught it.

"I've been phoning Chase, too, but he hasn't picked up. Do you know where he is?" House shrugged.

"No idea," he replied, shutting the door for real this time. Chase was already back in the kitchen when House returned.

"We have to go, then?"

"What do you think?" House went back to the bedroom to get changed. Chase chomped hurriedly on a piece of dry toast, waiting for his turn.

House came back almost immediately, grabbing his coffee cup and finishing it in one swallow. He tossed a key in Chase's direction.

"See you at work," he called over his shoulder, and then he was gone.