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Chapter Nine: The Dean's "Intervention"

Cuddy looked up to see House walking into the clinic. She could count on one hand the number of times he'd ever come into the clinic willingly, and she was pretty sure he'd never been on time before.

"Good morning, Dr. House," she said cautiously as he limped closer.

"Morning," he grunted, scooping up the clinic files and practically fleeing into an exam room.

Cuddy almost groaned. She should've known. He was hiding from someone. And it wasn't hard to guess who, since about two minutes later, Chase came into the clinic with slit eyes.

"Where's House?" he asked in a heavily accented voice. Cuddy had noted in previous encounters that Chase's accent was emphasized when he was particularily upset about something.

"Dr. Chase-" she began, but he shook his head.

"Dr. Cuddy, with all due respect, I believe he might've drugged me. Please tell me which clinic room he's in before I have to open them one at a time."

Cuddy, in her usual fashion when she was surprised, raised her perfectly arched eyebrows very, very high.

"He's in exam room two, but please don't-" but before she could finish, Chase cut her off again.

"Thanks," he replied in a clipped voice, striding off in the direction she'd specified with determination. The way he walked reminded Cuddy a little of an indignant cat.

She watched the door close behind Chase thoughtfully. House had drugged him? That wasn't like House...

Well, the drugging was, but not without a reason. House had Chase in his palm, he didn't need to dose him to get what he wanted. She supposed he might do something like that to have some fun, but now that he had Chase as his little pet, there were so many different things he could do...

She got caught up in a mental image of House teasing Chase sexually, and couldn't help but snigger a little. She was dragged back to reality just in time when she heard heated voices raise to yelling level. Was that a third voice she heard...?

She realized with horror that there was a patient in there. She'd been slacking in her duties as Dean by letting this escalate.

"Crap," she muttered, before stalking into the exam room.

She was confronted with House sitting nonchalantly in his chair, a standing and flushed Chase, and a lady who looked perfectly bitchy to begin with. All in all, it took a lot of self control to stay calm and cool when they all turned their eyes on her.

She first looked over at House. "Why did you drug Chase?"

"I didn't."

Her eyes drifted over to Chase. "Why did you come in here?"

"Wha-? You let me in-" Chase exclaimed, but it was Cuddy's turn to cut him off.

"You are disturbing his patient's privacy." She, in turn, gave her attention to the tight lipped woman around her age. "And what might your problem be?"

Before the woman could respond, House replied, "She was just telling me she'd like a different doctor."

"Oh, and why is that?" Cuddy asked, when really all she wanted to say was, "I would too."

House glanced over at his patient, actually letting her speak for once.

"Well," she started in a voice as tight as her lips, "I've got a bit of a know-" she broke off, unable to say anything else.

"She's got a problem in her special place, and wants a female doctor," House helpfully put in. He continued with a wicked grin, "And then I was going to tell her, before we were so rudely interrupted, that I'm gay, so it wouldn't really matter."

The woman gave a little gasp, as it was obvious she was against homosexuality. "You aren't really?" she asked in dismay.

Cuddy watched helplessly as House got up, went over to Chase, and quite literally grabbed him by the ass, and kissed him with gusto, much to the horror of the patient and the surprise of Dr. Chase.

"Absolutely," he said when he broke the kiss, his grin wider than ever. "Well, Miss..." he checked his files for her name, "Primsbury, I'll leave you know with Dr. Cuddy."

He then proceeded to lean in very close to Ms. Primsbury, who leaned back with slight terror in response. He whispered loudly in her ear, "But don't get too involved with her. Dr. Cuddy's girlfriend is the jealous type if you know what I mean."

He gave a little wink, and a flash of a devious smile before leaving the room. Chase stood there for a second more, before following him out.

Cuddy felt like banging her head on the wall as she turned to sort things out with the patient who was now horrified with her as well.