Me: Chapter 2.

Himeno: You seem energetic.

Me: Would you be at this time in the morning?

Himeno: Well, I normally am, but you're making me like this.

Hayate: You both need to learn to-

Himeno: Learn to what?

Hayate: Er-nothing. Sylph owns nothing.

Chapter 2

"Sora?" Ryu walked outside, looking for her. It'd been five minutes, and she wasn't back inside. "Sora?" he called a little louder. No response. "SORA?!"

Then, the Pritear heard, "Hayate, get her other arm."


He turned, and Ryu saw Hayate and Sasame coming out of an alley of darkness, Sora, unconscious, between them. Ryu ran up to them, "What happened?!"

"We don't know. Someone's targeting the Knights." Sasame told him, "Hayate was attacked earlier."

"You don't know who it was?!"

"No. Calm down, Ryu. She'll be fine."

So many things ran through Ryu's head. No...I can't lose her again...not like this...not now...Who would attack them anyway? There's no other Princess of Disaster or Prince of, there shouldn't be.

Then why is this happening?

"...u. Ryu." Sasame patted his shoulder, "You should try and summon one of the others so you can give her Leafe. I had to supply some earlier to Hayate, after Himiko."

"...Okay." Ryu nodded.

Just as Hayate and Sasame were about to disappear, Hayate suggested, "Or we can take you with us. We have Himiko at the Awayuki residence. And seeing as you two are staying there..."

"That sounds good." Ryu nodded.

Just hang on, my Sora.


The Awayuki family, Takako, and Himiko all finished their dinner by time Hayate, Sasame, and Ryu came back with Sora. Himeno gasped, "What happened?"

Mawata added, "Is she alright?"

"Will she be okay?"

Many surprised heads turned to Mayune. She growled, "What?"

"Nothing." they all muttered, then turned back to Sora. They set her down on the couch, and Ryu and Himiko preted, becoming the Wind Pritear. Ryu grasped Sora's hand, and let Leafe slowly flow into her. Himiko cautioned, "Not TOO much. You don't want to wear yourself out in case she needs more."


He stopped a few seconds later, grinning, breathing a little heavy. "I think that'll be okay until she wakes up." he said.

They unpreted, and Himiko frowned, "Hey, you okay?"

Ryu nodded, "Oh, yeah. I'm fine. Just..." he turned his worried silver eyes toward Sora. "...I'm gonna wait until she wakes up."

"Wait until?" Mawata and Himeno echoed.

"I'm gonna stay up until she does." He explained.

"Oooohhh..." They nodded in understandment.

Himiko snapped, "Fat chance."


"You need your rest after giving her that much Leafe."


"Shut it, and you get some rest."


They went out of the room, and Hayate blinked, "Why are you being so...motherly all of a sudden?"

With a slight tint of red on her cheeks, Himiko hissed, "Shut up."


No...who is it? I turned. No one was there. Then...why did I sense this presence? This presence...of a Queen of Darkness. There was only one that I remember. And there were two Kings of Destruction.

I heard ringing in my ears. I saw a purple light flash. My eyes widened.

No...I didn't want to go yet...

Not until I see them again.

Not until I him again...





Ignore, ignore, ignore...



---End Dream---

They all woke up to screaming in the night. Sora's eyes didn't open, but her hands clawed at the air, and she screamed, "NO! I WON'T! LEAVE ME ALONE!! I WON'T GO WITH YOU!!! DON'T TOUCH ME!!"

Ryu, being at her side (asleep, though), was the first to fight her. He attempted at grasping her shoulders, but her hands that were swinging around, wouldn't let him. Everyone burst in the room, and Ryu grabbed her wrists, and forced her arms against the bed.


"Sora...Sora...Sora, it's me!" Ryu shook her, but her eyes were clamped shut.

And you can guess where this led to.

Ryu leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. Her struggling halted, and her eyes slowly opened, a little red from sleepiness. "R...Ryu?..."

"Sora, it's me." Ryu nodded slowly, thanking the Gods she was alright now.

Her arms flew up around his neck, "Ryu! You're still here!"

"Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be?"

"She talked to me...she has someone else..."



"Who is 'her?'"


Himeno suggested, "Umm...maybe you should give her a little time to calm down, Ryu."

"...Yeah." Ryu nodded, rubbing Sora's back.

The others left the room, Sasame muttering, "I think I know what she was talking about..."

"S...Sasame?" Takako cocked her head.

"When I was killed by the Great Tree of Fenrir, and I flew up to the skies...a woman spoke to me."

"Huh?" they all mumbled.

"Let me explain. There's always one person out there who we can't track. There's always a Queen of Darkness and a King of Chaos, which is why they're always Princes or Princesses. And the Queen of Darkness tries to lure the Leafe Knights and the Lady Leafe Knights to the dark side." Sasame told them. "She said she would revive me if I joined her. But I left as soon as I could."

"Is that true, Sasame?" Mawata quietly asked.

Himiko spoke in his defense, "I've heard her, too. Once. She always sent a chill down my spine. Her voice was she'd NEVER...EVER felt warmth."

The humans and Pretear shivered.

"And if Sora means that she has someone else...that might mean she has someone else under her grasp."

"Like Sasame was for Takako?"

They all flinched at the memory.

"Kinda, I guess."

"Now, you never answered my question, Himiko." Hayate looked at her. She frowned.

"Why ARE you acting motherly?"



Himiko glared, "Don't make me."

"Make you do what?"

"Punish you."

"Of course not. Why in the world would I want that?"

Then, all you could see was a blue blur of Hayate being chased by Himiko. The others laughed seeing as it reminded them of when Sayuri and Gina burned, or, as they like to call it...annihilated Kei's hairdo.

Yeah, priceless.

Oh, anyway...

"Himiko, it's just a QUESTION! That deserves an ANSWER!" Hayate insisted.

"I don't HAVE to answer it, you know!"

"I know, but I was JUST ASKING!!"

"Nice knowing you, Hayate." Himeno called after them.

"That's not cool, Tulip-head!!"

Himeno twitched, "Himiko..."

She stopped, and turned, "What?"

"I'M GONNA KILL HIM FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The Pretear roared, chasing after Hayate, passing Himiko swiftly, aiming for Hayate. Then, BAM!!!!!!!!! Hayate hit the floor.

He jumped back up after a minute of tasting the floor, "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!"

"For calling me T-T-T-Tulip-head!"

"So? That's your nickname!"

"What if I don't like it?!"

"Get over it!"


"At this rate, Hayate's never gonna learn." Kaoru shook his head.

Me: Poor Hayate.

Hayate: You're telling me.

Himeno: Serves you right.

Hayate: That's not nice, Tulip-head.

Himeno: Goh, pret with me! I wanna burn Hayate!

Goh: With the Fire Axe?

Himeno: You bet!

Me: This isn't cool...

ElementalGuardianProtector: HI!

Me: Oh, hi, half-sister.

EGP: Hi, half-sister.

Me/EGP: (grins) Hi, Hayate.

Hayate: Oh, shi-

Himeno: HEY!

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