Twenty-Ninth of August, 1991

Dear Diary,

Has it already been nine years, during which I haven't written in this little book? I really can't believe it! It seems like only yesterday. I had just delivered Serenity to this world and Severus and I were proud parents. It seems like time flew before me, as Serenity grew up to be a beautiful little girl and Severus and I have never been happier. I suppose if I hadn't lost this diary, I could have written it all down, to see if time really stood still or if it really was like a bird. I don't even remember where I put you, but I found you in my lower drawer that I always look in and found you there lying and waiting to be written in. I guess you disappeared when you weren't needed and came back when I really do need you.

These nine years have been the most wonderful in my life, even with the miscarriages, deaths, fights and scares; it's been wonderful. Little Serenity grew up to look a lot like her father, but still be like me. She has long, straight, black hair and black eyes just like her father, her nose is a little bigger but resembles mine and she has such a mix of personalities. She has Severus' sarcasm, moodiness and short temper, but has my childish, softer and sweet side. She even has Mother's thin-lined mouth and can have the exact same replica of Mother's face when she's mad. It frightens us sometimes! But she is really mature and intelligent for her age, and we are all very proud of her. We can't wait to see how she will do at Hogwarts and in which house she will be sorted.

Severus became the best father I have ever seen, and Serenity took home the title of Daddy's Little Princess easily. He really loves her and showers her with affection and gifts. He tries to still keep his mean reputation to scare the students, but whenever Serenity is around, he's a total sweetheart. He also still is the best husband ever, because he still holds the position and always will. We might have had terrible fights, but we still are together and I still love him. Without him, I don't know what I would do!

I have also grown to be less childish and more mature, because being a mother changes you. It's not as easy as it looks. I still wonder how Mother did it and how her mother did it and so forth. I try my best and even if I cried a few times and almost wanted to abandon my family, I made it because I love Serenity and I love Severus. They both supported me and helped me through those hard times, just like a real family would. Nothing is ever easy in this life, and I learned it the hard way. In other related news, Mother is still the same, with the exception of some white hair here and there and full time glasses. She loves to spend time with Serenity, they both adore each other and when Serenity was younger, she would follow Mother everywhere with her doll in one hand and Mother's hand in the other. Mother was a real help when it came to raising my precious daughter. I really do admire her for her ability to be who she is.

But now, Serenity is nine and it seems that this year, you have come back for a really good reason. This school term looks to be very interesting. Draco is coming to Hogwarts, and he became exactly like his parents, arrogant and rude. Also, Harry Potter is coming here, my little godson that I haven't seen in forever! I'm sure he's all grown up and looks just like his parents! The only thing is that Dumbledore forbade me to tell Harry I'm his godmother until Dumbledore sees that the time is right. Hopefully, Harry won't hate me, and I also hope Serenity and he will become friends. It would just be wonderful! I wonder how Severus will react to Harry … I guess I'll just have to write it down!

THE END!( I know, FINALLY it's done)

This has been a long journey and even though nobody dares to read this story, I have to say thank you to everybody who did read it, reviewed, commented ect. It's my first one ever which I wrote in 6 months and posted in 1 year and a half, so I understand if it sucks lol! Althought it is better then it's previous drafts! Thanks to everybody who supported me, old and new, to my friends especially Alexia Charbonneau and Anya M. for being the best supporters ever, Sam/Barbra for drawing and my new friends from BD for not judging me lol, a certain teacher that shall remain nameless are also to be thanked cough...Mme Beaton thanks so much for your advice! Thanks to any inspiration that ever crossed my head... To my betas, Steph my first ever one! I'm so sorry we've lost contact and you helped me so much during this writing process...I hope you get better SOON! Nathan my big brother, love you a lot and don't what I'd do without you in fanfic land...and British actor land lol! Jaime, my good buddy which I will go vist one day and bring cake! Elizabeth the one who lives right near me and I didn't know! To the people I beta for, Pinneapple Horbay, Dani, Casey and of course Carly! To JK Rowling because without her, what would we all do? Sites to fanfiction because without them we wouldn't be able to write! I think I covered everybody...Hope you enjoyed it and look out for a possible sequel...that's if people want it!