Wolf Lord

Chapter Fifteen

By Mell8


I've tweaked it for my purposes of this story, but here is my dictionary's definition of diplomatic immunity:

The privilege of exemption from certain laws and taxes granted to diplomats by the country in which they are working.



"We do have diplomatic immunity," Wolf said incredulously as he read the passage marked out in red ink. Feral leaned over his shoulder and started to read.

"Yes, of course you do," Zabini collapsed into an empty chair and tried to catch his breath.

"Any entity representing the government of its sovereign country or species is to be given diplomatic immunity," Wolf read aloud.

"No!" Granger-Weasley snarled, clearly affronted that her worst enemy in the student body might be getting out of this scot-free. "The government or species must also be aware that you are representing them. You can't just be from another country and have diplomatic immunity. You have to be an ambassador or a part of the royal family."

"We apply," Feral snarled back.

Wolf continued reading that page and turned to the next one. He couldn't find anything restricting the species or government, aside from the fact that there had to be proof of its existence. Everyone except those in Western Europe knew about the Vampire Council and the Werewolf Alpha system. Wolf and Feral qualified under diplomatic immunity as the rulers of their own species government.

"Feral, if you and I apply," Wolf said as excitement began to grow.


"Yes!" Wolf said happily. Then his dad applied too. The worst they could do to Draco Malfoy now that he had diplomatic immunity was deporting him. He couldn't be thrown into Azkaban or charged with a crime.

"This is wonderful!" Feral laughed.

"Zabini, you are amazing," Wolf said as he turned to his Head of House with a smile.

"I try," Zabini said cheekily.

"Alright, I think I'm not speaking for just myself,"

"When we ask what the heck you're talking about," Nightshade grumbled.

Wolf tossed them the book and let the girls read it. They were more than intelligent enough to understand the implications on their own.

"And how," Granger-Weasley snapped as she radiated anger, "do you have diplomatic immunity?"

"That's none of your business," Feral snapped back. "We do and that's all that matters."

"Is this why you have both come to this school anonymously?" McGonagall asked.

"It's part of a reason why I had to," Wolf agreed. "But Feral probably could have used her own name since all you European Witches and Wizards are so close-minded about the rest of the world that you wouldn't have even recognized her."

"Still," McGonagall sighed. "In light of recent events, I'm going to have to ask both of you to reveal who you are and what your position is in this government you say you are a part of."

"Can we have your word of confidentiality?" Feral asked sharply.

"Of course," McGonagall replied, looking surprised that Feral even had to ask.

"Can we?" Feral asked again, but this time she was looking at Granger-Weasley.

"I'm the Deputy Headmistress!" Granger-Weasley gasped.

"You're married to an Auror!" Feral snarled back.

"How about this," Zabini said as he straightened in his seat. "I'm their Head of House, so I qualify as a witness to these events. Hermione, you step outside and they'll tell everything to McGonagall and me. Once we verify their statements, you can come back in."

"This is an affront to my position in this school!" Granger-Weasley hissed.

"I'm afraid they are correct, Hermione," McGonagall sighed.

"Fine!" Granger-Weasley said as she stomped out of the door.

Zabini sent a silencing spell at the door as it closed so she couldn't listen through the keyhole.

"Now, tell us who you are and why you think you have diplomatic immunity," McGonagall said sharply.

Wolf sighed. It seemed he had no choice. He would either be expelled and would be forced to abandon wolves under his care, or he would spill the closest of his secrets to someone who would actually be believed in polite society.

"My name is Tristan Malfoy, son of Draco Malfoy and Ginevra Weasley," Wolf said slowly and clearly. He didn't want to repeat himself. "And I am the Wolf Lord and Alpha werewolf, which means I rule over every single werewolf in the world."

"I'm Anne, no family name. I'm number two…three, I forget, on the Vampire Council."

"I thought you were number one?" Night asked with a giggle. Feral's glare shut her up quickly.

"I was," Feral sighed. "But I had to drop down to a lower position in order to come here."

"And we're…" the twins stood up and held their arms above their heads like cheerleaders.



"But you can call us Ivis,"

"Like the bird!"

"Don't you mean Ibis?" Feral asked.



"We have to think of another compound word for our names!" Iris gasped.

"It's an ugly bird anyway," Ivy added sadly.

McGonagall looked floored, not at the twin's act but at who their parents were and just what sort of power Wolf and Feral controlled. Clearly she thought that, if they were even telling the truth, they were just some royalty from a small, unimportant island in the middle of nowhere.

Zabini looked smug. "I figured it out on my own," he bragged.

"I can see why you don't want the Aurors knowing," McGonagall sighed. "Very well, if your story proves correct, then you do have diplomatic immunity and I can't ask you to leave this school. However, I can't have these disruptions every day in my school."

"I understand," Wolf replied with a glare towards his sisters.

"Oh," Iris grumbled. "It's our fault."

"Yes, it is," Wolf sighed. He turned back to McGonagall. "I can order them to leave, but that will cause an entirely different set of problems. I could waive diplomatic immunity and you could have them arrested for trespassing, but that would cause me problems with the Ministry that I'd rather avoid." He glared at the twins.

"You're saying they might be less of a disruption if I just allow them to remain here?" McGonagall asked.

"Think of them as Uncles Fred and George, only with werewolf powers added in," Wolf replied and laughed when McGonagall winced.

"Headmistress!" someone yelled before pounding on the door.

"She's in a meeting!" Granger-Weasley's affronted voice snapped.

"Headmistress, it's an emergency!"

The door opened and an Auror fell into the room. He picked himself up and hurriedly rushed to the desk. Granger-Weasley followed after.

"Nott is waking up, Headmistress, and he's gone berserk!"

McGonagall stood up. "I'll let you stay at Hogwarts until your story is checked out," she said quickly to Wolf as she made for the door. "Get to class, all of you!"

"A berserk werewolf?" Feral asked Wolf pointedly when Wolf didn't immediately followed the Headmistress out the door.

"Nightshade," Wolf said sharply. 'You're to quietly join Molly's class. The same rules apply here as in your previous school, understand?"

"Yes, Wolf," they chorused.

"Good," Wolf sighed, glad that Nightshade seemed to be in a listening mood. They must be feeling somewhat bad that they ruined so much for Wolf. "Feral, would you make sure-"

"Yeah," she nodded. Wolf nodded back before turning and rushing after McGonagall.

Wolf reached the hospital wing just as things were starting to get out of hand. Nott had broken through the stunning spells and was beginning to change into a wolf. Aurors and Hogwarts staff were standing back, wands at the ready, with no hope of surviving if help didn't come soon.

Wolf smiled slightly and walked into the room.

A hospital bed flew over Wolf's head as he walked and as Nott let his anger and fear take over his human side.

"Boy!" an Auror yelled at Wolf. "Get out of there!"

Wolf ignored all this and walked right up to Nott.

"Desist at once," Wolf said softly. Power swept through the room and slammed into Nott, sending the half man, half wolf creature careening into the ground.

Nott whimpered on the ground but didn't try to get back up. He glared up at Wolf with a lot of surprise in his eyes.

"Do you know what I am?" Wolf said in his soft voice that belied the power he was using to force Nott to submit.

"Al…pha," Nott forced out.

"Good," Wolf said mildly as he leaned his hip against the bed closest to Nott. "Now, who sent you here?"

"Father, my father," Nott replied, although it was clear on his face that he was trying to resist the influence Wolf's presence had on him.

"Who bit you?" Wolf continued.

"My father!" Nott snapped.

That didn't surprise Wolf. He had suspected that it might be a Death Eater who had escaped Azkaban behind this. A Death Eater who remembered Fenrir Greyback's attempts to change people in order to create an army could have come up with this.

"Who bit your father?"

Nott had to think for a moment for this answer. "A girl. Some girl, I don't know who."

"What are you doing to my brother, you stupid Mudblood?" Violet's voice shrieked from the doorway. She stepped into the room and Wolf watched as claws grew where her fingernails used to be. Apparently both the Nott children had been changed.

"Who sent you?" Wolf said as he turned his attention and his power towards Violet. She jerked to a stop and froze with one foot extended to take a step when Wolf's power hit her.

"My father," she snapped at him. Violet Nott was clearly the stronger wolf of the two siblings. Wolf exerted a little more power on her.

"Who bit your father?"

"Some woman and her kid. I don't know," she said in a dreamy voice that let Wolf know she was completely untrained for all that she could call her claws at need. She was moon struck by his power.

"Describe them," Wolf said in his gentle voice so he didn't alarm her and wake her from her dreamlike state.

"The kid and the mom looked Asian, I think," Violet replied. "I never met them. Only father has."

"Tell me of their plans."

"I was told to bite as many people as I could on the full moon, but I failed," she let out a little sniffle. "My wolf went swimming instead of biting anybody!"

"And your brother?"

"He wasn't bitten yet. Father wanted a human son to pass on the family name to, but when I failed Theodore was bitten because father had no other choice."

Wolf nodded and looked up at the Aurors. "Is there anything else you want to ask them?"

"Not at the moment," the Auror in charge said in a voice that was clearly shocked.

"Sleep," Wolf whispered to Violet and Theodore, who complied by lying down right where they were and going to sleep.

"Wolfsbane keeps their wolves asleep and helpless. Next time you go after a violent wolf and I'm not around, douse them in Wolfsbane and sleeping potion," Wolf said to the Head Auror. "That's what I suggest when you go after their father."

"How did you do that?" another Auror gasped.

"I'm the Alpha," Wolf said with a sigh. "And if you don't know what that means then your Auror program must be a joke," he added when all he got were blank looks. "Now if you'll excuse me. I have to return to class."

Wolf left the hospital wing and waited at the corner for McGonagall to catch up.

"As Wolf Lord, the Aurors should come to you about what to do with those two. They are werewolves."

"And, unpleasant as they are, they're my responsibility," Wolf added. "I know. But I can't train them to control their wolves right now. Usually there's an entire pack of controlled wolves to take care of the cubs, but it's just me and I'm already taking care of four newly bitten plus my sisters. Also, in cases where the people bitten are unresponsive to the rules, they are usually put into the exclusive care of an alpha level wolf not in control of a pack. If they can't learn then, they're killed."

"So what are you going to do with them?" she asked.

"Leave them with the Ministry until an alpha level wolf I trust becomes available," Wolf sighed. "Until then there's nothing I can do. And maybe some time behind bars will be good for them."

Wolf nodded politely to the Headmistress before heading off to class.


"The Alpha is here!" she giggled to the five-year-old girl on her lap. "The Wolf Lord himself! Do you know what that means, dearest?"

"Food," the girl smiled, showing her pointed teeth.

"And more power for you, my love," the woman added. "You'll be queen of the world once you've eaten his power!"

"I want to eat him, mommy. I want to!"

"Soon, pet. Soon. I'm sure he will taste…delicious."



"Pregnant?" Draco asked as he looked down at the little plus sign on the pee strip. It had been two weeks since the full moon, and therefore two weeks since the last time they had sex. How could one time, particularly the one time when the moon had been riding in their souls, bring so much trouble.

Maybe Draco was starting to agree with Ginny that sex led to bad things.

"Yes," Ginny snapped. "Go call the Witches Coven and see if they can help us again."

The next two weeks were almost the same as the last time Ginny was pregnant. Draco went to the Wizarding town for baby books and spell books. Ben asked everyone he knew for information on babies and stopping the transformation. And the Witches Coven came to see what they could do, which was nothing.

"We told you that the spell would only work once," the Coven Leader said sadly. "There is nothing more we can do. Our apologies to you and your husband." The Coven Leader left before Ginny could lose her temper.

The next full moon neared and Ginny dove inside to speak with her wolf.

"Cub?" the wolf asked. "Where?"

Ginny tried to show her wolf, but to the wolf's eye, there was nothing there. The wolf couldn't see cells and Ginny's child hadn't formed enough to exude any power yet.

The situation was hopeless.

"Maybe I should let myself change on the next full moon, instead of nearly killing myself holding it off all night," Ginny said sadly to Draco as she cried in his arms.

"Why?" Draco asked. "If we wait another solution might come along."

"Or, if we wait I'll feel the baby's powers screaming as it dies when I lose control of my wolf. It would be better for me and the baby if I end this as soon as possible," Ginny sobbed.

"What's so sad, Mummy?" Tristan asked as he climbed into bed with his parents. "No crying!"

"Oh, Tristan," Ginny sobbed softly. "I want to give you a little brother to play with, but changing into a wolf will take that away."

"A little brother?" Tris asked thoughtfully. "I want someone new to play with. Someone not a girl," Tris said with a nod despite the fact that he loved playing with Anne. "You bring me a little brother."

"I can't, Tris," Ginny said as another sob escaped her lips. "The change to a wolf kills it."

"So don't change," Tris said with a smile.

"I'm not like you," Ginny said with a smile for her son. "I don't have any control over when I shift on the full moon."

Tristan smiled. "You won't shift." He snuggled into his mother's arms before going to sleep. Ginny let him sleep there for the night, glad that she had been able to bring one son into the world. She wouldn't, couldn't, bring two.

They called the Coven again in desperation the night before the full moon, but only got an answering machine. Apparently the witches knew how to screen their calls. Draco offered to go over and force them to talk to him, but Ginny knew that the message wouldn't have changed and stopped him.

It was with a heavy heart that Ginny followed Draco and Tristan into the clearing for the full moon. She wanted to hide somewhere where the moon couldn't touch her in order to lessen the call to shift. She wanted to not be a werewolf so she could bring as many of Draco's kids into the world as she could.

Ginny wanted to not be pregnant so she wouldn't have to be making this difficult decision. She wanted to wait and see if there was a cure that could save her unborn son. But waiting a few months and going through excruciating pain in order to do so, only to lose both her child's life and her own life when she succumbed to the moon was even worse. At least now her child wasn't alive. It couldn't think or breathe, or even create its own werewolf power. It would be better to end this before it became more than just a couple cells.

That was why Ginny was walking out to the clearing tonight instead of hiding in her basement where the moon couldn't get her. The choice would be out of her hands. The moon would call and she would shift, and the child would be gone.

Tris was the first to change, as usual, but this time he didn't go bounding off into the woods after something only he could see. Tris seemed to understand the mood of the night, as all of the werewolves felt the sadness of losing a child.

He climbed into his mother's lap and curled up for a nap.

The night began to wear on. The hours passed until only Draco was left as a human. Ginny knew her shift would happen momentarily and looked at Draco's human eyes one last time before her husband had to bend over with his change.

Ginny didn't feel any of the precursors to the change. Her bones weren't aching. The moon wasn't singing to her. Ginny felt almost human.

Suddenly Draco's pale white wolf was standing next to her and she was in her human shape.

"Draco?" Ginny asked. Why hadn't she changed? "What's going on?"

Draco shook his head. He didn't know either.

Tristan stirred in Ginny's lap and almost fell off. Half of his body brushed the ground and suddenly Ginny could feel the moon.

Tris righted himself and the moon was gone again.

Ginny looked down at her son in awe. "He said I wouldn't change and he meant it," Ginny said to Draco. "We don't even know what powers he has."

Draco quirked an eyebrow as if saying, 'you think Tristan is doing this?'

"I do think Tris is doing this," Ginny replied. "Now go, hunt. I'll be fine."

Draco licked her face and gently touched his nose to his sleeping son's ear before spinning and calling out for the hunt to begin. Ginny watched as wolves gathered behind Draco and took off into the forest in search of something yummy.

The next full moon was the same. Tris curled up on Ginny's lap. Annie curled up so she could lay her cheek against Tristan's fur and was content to listen to Ginny telling stories the whole night.

The third full moon passed without Anne but with Tristan holding off Ginny's wolf.

Ginny had learned by now not to ask Tris what he was doing. She wasn't sure her son knew himself and Ginny didn't want him to over think the process and make a mistake.

There was a slight swell to her stomach now that both Tristan and Draco liked to rub their hands over. Tristan usually did this tiredly after the full moon when he would sleep for a day straight and wouldn't let Anne drink his blood for at least a week afterwards.

Draco loved the feel of Ginny's skin growing taut over their new son and would spend hours with his cheek pressed against her baby bump and a happy smile on his face.

The baby was growing and surviving and somehow Tristan was able to keep Ginny from changing. Tris didn't seem unhappy or harmed by what he was doing. Ginny carefully asked him after every full moon. Tris always replied that he wanted a baby brother and was fine holding her wolf.

Ginny just hoped that she was having a son so that Tristan wouldn't be disappointed. Weasleys were prone to boys, as were Malfoys, so Ginny figured the odds were good.

Tristan turned four and all the werewolves, vampires, and coven witches that were friendly came to his party. The little boy had a blast and everyone else seemed to have fun dodging the part boy, part wolf that went careening around. A couple of the witches brought their children and Tris decided to stay human with Annie in order to play properly with the "strange kids with weird powers".

Month seven came along and the healer told Ginny that she was having twins. Ginny sighed excitedly and went to go buy a bigger cradle. Tristan's old cradle was meant for one child and she needed one for two now.

And then, suddenly, there were two baby girls nestled in Ginny's arms. Draco was ecstatic that he had three kids, regardless of their gender. Ginny was just glad that she could see her toes again.

Tristan climbed up onto the bed to see the new arrivals and gasped. "But, mummy, they're girls! I wanted a boy!"

"Sisters can be fun too," Draco said. "You have fun with Annie all the time."

Tristan slid off the bed with a giant pout on his face. "I wanted a brother," he sniffled, before dashing out of the room to go find Annie and complain.

Ginny would have been upset, except that a couple of hours later she woke up from a nap to see Tristan and Annie carefully poking their noses over the cradle to have a look.

"They're all wrinkly," Anne said with a sneer of disgust. "I wouldn't bite them, they probably taste like drool."

"No biting my sisters," Tris said with a frown at Annie. "You're mine, but they're mine too."

"Okay," Annie replied. "Let's go make Ben get us food."

Ginny smiled happily as she closed her eyes again. Tristan may have wanted a brother, but he didn't seem too disappointed with a sister. Ginny fell back asleep and woke up a few minutes later when her newborn twins decided it was lunchtime for them too.