Blood Red Rose

Disclaimer: I DO NOT in any way shape or form own any of the original Pirates of the Caribbean characters, please, please, please don't think it any other way! However it gives me great pride to say that Alexandria, Sawyer, and most importantly Katarina are my mind's own idea. I wrote this almost right after dead man's chest so obviously it won't line up with any of the AWE stuff! Try to look past it. REVIEWS OF ALL KINDS APPRECIATED!!!

"Done," exclaimed thirteen year old Katarina Watkins closing her dark blue English notebook. She looked at her younger brother sleeping peacefully bathed in moonlight from their open window. Katarina looked lovingly out of her window at the Atlantic, it's gentle foaming waves crashing softly over the white sand of the beach. Katarina's family lived in a beach house right on Myrtle Beach. She had lived on the water her entire life. As a matter of fact she had just written her English essay as a story about a girl who seeks adventure on the high seas as a pirate. Katarina had always loved the Pirates of the Caribbean movies from "The Curse of the Black Pearl" to "At World's End", she had faithfully followed the adventures of the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow since the first movie premiered. Katarina even had a locket, her most prized possession, displaying the Jolly Roger and containing a picture of Captain Jack. However Katarina was well aware that such adventures were long gone from the seas and that it was impossible to seek such adventures anywhere but in her dreams.

Katarina looked at her watch, it's digital numbers reading 12:05 a.m. She yawned sleepily and kicked off her tennis-shoes. Her eye lids were heavy with sleep and she found herself lying down to sleep without changing out of her clothes. She simply took out her hair scrunchy and slipped it on her wrist behind her watch. She was asleep before her blond head hit the pillow.

It was known to everyone, including her teachers, that Katarina was a huge Pirates of the Caribbean fan She was never shy to display the latest Pirates of the Caribbean T-shirt or talk exclusively about the newest movie coming out in the trilogy. However it was not her talk about the Pirates of the Caribbean movies that made her such a die hard fan. She was tough like a pirate, through and through, tears almost never graced her cheeks. There was one time she was particularly proud of in a dodge ball game during gym...

Katarina had fought like a pirate to knock down her fellow classmates, anyone on the other team faced a "red rubbery death". Sure enough one by one they had fallen and now the only thing that stood between her and victory was James Gibsworthy, the toughest dodge ball player, well, ever! Just as she wound up to throw her dodge ball of doom something hit her hard in the face. Katarina put her fingers to her nose and quickly found that the dodge ball to the face had caused her nose to bleed. The coach's whistle blew, head shot, no good. Through the pain Katarina caught James off guard and nailed him in the leg. After it was over her friends crowded around trying to make sure she was alright. Then came the question.

"Are you o.k.?" God, Katarina lived for moments like this, chances to look tough and her lips curled into a smirk as they formed her answer.

"I'm alive aren't I?" They all looked at her with shock and relief, but most just laughed. Yes it was known to everyone at school that Katarina was a die hard pirates fan and little did she know that this very night she was about to embark on an adventure unlike any other.

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