I don not own any of the Donnelly's but I would love to own Kevin and Tommy ::Wink:: but I don't and I miss them. This is a quick oneshot about Tommy and Jenny. Enjoy! I also love notes and reviews.
Jenny. My Jenny. Jenny Reilly the girl I gave everything up for. She begged me to stay away. She begged me to run away with her. I was. I had everything behind me. Now she was bleeding on the street. Bleeding from a bullet that was intended for me. I love her. I love her. She's my Jenny. My dieing Jenny.

"So is this how it's going to end?" Her eyes piercing into me like daggers.

"I guess so." I hurt her. She hurt me what more could I say? No more was I going to let us both suffer. I loved her too much for it.

"Tommy, all you've ever done is protect everyone around you. Your not protecting me all your doing is hurting me."

"Jenny, I never wanted this to-"

"For once in your goddamn life shut up. I don't need your bullshit how dangerous your life is and how I'm going to get killed or some shit like that. I know the risks ever since your father was killed but I stuck by you and it's never going to change. Fuck, Tommy I'm pregnant and the only man I've slept with in a long time has been you. I'm not letting this child not know its father. So shut the hell up and let me be with you."

I stood there speechless wondering if my hearing was going.

"You're fucking pregnant." She nodded. My whole body froze. I used to fantasize that Jenny and I would be married and have a child but god not under these circumstances.

"FUCK!" I said

"That's a great reaction to a woman telling you she's pregnant. You know what Tommy fuck you I'm leaving on the first plane tomorrow. I'm going to go to Ireland for a while and stay with my cousins. Maybe or maybe not I'll keep the baby. Have a nice fucking life Tommy Asshole Donnelly."

She ran to fast out of the door I didn't know if I should follow her but I did. I jumped in front of her and picked her up. She yelled in protest but I threw her back into the firecracker before she could escape my grip. She sat on the barstool and attempted to throw a bottle at my head. She missed thank God she never had good aim. I grabbed her head and forced her to kiss me. She was reluctant at first. I could feel tears trickling down her cheeks as I held her. I pulled away from her and looked into her perfect blue eyes.

"Jenny Pain in the ass Reilly, will you marry me?" She held my gaze to see if I was joking.

"Are you serious?"

I laughed this was the girl I fell in love with.

"Jenny, all I ever wanted to do was ask you that damn question. Please just give me an answer/"

She breathed a few deep breaths and got up and walked towards the pool table. My heart leaped in my chest. Oh God, she was going to say no.

"Tommy…" She whispered. I need a drink. I grabbed whatever alcohol was behind the bar and began to chug.

"YES!" My head shot up and looked at her. She had the brightest smile on her face. Thank, God. I had what I wanted.

She and I were almost out. My brothers were all safe. Dokey was dead. Alo was dead. Nicky didn't want us. We were safe. Our home was set. I was set. Our wedding was set. She and I walked out of the bar. Our eyes fixed on each other, She kissed me. I kissed back. A random gunshot flew. An Italian across the street. She fell as I held her. Bleeding on the floor. My Jenny was dieing. My baby was dieing. What else did I need to live for?