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"Naruto, my son, I am truly sorry for what I am about to do. Please forgive me." Minato had just arrived to the front lines where the Kyubi was attacking. He was seated a top of Gamma Bunta's head and his newly born son was also present.

Minato had gotten into position and was just about to start making hand seals, when he felt a sharp jabbing pain in his neck and then the world went dark.

Two days later……..

Minato slowly opened his eyes. He immediately closed them because the bright white light hurt his eyes. At first, he thought he was dead, but the smell of antiseptic told him he was in the hospital. He groaned and opened his eyes to find both Sarutobi and Jiraiya in the room.

"What happened?" Suddenly the last event he experienced flashed through his mind. "What happened to the village?! Is Kyubi still a threat?! Someone tell me!" Sarutobi pulled the pipe out of his mouth and gave a sigh.

"The village is fine and so is your son. The Kyubi was defeated."

Relief flooded through Minato knowing that both his son and village were safe. "Wait, I don't remember finishing the jutsu to beat Kyubi so what happened?"

At this both Jiraiya and Sarutobi adopted a sad expression. "It seems Tsunade knocked you out and performed the jutsu in your place. You really shouldn't leave scrolls containing such powerful jutsu lying around your office." Sarutobi then took a long drag from his pipe to try to calm himself.

"Why would Tsunade do that?" This time it was Jiraiya who spoke up. "Tsunade is a complicated person, but one thing about her is that she's always treasured family. She was the one who delivered your son. And when I saw her holding him, she had a warm smile on her face that I hadn't seen in years. Your son sort of resembles her little brother, Nawaki. Perhaps he caused her some nostalgia. She probably didn't want to see him alone since his mother had died during child birth. That's always been a constant with Tsunade; she always had a soft spot for babies."

Minato took in the answer, mulling it over and digesting it. He owed Tsunade a large amount of respect and gratefulness. Because of her the village was safe and he would be able to watch his son grow up. "Is there anything else I should know about?"

Sarutobi and Jiraiya each exchanged a look. "We think something happened that was different from what was supposed to happen."

"Well yeah, it wasn't planned for Tsunade to take my place."

"Idiot we mean with the sealing. I showed up in time to see Tsunade activate the jutsu. I saw her pull out the Kyubi's soul well actually it was more like its chakra, but it looked like her chakra left her and merged with the Kyubi's. I don't really know what happened, but all of the redness disappeared and a dark blue chakra was sealed into your son."

"We think that instead of having Kyubi sealed into your son, Tsunade's soul was sealed into him and Kyubi's chakra merged with his."

"Ok so you guys think that Tsunade is sealed into my son and the Kyubi is no more."


"Weirder things have happened."

Minato was now gathering his thoughts, as is head was spinning from the new information. There were so many possibilities and questions and what if's. One thing was for sure though; things were definitely going to get interesting around here.