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Chapter 1: The Kissing Booth


Sabaku no Gaara was your average redheaded teenage Kage with a red scar that read 'love' on his forehead, and a suddenly demonless hormone filled body. Okay…so maybe he wasn't so average, but…then again…as a former Jinchuuriki…how could he be. It was strange not having the demon whispering (a.k.a yelling) about bloodshed and murder in the back of his mind, but by no means missed. The fifteen year old Kazekage rather liked life without the bothersome demon. He had only gotten stronger since then, and with his own power nonetheless.

See…a few months back Gaara had died. Quite literally you could say. The Akatsuki's bomb specialist Deidara had defeated him by forcing him to choose either his own safety, or the safety of his villagers. Of course, as their Kage, he'd chosen the latter. The Akatsuki had painfully, and fatally extracted Shukaku from his body. The only reason he was alive today was because of the hard fought battles of Haruno Sakura, Hatake Kakashi, Hyuuga Neji, Tenten, Rock Lee, Maito Guy, and of course Uzumaki Naruto.

Not to forget the sacrifice of Elder Chiyo, who gave her life to restore his. The memory shocked him, even now, months later, that he'd awakened from death's doorstep to the worried, yet relieved faces of his siblings, and fellow Sunagakure Shinobi. Everyone, even Konoha, had rushed to his rescue, and he couldn't help but feel like he'd finally been accepted.

Since then…he'd acquired quite a large fangirl/boy following. Word of his selfless death had traveled quickly through the village Via…Temari and Kankuro. In the present, the people who'd once feared him now held the highest respect for him. He'd died for them…for their children and husbands, and siblings. Now, parents pushed their daughters to approach him. The Council had a lot of offers from families in the village for potential brides. The only problem was…Gaara wasn't really interested in any of them.

At first he'd thought there was something wrong with him. He'd never understood emotions too well, and the fact that he could see some of these girls were extremely beautiful…but he wasn't attracted to any of them, made him worry. In fact….he'd gotten so upset he actually talked to Temari about it. She'd simply smiled and told him to take a vacation. The Council readily approved a break for their Kazekage, noting that he worked too hard for a young teen who'd just come back from the dead. Baki had promised to take care of the village while he was gone, and that takes us to now.

Gaara walked the streets of Konohagakure alone taking in the festival preparations. It had been Tsunade-sama's request, on behalf of Naruto, Sakura, and Lee, that he spend his vacation in Konoha. They'd be having their first annual 'Home's for Orphans' festival. The idea was to clean the little tykes up and show them off to the families of Konoha, and other allied nations. Then, hopefully, some of them would be adopted, and the money acquired from the festival would go into the Orphanage for those who didn't find homes.

As Kazekage, leader of Konoha's greatest ally, he felt an obligation to be there. As a child from a loveless past, he felt an urge to help these children find love and happiness. There were all sorts of games, food stands, and little trinket shops lining the streets of the rather large village. The thing that caught his eye however, was a tiny booth not too far away. There sat none other than Uzumaki Naruto smiling brilliantly at the passers by.

The blond was setting up the booth carefully, and Gaara decided he wanted to see whatever his friend was selling. Maybe he'd buy it, that is, if it was worth buying. In long graceful strides the Kazekage walked nonchalantly up to the small stand. There was a little white cloth covering the sign of whatever it was the stand was called. After a few moments, Naruto finally turned to notice him.

"Gaara!?" the blond cried out disbelievingly. The redhead smirked.

"Naruto," he answered quietly. The blond stared at him with wide blue eyes for a few seconds until his face cracked with a huge pearly smile.

"So you made it? Well, welcome!" Naruto all but shouted excitedly. He came about the stand with a little stool and motioned for Gaara to take a seat on it before getting behind the stand again.

"What is it you're selling here?" the redhead asked upon seeing no merchandise inside. The blonde's face set in a fox-like grin.

"Well….this Kazekage-sama…is what's known as a….kissing booth," he said, sapphire eyes glinting impishly. Confusion flickered over the redhead's features.

"Kissing…booth?" he asked, tilting his head to the side. At this moment, Naruto couldn't help but smile. 'You've been to hell and back but you're such an innocent Gaara,' he thought to himself.

"Yes, well you see. I charge people two dollars to kiss me, and whatever money I make goes towards the music program in the orphanage," the blond explained. Gaara's brow furrowed.

"Why would someone pay two dollars to kiss you?" he asked, and Naruto glared at him playfully.

"What…I'm not worth two dollars Panda-man?" he asked with a fake hurt look. The redhead snorted, and smirked.

"So…you're selling yourself then Uzumaki?" he asked, smirk growing wider when Naruto sputtered stupidly for a few seconds. 'Maybe not as much of an innocent as I thought,' the blond scolded himself.

"For your information Sandman, I'm only doing this as a favor to Baa-chan," he said, sticking his little nose in the air and pouting cutely. Gaara inwardly chuckled.

"Why would she choose you?" he asked, raising a hairless brow at the pouting blond. Naruto's blue eyes turned on him and his pink lips turned up into a smirk.

"Well let me show you," he said, standing and forming that all too familiar seal.

"KAGE BUSHIN NO JUTSU!" he cried, making a clone appear next to him in a puff of smoke.

Gaara looked on with a bored expression, raising his teal eyes to the Uzumaki's face. There was that foxy grin again, and the Kazekage vaguely wondered what ridiculous stunt the blond had up his sleeve. His eyes wandered back to those two tan hands, clasped into the transformation seal.

"HENGE!" he yelled, and the clone erupted into a cloud of smoke.

When the smoke cleared there stood a nude, female form of Naruto who was quite beautiful, but…Gaara rather preferred his friend in his natural state. 'Woah! Where the hell did that thought come from?' he thought to himself. His sea foam eyes roamed over the voluptuous curves of the female Naruto from head to toe, then came to rest on the real Naruto's smiling face.

"Baa-chan chose me because I can be a girl and a boy Gaaaaaraa-kun…" the blonde's naked female double said batting her eyelashes seductively. He wondered why Gaara hadn't had a massive nosebleed and passed out like everyone else who'd seen this jutsu.

"Hn..I see," the redhead said in a bored tone. Naruto's face faltered.

"Ano…Gaara, why haven't you passed out yet?" the blond asked, slightly disappointed. The redhead threw him a confused look.

"I don't understand," he muttered quietly.

"Well, everyone who sees my sexy jutsu passes out from her ultra sexiness," the blond said, Gaara smirked.

"Unlike most of the people you know Whiskers…I am not a closet pervert," the redhead said with an air of superiority. Naruto laughed.

"Well, you can't blame a guy for trying. I mean, it'd be a great story to sell to the press. 'Godaime Kazekage, Sabaku no Gaara, passes out from perversion!'" the blond said smiling widely. Gaara glared at him halfheartedly. Suddenly the blonde's smile vanished and his blue eyes snapped wide.

"Kuso! It's time to open up shop!" the boy cried out, ripping the white sheet off the 'Kissing Booth' sign and seating both his female, now dressed, clone in the seat next to him.

"Well Gaara, it's been nice talking to you, but I've got a kissing booth to run. Gotta make that money. You understand right?" the blond said. Gaara nodded, and rose with the intention of leaving.

Naruto watched the redhead turn his back towards him, and suddenly didn't want him to leave. The blond had been silently studying his friend, well as much as his hyper active brain would let him study. The fact that Gaara hadn't reacted at all to the naked female clone made the blond wonder. 'Is Gaara gay? Maybe he is and he doesn't know yet,' he thought. Naruto knew he liked both, and he had to admit, Gaara did look rather attractive in his Kage robes.

"Hey Sandy butt!" Naruto called, smirking when he saw the redhead twitch a little. The blond had to use all his might to suppress the shudder that came with the steely glare from those angry green eyes.

Kyuubi- you knoooowww…he's kinda hot.

Naruto- shut up damned fox!

Kyuubi- I say we get him to be our first customer.

Naruto- I seem to remember telling you to shut up…. Oh! I know I'll
make him my first customer!

Kyuubi- idiot…

Naruto- mumble…damned..fox…

"Uzumaki!" he heard a slightly raised version of Gaara's voice break through his silent conversation. He snapped his big blue eyes to the suddenly handsome face of his friend. 'Why hadn't I ever noticed it before. I guess we're just so close I never imagined being attracted to him,' the blond thought.

"Uzumaki…you have five seconds to tell me what you want or I'm leaving," the redhead growled out. Naruto raised his hands in surrender. He knew Gaara's dangerous voice when he heard it.

"Hai…hai. Well Sandman, I was just going to say. How would you like to be my first customer?" the blond asked, watching his friend's reaction carefully. Gaara stared at him with wide eyes incredulously.

"Naruto?" he said, and the blond chuckled. He lowered his lids and sent Gaara a flirtatious stare.

"Come on Gaaara-kun…you're Kazekage right? You're practically obligated to make a donation," the blond said in a deeper tone.

The Kazekage felt a shiver course through his body. Why was Naruto acting this way? Why did he want Gaara to kiss him? What the hell could the blond be thinking? And…why the hell was he so damned attractive? Ii'Wait a minute! Am I supposed to believe that the most beautiful girls in my village all but throw themselves at me and I couldn't be more bored? But Uzumaki gives me one look with those damned eyes of his and I want to jump him immediately!' the redhead panicked in his mind.

"I don't think so Uzumaki," he said quietly, but the blond pouted at him, causing a sharp stab of heat to pierce his lower belly. Did the blond have to be so unbearably adorable?

"Am I so repulsive?" the blond asked quietly, and Gaara immediately regretted saying what he did. Maybe Naruto thought that if the villagers saw him kiss the Kazekage, they'd be less hesitant to be donors themselves.

"Gomen," the redhead sighed, sliding back into the stool and placing a pale hand over the blonde's. Those endless blue eyes looked up at him.

"You don't have to…you know. I've already stolen one of my guy friend's first kisses, I wouldn't want to do it again," the blond said, recuperating from the sad moment and chuckling quietly. Gaara sighed.

'Well, I guess the only way to see if I'm attracted to guys is to kiss one. And…I guess as far as that's concerned, I'd rather it be Naruto,' he thought. His mind was reeling. Well, he'd seen Kankurou with guys before. The brunette just wasn't very picky with what he fucked. But…Gaara wasn't sure what he should do. What would the council think? Then he stopped. 'Fuck the council,' he thought. He was a teenage boy. This was the time in his life when he was supposed to be figuring out who he was.

"Fine…" Gaara said, and wide blue eyes snapped to him.

"Nani?" the blond said. Suddenly nervous teal eyes looked up at him.

"I'll donate," the redhead said quietly, the tiniest of blushes making it's way to his face. Naruto smiled broadly.

"Okay!" he chirped, "come on in!"

Gaara walked around as Naruto dissipated his female clone, and sat in the now empty chair. His hands found each other and fidgeted nervously in his lap. The blond did not miss this, but actually thought it was kind of cute. He placed his hand over the ones in the Kazekage's lap, and it seemed to calm the other boy slightly. He experimentally leaned forward only to have Gaara move back slightly. Naruto sighed.

"Gaara, it's not going to hurt," he said softly, the redhead nodded, but didn't look any less nervous.

"I'll tell you what. Why don't you close your eyes? You can trust me you know," Naruto said.

Hesitantly dark lids fell over those light green eyes. Pale hands fisted into the suddenly stifling Kage robes. There as a light blush just over the ridge of his nose, and Naruto couldn't imagine a more inviting sight. There sat the mighty Kazekage of Sunagakure, eyes closed, face lightly flushed, waiting for the fox to kiss him. And that's exactly what he did.

Naruto leaned forward, running a tan hand through those blood red, surprisingly silky strands, and pressing his lips firmly against the other's. He smiled at the Kage's sharp intake of breath. Gaara tasted of cinnamon, and Naruto found his petal soft lips utterly addictive. He reached his hand up to cup a baby soft cheek in his hand. It was amazing, how soft the Kazekage was. He'd always assumed Gaara'd be rough…like the sand he controlled. But that pale skin was so soft, he wanted nothing more than to stroke it, kiss it…taste it. He opened his mouth over the redheads, licking at the plump bottom lip.

Gaara took in a shaky breath only to have his mouth invaded by Naruto's hot tongue. His mind was all over the place. It felt good. The blond was incredibly talented with his mouth. The tan boy moaned into his mouth loudly when the young Kazekage poked shyly back with his own. Strong hands fisted in his scarlet locks, and suddenly a lithe, well muscled body was flush against him. Naruto straddled his toned legs over Gaara's waist and sat directly in his lap. Using one of his hands to pull the red hair, he carefully ran his tongue over the exposed, pale neck. The Kazekage barely suppressed a shiver.

Gaara's ivory skin tasted every bit as delicious as the blond had thought it would. He licked and sucked at the tender neck eliciting little gasps, and pants from the red head he was currently sitting on. The blond pulled himself closer, unknowingly dragging his firm ass over the clothed semi-erection of his friend. Said Kage's hips bucked involuntarily upwards, grind against the blonde's thigh. Naruto grinded back, groaning loudly against the redhead's neck as his own hardness dragged over Gaara's tight abdomen.

The Kazekage'd never felt anything like this. Naruto's soft, pink mouth was slanted over his. A hot talented tongue traced the contours of his mouth, neck, and collar bone, as a lean body straddled him, grinding deliciously against his own. 'Yup, I'm definitely attracted to guys,' the redhead thought, feeling his painful hardness being caressed by Naruto's firm bottom. The blond took his bottom lip between those bright teeth and nibbled at it softly. Tan hands gripped his blood red hair, pulling his head to the side so that hot mouth could devour his sensitive neck. Gaara felt his breaths coming out in labored pants.

"Gods Gaara….mnn…you taste so good," the blond murmured against his collar.

That hot tongue laved languidly over the heated flesh of the redhead's hollow. Gaara growled lowly, the sound vibrating through his chest, and into the blonde's mouth as he wretched Naruto up for another searing kiss. The Sand Kage forced his tongue between bruised lips, and claimed the hot, moist cavern dominantly, as his arms wove around the blonde's waist to pull him even closer. The redhead let his hands fall to the taught rear end of his friend, squeezing the tight round globes and grinding them together once more. Naruto threw his head back, arching into him.

"Mnn….Gaara…" he moaned, as said shinobi latched his mouth to a tan throat. The blonde's chest was rising and falling rapidly now. His firm little ass ground even harder, while his hard dick dragged along Gaara's abdomen. The sand-nin suddenly felt the coil of heat swirling in his lower belly tighten wonderfully. His whole body was in a near climactic state, tingles spread over his skin and his lower belly pulsated with heat. Something big was about to happen, but he just didn't know what.

"Nnnya…Gaara..I'm gonna..*groan*" the blond tried to warn, but found his voice just wouldn't work. Both boys were on the verge of orgasm when….

"Ehem!" someone cleared their throat loudly.

Both sets of eyes snapped open in shock. 'Kuso!' they thought in unison. They were surrounded by a crowd of blushing, nose pinching villagers and ninja. In the midst of their fun they'd totally forgotten they were in the middle of Konohagakure during a huge festival. Gaara silently berated himself in his mind, forcefully fighting the urge to slam his head against a wall repeatedly. Finally both teens let their eyes rest on the person, or rather, people who'd interrupted them. Naruto's mouth fell open in a gape.

"Sakura-chan! Hinata-chan!" he shouted in surprise.

The cotton candy haired girl stared at them with confusion swirling in her bright green eyes. The Hyuuga heiress stood with wide moonlike eyes, blushing redder than Gaara's hair, with a little blood trickling from her nose. For a few moments, all was silent. Finally the villagers seemed to get over their shock, and some continued on their ways. However, a rather large group of them stayed behind and formed a line to the kissing booth.

"Man that was hot!" Ino's voice said.

"Oh! Oh! Is Gaara-sama working the kissing booth too!" another Kunoichi said from somewhere. The Kazekage blushed slightly.

"Um…I don't think so. I'm not really good at that sort of thing," he said, referring to being so close to people he didn't know. Of course the onlookers took it differently.

"Naruto-kun s..seemed to think d…differently…" the shy Hyuuga piped up. The redhead sighed, and Naruto laughed nervously.

"Yes, Step up one and all of you want to kiss the amazing Kazekage of Sunagakure! Of course you all want to kiss me, but let's give Gaara here a chance!" the blond shouted earning a glare from his redheaded friend.

"Uzumaki.." Gaara growled quietly as two long lines formed in front of them both. Girls and boys alike. Mischievous blue eyes glinted at him happily.

"I'll make it up to you later…ne Gaara?" the blond said, wagging his eyebrows suggestively. Gaara just scoffed and turned his attention to his line.



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