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Bonus Chapter 3 "Cherry Poppin!"


Naruto giggled that mischievous giggle as Sasuke tied the last Chakra rope around their sleeping lover's wrist. The good thing about Gaara, he slept like death; once he was fully asleep that is. Both men drew back to admire their handy-work. The redhead was tied, wrists over his head to the headboard, and ankles to their corresponding bed posts. He was naked. All that smooth alabaster skin and taught, well defined muscle on perfect display for the two Konoha-nins.

Sasuke crawled over the sleeping Kazekage, hard and dripping, to take that soft, slightly parted mouth under his own in a kiss. Naruto moved between their Seme's legs to take the flaccid length in his hands and toy with it until it responded in a long, pale solute. Gaara moaned into the Uchiha's mouth lightly, and responded through his many layers of sleep by thrusting his tongue into the warm, sweet cavern. Sasuke chuckled and moved back, smirking when the sleeping Kage's mouth followed his unknowingly.

It was when the blond Kitsune by his groin took his now, hard length into his mouth that the redhead's turquoise eyes opened to lock with smoky black. And what a sight to wake up to it was. A flushed, aroused, naked Sasuke Uchiha toying with his own nipples as he fisted his own length slowly. Green eyes flitted to the mop of blond hair bobbing in his lap, but upon trying to reach his hand down to weave into that hair, he found his wrists tied over his head. He glared at the sexy Uchiha on top of him, who of course, smirked in response.

"We wanted to try something knew Gaara-sama…please let us," the Uchiha begged in an insanely hot manner. A pale peach, full bottom lip protruded out and those smoky onyx eyes stared at him through half lidded slits.

"Nnnn…what do you want to try that you need to tie me up?" Gaara asked as clearly as he could.

"You'll see Gaara-sama…." Sasuke purred into his ear as he began to lave oral attention on the sensitive love.

Naruto continued to suck and lick as his cock; bobbing his head up and down, swirling his tongue over the head, then into the slit. It felt amazing to have the Fire Nation Leader's talented mouth working the turgid flesh of his member. Sasuke tossed a look over his shoulder into sky blue eyes, to which Naruto nodded, and the Uchiha leant down to kiss his lover passionately once again. Gaara stiffened slightly when he felt one of the Hokage's fingers rub against his virgin entrance. Were they planning what he thought they were?

"Mmpph…Sas…*kiss*..I," he tried to protest, but the Uchiha simply thrust his tongue into his mouth and sucked at his lips distractingly. The mouth on his cock withdrew, as the finger near his most vulnerable area stroked a patch of skin that made his nerves tingle delightfully.

"Don't be scared Gaara-kun…you know we won't hurt you," Naruto's soothing, loving voice assured him.

Gaara knew this, but was still a little nervous about the idea of being 'taken'. He'd never been Uke before. Not that he was completely opposed to it. He liked to try new things when it came to his two lovers. He just had an extremely dominant personality, so he'd never really thought of it before. Naruto's forefinger rubbed something cold and wet over his pucker in sensual little circles. It pressed against the tight muscles slightly, but shied away and stroked the rim. The redhead shivered just slightly at the coolness of the lube, but moaned loudly when his sexy Uchiha pinched at an erect, pink nipple.

"Mnn…Sasu-kun…I wanna touch you…let my hands go," Gaara ordered silently, and Sasuke found he could not deny that desperate look in those wildly lust-filled green eyes. They had that feral gleam…the one that made him feel like the sexiest thing on Earth, and his heartbeat sped up in anticipation as he untied the knots.

"Okay Gaara-sama…but you're legs stay," he said, capturing the soft lips in a breath smack of lips.

He threw his had back as strong hands slid up over his thighs to rest on his narrow hips. One smooth, soft palm closed around his weeping member, stroked upwards slowly and the pad of a smooth thumb moved over his slit to spread the pre-cum over the head of his dick. The other hand moved to his lower back to push him forward, his length hovering in Gaara's pale face as the redhead's lips turned upwards in that devilishly sexy grin of his. Just as the Kazekage's tongue swept over his slit, one of his slender digits dipped into the groove of the Uchiha's perfect ass cheeks. Sasuke moaned loud, needy and in that slutty way he knew Gaara loved to hear most. The full pink lips descended on the long pale length of Sasuke's erection earning a pleasant tremor of the lean, beautiful body.

"Gaara…" Sasuke moaned breathily as his hips started to gyrate slowly against his lover's ministrations.

Gaara pulled his mouth away, pushing at his pale lover to position him better. Long, muscular legs straddled the Kazekage's face, pale toned ass, and long, hard dick with them. Sasuke braced himself on his hands, leaning down to lap at the base of Gaara's cock as Naruto suckled the head. An approving growl caused his own need to jump, before it was encased in a warm hand and jerked slowly. Another hand kneaded the taught muscle of his ass, as a tongue circled the ring of his tight pucker. The Uchiha let out a shuttering moan. He loved it when Gaara did that. He pushed his hips back to meet the probing, hot appendage as it dipped into his entrance in the most amazingly pleasurable way.

"Fuck…Gaara….mnnn…" he groaned, forehead resting against the smooth, flat skin of the Kage's lower abdomen.

A hand tilted his head up, and he met hazy blue eyes. Sasuke leaned forward to kiss his other lover as the blond fisted their Uke-for-the-day's length expertly. A few brushes of tongue and nipping of lips, he could taste Gaara on the blond, and then Naruto lowered the Uchiha's mouth over the head of Gaara's penis with a pointed look into bottomless black eyes. Sasuke smirked before swallowing the entire length to the base, and contracting his throat muscles around it as Naruto breached the virgin entrance of their lover with his forefinger. Gaara cried out against the Uchiha's hole, which he'd been tongue fucking for the past few minutes.

The feeling of being penetrated was strange, but not unpleasant, and the distraction of Sasuke's fluttering throat muscles, and expert cock sucking skills kept the stretching process from being too painful. There were a few stings here and there, but it wasn't until the third finger was added that he tensed up completely. It hurt, and Naruto rubbed soothing patterns into the taught skin of his thighs as Sasuke swallowed him whole again to try to override the pain with pleasure.

"Gah…*pant*.." Gaara tried to breath.

In an attempt to distract himself he kissed lazy patterns over the backs of Sasuke's pale thighs. Naruto started moving the three fingers, crooking them and trying to find that special spot. When Gaara's hips rose off the bed and ground down into the digits he knew he'd found it. The Kazekage had just taken Sasuke's length back into his mouth and the loud moan that Naruto had ripped from the man vibrated against the sensitive flesh causing the Uchiha to thrust into the warm cavern. Sasuke deep throated the redhead as Naruto fingered him and sucked at his strained scrotum.

Gaara writhed as pleasure danced over his nerves at alarming speeds. Ripping up and down his body the shockwaves of electric heat twisted over his skin in delight. Then…Sasuke took him all the way down once again, tightening those throat muscles expertly and fondling the Kage's balls as Naruto urged his cock-head through the tight ring of muscles that was Gaara's anus. A sting of pain shot up his spine but was easily ignored in favor of Sasuke's delicious ministrations on his member.

Naruto swiveled his hips in gentle figure eights, teasing Gaara's prostate with the blunt head of his penis as he got the pale man used to the intrusion. The redhead slowly relaxed around him, he even started bobbing on Sasuke again while his own fingers pushed slowly into the wetted, slightly loosened ring and brushed the prostate. The Uchiha moaned around Gaara's member, sending sparks of distracting pleasure over his nerve endings and allowing Naruto to start up a slow rhythm of thrusting into his lover. Gaara was so hot and tight around him. He wondered why he'd never tried this before. Being Uke was fun and all, but being inside of someone was an amazing experience in and of itself.

"Harder…" Gaara moaned around the Uchiha's dripping cock.

Naruto obliged, snapping his hips forward to jab at that fun little spot he'd found earlier. The Kazekage cried out, dick falling from his lips, and pounded his fingers into Sasuke's sweet hole harder. The raven shuddered and moaned again, bucking back as he silently asked for more. When the third finger entered Sasuke, he'd had enough foreplay. He wanted Gaara's cock now. So, he disengaged himself from the redhead only to straddle him and quickly impale himself with the hard member. Gaara screamed out a loud roar, his hips snapping up into the tight heat as his body was pounded by his blond lover.

Sasuke's head flew backwards, back arching and skin shining in a sheen of glittering sweat. Naruto turned the Uchiha's face so he could claim the hot little mouth as the pale, dark haired man rode their sexy, writhing lover. He could feel the tension building in his own body as Gaara's thighs trembled their warning of pre-release. The Kazekage was close, and by the way Sasuke's weeping cock was convulsing he was almost there as well.

Naruto picked up his speed. He pounded into the sweet oblivion that was the tight vice of Gaara's hole. Pale hips met him with each thrust as they pistoned into the sweating, mewling Uchiha perched on top of them. Finally, Sasuke's mouth wretched away from Naruto's as the raven screamed in pure, unadulterated bliss. His warm, sticky semen shot across Gaara's abdomen, up his own chest and onto his own face a little bit. Gaara moaned deeply as those inner walls clamped down on him. He came with an animalistic roar, hot seed jetting up and coating Sasuke's insides deliciously causing the Uchiha to moan. The pressure of his insides sent Naruto over the edge as well, and Gaara reveled in the feel of the blonde's essence shooting into him.

They collapsed together into the bed after a few moments of heavy panting. Gaara's ankles were untied by Naruto who admired the way his pearly cum leaked out of the Kazekage's reddened hole. Sasuke just collapsed right on top of his redheaded lover, still attached and not bothering to move. The Sand-nin tossed a lazy arm over the Uchiha's waist and pulled him up into a tender kiss, inadvertently dislodging his flaccid member from the thoroughly fucked asshole. Naruto snuggled up to his side and joined in the sweet kiss. The three of them touched their tongues and lips together lightly before settling down into the bed. Gaara used his sand to pull the sheets up over them while his two lovers cuddled against him.

"Gaara…did you like it?" Naruto's voice asked. The redhead turned to meet unsure blue eyes and he smirked, running a hand through messy blond, sex hair.

"Hai…I did," he said quietly. A soft snore emitted from the being lying over Gaara's chest, still straddling him, and they both smiled at the sleeping face of their lover.

"He really is cute isn't he?" Naruto said fingering some sweat matted raven locks.

"He is.." Gaara agreed, kissing the Uchiha's smooth forehead. Sasuke mumbled something in his sleep and snuggled closer.

"Hm…it was his idea you know?"


"For me to pop your cherry that is," Naruto said with a foxy grin. Gaara scowled at him, but it lacked any real venom due to his sated green stare. The blond giggled again and kissed both his lovers on the cheek.

"Go to sleep Panda-kun…" he murmured as he settled his head into the crook of Gaara's shoulder. Gaara 'hn'd' and closed his eyes. The next morning, upon seeing the sticky, naked mass of brother and lovers…Temari's scream could be heard all the way in Fire Country.



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