He felt her warm, callosued hands on his face as she hugged him to her breast

Title: My Mother's Eyes

Author: Duma

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Summary: Hopefully this will be the first of a series where we explore the different lives the ER characters could have lived and follow them through history.

Rating: PG-13

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My Mother's Eyes

He felt her warm, callused hands on his face as she hugged him to her breast.

"My little boy."

He grinned as he pulled away from his grandmother's embrace. She smelled the flowers he'd given her.

"David! Come and see! You're father's coming home!" The nine-year-old raced to his mother's side and slipped his hand in hers. He felt the ocean breeze toss her dress against his bare legs. They slowly made their way down the beaten path in the brightness just before sunset. They paused a few feet away from the cliff edge. Dave mimicked his mother as he watched her shield her eyes and look over the vast expanse of sea below them and into the sunset. He could just make out his father's ship pulling into harbor against the glare of the shining sea.

"Papa!" he yelled, not knowing that his father couldn't hear him.

"Let's go and greet him." Almost before she finished Dave started to run back up the path to their small house and beautiful garden.

Gabriella's smile radiated warmth as she watched her son fill with joy as her heart did at the sight of his father's ship.

The explosion of mortar threw mud onto his face as he was shocked back into reality. The shouts around him suddenly became audible as his mind was pulled back into the present. He heard the whistling of another shell and ducked back down against the side of the trench.

He felt his stomach tighten as he watched bodies in the distance thrown into the air from the explosion.

"Hey. Hey!" Someone tugged on his arm but he couldn't pull his eyes away from the sight of men crawling on the ground, screaming out in pain, begging for some protective force to engulf them as they lay in the throes of death.

He covered his eyes as another loud explosion sent dirt into the air. The machine gun nearest him came to life and began rapidly firing. He looked to his left and saw his company moving out, doubled over, heading down the trench. He moved to his hands and knees to get up to follow when a much closer explosion threw him against the other side of the trench and was pelted with dirt. He didn't have time to cover his eyes and now wiped at them, cleaning the sand away.

"You alright?" someone gripped his shoulder. Dave blinked up at a pale face with sapphire blue eyes. "Come on," the man tugged at Dave. He placed his hand on the lip of the trench to get up and felt something slimy. He looked up to see a human arm hanging over the side. Realizing what he held onto Dave quickly threw it aside, only to reveal that it was only a human arm. Disgusted and panic-stricken he stepped back into someone as another explosion shook the ground.

"Watch where you're going!" the man spat in German and shoved Dave off him roughly as he continued on his way.

The same blue-eyed man as before broke Dave's fall. The man laughed. "Are you a fresh-face or what?" Dave didn't understand what the man meant. Sensing this, the man's smile faded. "Is this the first time you've seen action?"

"A-almost. We were hit in the trucks that brought us here by American airplanes, but-"

"Americans!" The man spat on the ground. "Damned yanks are everywhere!" Seeing that his comrade didn't share in his disdain the man extended his hand. "I'm Lieutenant Luka Kovac. 74th of Berlin."

Dave shook his hand. "Infantry David Malucci."

Luka watched as the trench caved in in the direction their company had moved out. "Well then, David Malucci, let's get the hell out of here." The young Italian followed the taller man to what he hoped was shelter.